God Is Not Surprised

All week, I’ve thought about what I wanted to share this Sunday, March 15th, 2020. Our world seems to be in a crisis mode, and I know there are real fears with the coronavirus.

I had no idea when we boarded our ship a week ago all that would go on in the world. I couldn’t have imagined that colleges would close, sporting events would be canceled, and everyone would stock up on toilet paper. Who knew??

I have felt somewhat distanced from all that is going on, but I have been in contact with my family, and we’re doing everything we can to stay healthy on the ship.

Here is what I know: This virus is not a surprise to God. As a believer, I want to be smart and do what I’m asked to do, but I also don’t want to fall apart.

While I don’t know what tomorrow holds, my hope and my trust is knowing that no matter what, I have a God who does, and He is where I choose to place my trust.

My daughter sent me this picture of our sweet Claire. She knows she is loved and taken care of, and she has no fear.

God Is Not Surprised

Ladies, we are loved and taken care of too. I’m not saying that life will be perfect or that we might not get the virus, but we have a heavenly Father that loves us, and he doesn’t want us to live in fear.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:19

What I’m doing is every time I start to worry, I pray. I lift my concern up to God and ask Him to take my worries. He can handle them way better than I can.

Lastly, Corrie Ten Boom said this about worry, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

Let’s choose today to trust Him!

One of my favorite songs is an older song. When I’m worried or stressed, I listen to it over and over again.


Dr. Jennifer Degler and I did two videos on anxiety and fear.

Facing our Giants with Eyes of Faith in 2020

Fear Is A Liar

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  1. I coordinate ministries at a Catholic parish and all classes and gatherings have been cancelled until further notice. Mass continues but with the advice that if you’re ill please stay home. I trust in God to get us through this in the end, but society and those that are perpetuating the panic make it difficult to convey the message of trust in God. Praying for all during these times and sending YOU prayers for a safe and healthy vacation.

  2. Trying to keep the fsith and my chin up…but still trying to fight away some sadness if I am honest. Our office has closed and we will all be working from home until further notice.
    We had dinner with two other couples last night. We didn’t hug, we didn’t touch at all. That was very odd.

  3. Cyndi I’m so sorry your vacation has been so negatively affected by this craziness and my prayer is you get home safe and sound.
    I’ve been shocked to see how some people have reacted – or overreacted- to this. The news media has blown this so out of perspective.
    We had church this weekend and our pastor talked about how much he struggled with the decision to have church as other churches were canceling services, and how many people were so negative and frankly nasty to him for the decision to go forward with services. We are not afraid – we will be smart – but not afraid. I place my trust in God, not in man.
    Be well!

    1. My husband and I came to AZ on Wednesday for Spring Training to find out on Thursday that all is canceled. We had 2 weeks of activities planned but now have canceled almost everything, if it has not been canceled already. We are going home tomorrow. Then I need to look into seeing if I can get refunds. I look forward now to sitting in my home comfort spot and reading a book and relaxing. This has been a trial and we are praying through it. Both of our disappointments and fears of illness are real!! God is Good

  4. Cyndi, thank you for the reassurance of God! We are in Florida for 2 weeks after a cruise. We got off February 29 with no problems and have been at the PGA Resort in Ft. St. Lucie since and have a couple more days here before we leave for Myrtle Beach. The couple that was with us in the condo left this morning as their daughter in law insisted they come home. She is a nurse and scared them with her comments. I told them God has taken care of me for 73 years and will continue to. If I am meant to die of this virus, I will whether I am home in Ohio or here in Florida. I am not doing stupid things, but doing as they reccomend (washing hands, etc.) Hope your disembarkment goes smoothly! Prayers to all for God’s safe keeping!

  5. From a small town in Ontario Canada. This morning when we got to church there was a note that services are suspended today. Next Saturday I will check their website. Work as of Friday is still as usual. As a hygienist, our office has been following the IPAC rules of health and safety for over a year. Washing and or hand sanitizing before and after gloves on and off. Class 3 masks, barriers, and all surfaces wiped, instruments sterilized, and the proper sterilization testing done and recorded at each load. So I guess you could say, we were ready for this. Finally the rest of society will now become more aware and wash their hands. God hasn’t given us anything we couldn’t handle. This is how God teaches us. Hopefully this is a learn we will remember. This is a very contagious flu. To all, take care.

  6. Thank you for the confirmation in God is in control and to not worry and follow…loved your blog, but needed it the most today!!!!

  7. I had to laugh when I saw your title. I wrote almost the same thing today. Yes, so glad God is not surprised. And I know it is pointless to worry, but it’s hard not to when I see the news coming out of Italy and now Spain. I pray it does not get that bad here. Praying for your safe return home. xoxo

  8. Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip home. I am a substitute teacher who works every day. With the schools being closed, I am now home for several weeks. My family is staying busy by getting together with a small group of friends for dinner and outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and walking. Starting tomorrow, I will be developing a schedule of how each of my days this coming week will go. Additionally, I am going to make a list of items I’d like to tackle in my house. This will keep me focused and feeling productive. I am not fearful of this quickly spreading virus, only inconvenienced. Starting each day with a heart of gratitude.

