Get Ready For the Holidays!

Hi ladies, let’s get ready for the holidays! For those of you who don’t want to procrastinate with gift wrapping, Amazon has everything you need for gift wrapping without having to fight the crowds.

Also, one of my favorite activities during the holiday season is baking cookies with my grandkids, so I’ve included a list of some cookie-baking essentials, from aprons to sprinkles!

And we all love drinking hot cocoa this time of year so make sure you check out my hot cocoa bar.

Gift Wrapping with Amazon


3 Rolls Christmas Ribbons – Add a little extra “wow” to your packages with this ribbon.

Holiday Wrapping Paper Cutter -Makes it easier when cutting wrapping paper.

Christmas Self-Adhesive Gift Tags – Personalize and address your gifts with these festive holiday gift tags.

Scotch Clip and Twist Desktop Tape Dispenser – Makes wrapping easy!

Silicone Holiday Red & Green Flip Wraps – Each flat, silicone-covered strip flips itself into a secure circle with just a slap. Ideal for keeping gift wrap rolls neat.

Hallmark Reversible Wrapping Paper Set of 4 – 8 different wrapping paper prints wrapped up in four rolls!

Red, White, and Green Tissue Paper 100 Pieces – Comes in a variety of colors. Get 100 pieces for under $16.

Large Christmas Gift Bag Bundle with Tissue Paper – I love these funny gift bags!

24 Pack of Holiday Bows – Only $9.99!

Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll – I thought this pink wrapping paper would be cute for my granddaughters.

4 Pack Santa Sacks – This canvas sack is great for wrapping gifts or for holiday decor!


Cookie Baking Supplies from Amazon

White Cookie Icing – A cookie baking necessity.

Food Coloring for Baking -Water-based food coloring is easy to mix with your icing.

3-Tier Cooling Rack – You can use these individually or as a stack.

Red and White Peppermint Crunch Sprinkles – This would be yummy on a cookie.

Cookie Sheet -Heavy duty carbon steel offers uniform heat distribution.

Cookie Baking Crew Tee – Cute tee to wear on baking day.

Christmas Cookie Boxes – Perfect for taking some sweet treats to your friends and neighbors!

20 Piece Christmas Shaped Cookie Cutters – All the classic Christmas cookie shapes and more for only $10.99.

Christmas Baking Crew Matching Apron Set – One for you, one for your tiny baking assistant!

Cookie Dough Scoop – These scoops make cookie baking a breeze.


Hot Cocoa Bar from Amazon


Candy Gourmet Chocolate Stirrers – 8 individually wrapped Chocolate dipped, and mini marshmallow covered wooden stirrers. These will make your hot chocolate taste even better!

Candy Canes – Who doesn’t love stirring their hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane?

Merry + Bright Mug – This mug will be fun to use all season long.

Hot Cocoa Bar Caddy – Store all your hot chocolate times in this cute caddy.

Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits – My grandkids love adding these to their hot chocolate.

Ghirardelli Chocolate – Premium Hot Cocoa – Made with real Ghirardelli chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar, and vanilla.

Nostalgia Hot Chocolate, Milk Frother, Cappuccino, Latte Maker, and Dispenser – Perfect for multiple servings of gourmet hot chocolate, lattes, mochas, chai teas, and other hot beverages.

Café Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 6 – These clear mugs are ideal for hot beverages.

16 Pieces Christmas Spoon Set – Use these during the holiday season to stir all your hot drinks.

3 Pieces Winter Wooden Sign – Sit these around your kitchen for some cute winter decor.

Christmas Paper Cups – I love these paper cups for on-the-go coffee or hot chocolate.

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