G&B Mother/Daughter Spring Workwear Style Challenge

Good morning! Well, it is finally here, the Grace & Beauty Mother/Daughter Spring Workwear Style Challenge. So many of you have emailed me asking for another style challenge and this one is going to be extra fun because my daughter is joining me.

Courtney and I worked together to pick out these outfits and we are excited to share them with you. This challenge is for all women (you don’t have to join as mother/daughters although it would be fun!).

If you are looking to “up” your workwear outfits, this is for you! Just as a side note, I offer this as an extra piece to my blog. Nothing will change around here for those of you who don’t do the style challenge.

G&B Mother/Daughter Spring Style Workwear Challenge


It’s a three week Spring Workwear Style Challenge and it will give you everything you need to feel put together, gain confidence in your style, and be excited about what you’re wearing to work each day.

You will be given a clothing list to help you put together your mix-and-match workwear wardrobe. The Style will be on trend pieces for the spring season.

G&B Mother/Daughter Spring Style Workwear Challenge

For 15 days you’ll be emailed an outfit to wear made of items from that list, which means for 3 weeks you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear to work! I’ve done all the thinking for you.

You’ll also gain access to a private Facebook group so that everyone who’s doing the challenge can share their versions of the daily outfits and encourage each other. It’s a wonderful, safe community of women who want to grow and have fun with their style!

The Facebook group is only available to those doing the challenge live (not once the challenge is over and discounted), and honestly I feel like the Facebook group alone makes the registration fee worth it. It is fun and encouraging and you will meet lots of women just like you!

Here’s what a few of the ladies have said about my past Style Challenges: 

  • After struggling with what to wear to work since the challenge ended, let me say that I loved, loved, LOVED this challenge. I loved the colors of the challenge! I really loved the recommendations for pieces you had, and all accessories. I would love to see a challenge for each season if you’re up for that!
  • This challenge was so much fun and a learning experience for me. I loved having pre-styled outfits to wear without the hassle of trying to think what to wear in the morning. I also loved the ability to mix and match the capsule wardrobe. A fall challenge would be wonderful. I also enjoy seeing your outfits. Thank you for the inspirational Bible verses, it really made my day.
  • I really enjoyed the challenge and it helped me freshen up my closet and my look. Each day I have received compliments in the office, which has been a welcome change. I am very interested in another style challenge. Thank you for all the wonderful Bible Verses as well. I have taken each one with me throughout my day to meditate on.

Here is what you get with the Spring Mother/Daughter Workwear Challenge:

  • Access to our private Facebook group (You will meet lots of sweet women who encourage each other.)
  • Weekly gift card giveaway
  • Daily emails with an outfit
  • Daily bible verse


This Style Challenge is for women who want to add some fun and trendy pieces to their workwear. If you feel you’re in a rut of what to wear and want some new ideas, this challenge is for you!
It’ll be helpful for anyone who’s ever wanted someone to style their outfits and tell them exactly what to wear. It’ll be a stress-reliever for anyone who doesn’t want to think about what to wear to work each day.


For all the tools and giveaways listed above, the cost of the G&B Mother/Daughter Style Challenge is just $39.


  • Registration opens today, April 17th. BUT, the challenge doesn’t go LIVE until Monday, May 1st.
  • You’ll have between April 17th – May 1st to put together your spring wardrobe using the shopping list you’ll get when you register.
  • Challenge will be live May 1st-May 19th

G&B Mother/Daughter Spring Style Workwear ChallengeTRY IT RISK-FREE (REFUNDABLE)

If you think this will help you in any way, consider doing it because it’s risk free!  Once the challenge starts on May 1st you’ll have until May 8th to ask for a refund. You’ll get to try it for up to 5 days and decide if it’s not for you.


NO! I hope you don’t have to buy all new items, but you can if you want to. You should shop your closet first to fulfill the list, then buy anything you might need. There are plus size options!