  9. We are in isolation in Portugal trusting that these drastic measures will stop the spread. But, we look at the positives and pray for those in the healthcare field, those who are panicking and those who will suffer greatly economically. We can be a light to those around us. May the Lord be glorified!

  10. Thank you Cyndi. I think we all need to be reminded who we put our trust in. I guess the way this virus has affected me is my fear of having sooo many food allergies and it’s hard for me to stock up on too much of anything as I’m allergic to sooo many non parishables etc. I rely on going back and forth to keep myself supplied in lots of fruits and veggies etc. I know the Lord has this and I can trust Him but this fear keeps creeping in. I have chronic migraines on top of it all and so just daily living in normal circumstances is hard. Satan loves when we fear so we have to stay strong and rely on HIM. Two of my 3 grown adults families had vacations planned for next week and the following and they have canceled. They are bummed and I’m bummed for them. Probably best choice as it’s best not to fly right now. Plus one child has a baby. I’m glad she won’t be going. I bet you do miss your grandkids. Hard to be away from them. Safe travels home and thanks again for your encouraging words in this time of storm. We keep waking up to snow here in NW Oregon. Crazy for us.

  11. Cyndi I have been remembering you and Wayne in prayer since you left, and my prayers for all who are travelling or just at home to be healthy. Where we live in Canada we are just now hearing that there are 3 presumptive cases and a news release is scheduled for later today. These three are to be said to be travelled related. For the last few weeks there has been no hand sanitizer available anywhere, Lysol wipes are hard to find if at all, and people yes are running with toilet paper. We are prepared but not overstocked. There are days that it seems very quite out there, I have been to the mall the last 3 days and all are taking needed precautions. Our main department store is cutting hours starting Monday… our daughter and son-in -law had his sisters wedding in France next month at Easter to attend but it has been postponed, and another time and location is being searched, and our sons university here at home as been closed for at least this week. I am trying to keep life as normal as possible as things change around us. But above all I know God is in control, and it is a time for us to have faith!! Praying for safe travels home, sorry to hear that a lot of this has no doubt impacted your trip…

  12. Church online today….really missed going. Our governor in Louisiana said no gatherings of 250 or more. Sad😢

  13. Your post came at the perfect time. Schools and sports are cancelled. Lots of negativity, panic and finger pointing. God is in control. All will work itself out. Hope you had an amazing cruise.

  14. I found absolute comfort in reading your post. I SO needed this today. I work in the dental field and talk of COVID19 has been buzzing in our ears for weeks. Talks of shutdowns and fears over mask and sanitizer shortages…..it is enough to make anyone go crazy. But, you are 100% correct. God is in control. He is at the wheel and I am his grateful passenger. 🙏 Thank you again for the gentle reminder, Cyndi.

  15. Cyndi,
    Thank you for this message. Amen. I’ll raise a halluejah to the One True King! I choose to place my trust in HIM, HE is in control. God bless you and your family.

  16. My 86yr old mom is in a senior community rehab recovering from a broken pelvis and as of last Thursday they are declining all visitors to take the precautions they need due the virus. I am able to go by and wave and talk to her thru her window but they take anything I need to send to her in for me. She has her cell phone with her so she keeps in touch with everyone several times a day. She is getting great care and is doing very well with her physical therapy. They can’t believe how strong and determined she is! Meanwhile, I am going over to take care of my 90 year old dad in his senior community, just making sure he has what he needs while mom is recovering. Along with making sure they are ok, we had a water leak at our house so we are in the middle of pulling up wood floors, taking out bottom kitchen cabinets, then resanding, restaining them etc. I’m an only child so being 3 places at one time has been overwhelming but I’m thankful I have the time to be where I need to be and I know God is walking along side of me. Hope you have a safe trip home and have enjoyed your pictures!

  17. For the sake of your grandchildren,I hope you and Wayne will self quarantine for 2 weeks as they have recommended those who have travelled. God is good…we will make it through this because He is in control.

  18. Just last Sunday evening a college choral group from Columbia, KY visited my church here in Maryland and performed this song. I was in tears – it’s so beautiful! Hope you and Wayne stay safe and healthy!

  19. God IS in control ALWAYS! I find that when I am feeling anxious (I work in public health) that I have to pray for his guidance and peace. He is reminding me to lean on Him at all times. Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement. Take care and may we all be His hands and feet.


  20. Your words are so true. Nothing takes God by surprise. As His child I know He holds me in His hand and He has good ultimately planned for me. Whenever I begin to feel worry coming on I simply say the name “Jesus”….surprising how sweet and calming that one word is. My prayer ultimately is that through this world crisis the lost will come to the saving knowledge of Christ. (Praying for your safe return home sweet Cyndi.)

  21. I’m hoping there will be a value lesson learned during this time of school & business closures and “social distancing”. I’m not a parent but it seems there’s been social distancing for quite awhile for kids and adults alike. Too much time spent in front of computers, tv’s, phones. I’m hoping these closures will help families and people reunite to spend time together in a positive way. Hoping they will spend time with their families, perhaps helping that Senior neighbor and when all this calms down this interaction will continue along with getting to know your neighbors. Seems alot of good could come out of all this negative. Sometimes things happen for a reason/lesson.Praying for your safe return Cyndi. Everyone stay safe!

