Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)Welcome to Day 2 of my 25 Days of Winter Fashion! Today I’m mixing the gingham and leather trend. I’m styling a blue gingham top with a faux leather quilted vest.

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I saw this look on Pinterest and decided to copy this look.

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)I thought it would be fun to pair my gingham top with white jeans and brown boots. I love that this top is not tight fitting which makes it easy to wear with your vest open.

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)Leather is a hot trend for fall/winter. I have seen leather pants, skirts and tops popping up everywhere!

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)This vest has knit stretchy fabric on the sides for added comfort. (This vest is faux leather which makes it more affordable.)

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)I’m ready to sip some hot cocoa and head out to some Christmas open houses! 🙂

Gingham and Leather Trend-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 2)

Outfit Details: Blue Gingham Shirt//Faux Leather Vest//White Jeans (older)//Boots//Necklace//Earrings

I also saw a blue gingham top with a fur vest on Pinterest. Too cute!

img_7208Have you tried the blue gingham or leather trend?

Make sure you head over and see what Jo-Lynne is wearing today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~God never hurries. He has no deadlines against which He must work. So you can quiet your spirit and relax your nerves.” -AW Tozer

Let’s slow down and enjoy the day that God has made!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love this outfit on you girl! I also love your Beauty for the Heart today. Needed to hear that. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Love it but I am over white pants for awhile. Think I overdid in the summer. 🙂 love your ideas & beauty for the heart.

  3. Amen on the “heart” message this morning……and as always a very cute outfit! Love that blouse and the fact that it isn’t too tight and with the vest…..perfection!

  4. Happy Friday Cyndi! The outfit is fantastic and the “beauty” statement is even better. As the song says, “this is the day the The Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Great Look and I have been seeing gingham quite a bit lately. I am not ready to branch out with white jeans however, you wear everything so well.

    Have a good weekend and fun at the open houses 🙂 ~Lisa~

  6. Would you have the time to measure your boots at the calf? I LOVE your boots!! However, I tend to be chubby in the calf area. I should would appreciate it! Thanks.


  7. Love yours even more than the inspiration photo. I’m quickly finding just how versatile the blue gingham top can be, I wore mine yesterday, in fact. You’ve given me some great ideas over the months, thanks!

  8. This is a great outfit! I was glad to see you wear your white jeans—I learned from you that it’s ok to wear white jeans in the fall and winter. I don’t often see it on other people so I still feel a little self-conscious when I wear mine so I was glad to see you “practice what you preach” so to speak! 🙂

    The link to the vest also shows a great color combination!

  9. Hi Cyndi love this outfit. I have a similar checked shirt purple and white. Besides a fur vest any suggestions on what color vest would work for a weekend look? I struggling making this shirt work besides a black pencil shirt for work.

  10. This outfit is PERFECT!!! Absolutely love it on you!! I love everything about this – vest is to die for 😉 Thank you for posting your winter picks, I look forward to all your wonderful ideas – you’re the best!!

  11. Inspirational style for us girls over 40—or in my case 45! I love (and pinned) this look so when I saw a blue vest similar to yours in Marshalls last night, I knew I had to grab it before I missed out.I also love that you used your white jeans. To me, it is very “southern chic” as my girls would call it. Now I just need to find a gingham shirt like yours.

    Have a fantastic weekend. It looks like Fall will finally make it to Florida!