  • Be flexible! You don’t have to buy everything on the list. Adapt this challenger to fit your wardrobe, style, budget, and lifestyle. Do what you need to do to to make this challenge fun!
  • Accessories and shoes can be endless. I included several different styles of shoes but you don’t have to purchase all of them. I love shoes and I like to add different ones to my outfits. Do what works best for you. I also included some cute jewelry but again you don’t have to purchase all the jewelry. Accessories are what personalize an outfit and we will learn from each other in our Facebook group.
  • Be active in the Facebook group. We’re there to cheer you on and help you out. If you have questions about pieces and are wondering if something will work or not, utilize the FB community.
  • You don’t have to post your outfits on Facebook. This is totally optional, but I’d encourage you to do it as it’s a fun way to participate with the community. It’s also a way to get encouragement on your style and boost your confidence.

Registration starts TODAY! You have until now and May 1st to put together your workwear wardrobe (the quicker you join the better so you have time to get your pieces together). Once you register and log into the member’s site you’ll also have access to the first 5 days of outfits, so you’ll be able to plan ahead.

G&B Mother/Daughter Spring Style Workwear ChallengeCan’t wait to meet you all in the Facebook group!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m on FacebookPinterest and my favorite one, Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~The two men on the Emmaus road didn’t recognize Jesus at first but when they broke bread with him Luke 24: 31-32 says, Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him, but he disappeared from their sight. They said to each other, “Weren’t our hearts burning within us while he was talking with us on the road and explaining the Scriptures to us?

When you know Jesus and have a personal relationship with him, your life should look different. You will face each day knowing He is with you.

So how will you approach your Monday?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I participated in your last Style Challenge and it was a lot of fun.
    I was hoping you found the $100 egg :).

  2. Hi Cyndi!
    I am not on Facebook. Is there enough info to be helpful and make it worth it without the Facebook group?

    1. Hi Jill, These outfits are business casual. We also incorporate a Friday jean day but you can sub dress pants if you need to,
      Hope that helps!!

  3. When will your next challenge be?? I want to do this but My family is on vacation the first two weeks of May. Count me in for the next one!!!

  4. I am very interested in your Challenge. It sounds like so much fun, but I have a question. In your discussion of the Facebook page, you mentioned something that will be “live.” What time of day will that be? I was just wondering if the time would work for me to be able to participate in that. Thanks so much!! Sounds awesome.

    1. Linda that might have been confusing. The Facebook page is live from now until the challenge ends. We are on there all day and there is no specific time you have to be on there.
      Once the challenge ends I will close the facebook group because I can’t monitor it.
      Hope that makes sense!!

  5. As a side note…cute picture of your family. I can see the relaxation (and maybe relief) on your husband’s face. Best wishes to all of you!

  6. I participated in the Fall challenge and it was a great way to get new ideas for putting outfits and accessories together. I had most of the items already in my closet. The Facebook group lets you see how others group their pieces and where they purchased items.

  7. Hi there! I just signed up for my very first Style Challenge. Will I receive an email with instructions on logging into the site (username and password required)?

    I’m not a big Facebook user, but I’m excited to give it a try.

  8. I don’t need the style challenge as I don’t work. I live a pretty casual lifestyle. Can you tell me where the pink floral top is from? I love it!

  9. I have participated in the past 2 challenges and I loved it!! My friend and I joined the last one together and have even used Cyndi’s ideas and sent pix to each other after the challenge was over of our own outfits. It’s great to get the ideas from Cyndi but she is right…….the Facebook page is such a great community of encouragement. We took pictures of ourselves based on Cyndi’s suggestions for the day and then posted the individual pix in the FB group and then we all encourage each other and get ideas of other ways to style the outfits from one another. I even purchased a pair of shoes based on a suggestion from one of the FB group members. I encourage everyone to consider the challenge. It’s so much fun!! And getting the extra Bible verses each day is just another way to boost the positivity of the day! (Is that a word? Positivity?) hahaha

    1. There are 6 tops, 6 pants, one dress and 6 pairs of shoes. I also added accessories. But you don’t have to purchase all of these to make the challenge work. Hopefully, many of the items you’ll have in your closet.

  10. Hi Cyndi,
    This sounds FUN, but as I work from the home, I won’t be joining in. I clock my hours and work here at home and fax my work, so the styles I’m looking for are more for town wear and casual and church. and I do find many outfits you style very much my style indeed !!! I bought my very first blouse from seeing it on your blog… You styled it so beautifully I had to order it. I love it and plan on wearing it to my daughters Bridal shower … if I don’t wear a dress.