  22. First, your actual post was spot on and a good reminder that God is not surprised and God is in control.

    Second, I find it unrealistic, even trivial, that you would post how much you miss your grandchildren in a week. Many grandparents go several months without the luxury of seeing their grandchildren. I find it strange that you and your husband could not thoroughly enjoy one week of alone couple time on a cruise without missing your grandchildren.

      1. I agree with you Bonnie, Cyndi’s email comment about them was short and sweet, not overdone. I’m sure someone who sees their grandchildren regularly and then are away for almost two weeks (10 day cruise plus travel before and after) that you would certainly miss seeing them. Nothing wrong with that!

    1. I respectfully disagree DJ. I do not find missing your grandchildren trivial in the slightest. I am the grandmother to two of the most precious little munchkins on this planet and trust me when I say I move heaven and earth to make sure I see them every 7-14 days even though they live 2 1/2 hours away from me. There’s nothing like seeing them run towards me with arms wide open squealing with delight. And yes, this Niecie can enjoy a vacation with their DonDon and still miss them terribly. These precious babies opened up a place in my heart that I didn’t even was there! They are truly a blessing from above!

  23. Praying for a smooth return home for you. Like you, I’m not worried, but am erring I. The side of caution.
    My biggest concern is my mom. She’s 90, with advanced dementia. I haven’t been able to visit her these last 2 weeks, and received notification today that no visits allowed for another 30 days! It’s hard. She doesn’t know who I am anymore, but at least still recognizes me as someone she knows. Not sure after 6 weeks she will still recognize me, which will make visits even harder. Would appreciate prayers.

  24. Praying that all goes well for you as you come home. Our church did have services, but many cancelled and attendance was down. I am not fearful, but I am being sensible. I went to a funeral—a dear friend lost her husband—and many people refused to shake her hand or hug her. It seemed so strange, for human contact is a big source of comfort for people. I will be so glad when this thing is over! Praise God we can look to Him for comfort!

  25. I put my trust and faith in God. I am feeling very relaxed and confident that God will take care of me. Glad you have had a good cruise. Stay safe.

  26. Cyndi, thanks for your wonderful message. Yes, God is in control. At the end of the day if I have any stress or anxiety at all , I give it to God and hi to sleep . Safe travels home for you and your husband.

  27. Cyndi, thanks for your wonderful message. Yes, God is in control. If I have any stress or anxiety at the end of the day, I give it to God and go to sleep. Safe travels home for you and your husband.

  28. Cyndi, Coronavirus is our reality I am afraid. My sister’s 62 year old “healthy” husband is on ECMO(heart/lung) bypass and ventilator in a hospital in S Fla. He was exposed at a meeting with men who have tested positive. He is presumed positive COVID 19, test results will be in by midnight. I feel like he has been teetering on the edge of a cliff with Satans army trying to pull him over and Gods army pulling him back. Our faith is strong but the fear and anxiety is real. There is so much to worry about.. If my brother in law is positive Is my sister going to get sick? My, 37, year old nephew was exposed at the same meeting and is also sick now. He’s quarantined with his wife and young children. My sister stayed with me for two nights after her husband started getting sick. And we spent time with our 86 yr old father. My husband has diabetes and pulmonary problems. See the worry, anxiety and fear is putting down roots. BUT GOD is at work. He’s restoring families that were estranged, he’s repairing broken marriages and I know God has a plan for my Brother in law who believes…but thought that he, not GOD, was in control of his life. Someday he will give his testimony about how hundreds of people fell on their faces to God to ask for a miraculous intervention and God saved him. GODS GOT THIS.

  29. Glad you’ve had a good trip and wishing you safe travels home. A getaway is always nice. Yes, while we travel, we definitely and naturally miss those with whom we share daily, our love and self. Not to mention seeing little things of beauty along the trip that we know out sweet one’s would enjoy. That daily relational communion is absolutely a luxury, and that is why we miss it when we don’t have it. Thanks for sharing.

  30. What a wonderful comforting message. Thank you!
    Glad you had a wonderful time on your cruise. Wishing you safe travels
    On your journey home. Prayers for continued good health to you and your family.

  31. Thank you for your beautiful post!! It is so true what you have written! Thanks for putting everything into perspective!! Thanks also for calming my fears!!!!
    Have a safe trip home!!!❤️🙏

  32. Cyndi, you are on point with your post! Thank you for spreading the gospel in this dark time for people. What a beautiful song, I never heard it before. Have a safe trip home. Blessings!

  33. Cindi what a wonderful message in a world now filled with fear, distrust and anger. I am safe in God’s hands. We were never promised that our lives would be easy. Those of us that put our trust in Jesus know that there is nothing to fear.
    Now is a moment in our history where believers have a voice and with prayer and faith and trusting in God we can spread the Gospel to those around us.
    Thank you for your great post!