Golden Tote Clothing Review

I’m excited to share something new with you today! For those of you who have been hesitant to try Stitch Fix, this might be a fun alternative, it’s called Golden Tote.

What is a Golden Tote? Golden Tote is a fun way to shop! It’s the ultimate “Surprise Grab Bag” filled with clothing and accessories for women.

Golden Tote Clothing Review

Golden Tote works with carefully selected fashion brands. They curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom tote bag for one amazing price.

Think of them as your personal shoppers, stylists, and designers that are scoring you some major fashion finds for an incredible price.

Here’s how it works:

The first Monday of each month they launch TWO sales. One priced at $49, the other at $149. You can log in to your account pick one item (the $49 tote) or two items (the $149 tote).

But, it doesn’t end there – after filling out a customized style profile about your likes, dislikes, shape, and size – they HAND PICK 1-2 or 3-5 more items to go in your tote that matches your preferences.

Golden Tote Clothing Review

Doesn’t that sound awesome? I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical at first. Would I like it? But I was pleasantly surprised! I loved everything they sent me.

I picked the $149 tote and picked these two items from their boutique. I didn’t get a picture of me wearing them but these are the items. I thought the long dress would be great for vacation.

golden tote

Now for the fun part, I got these five shirts as a surprise!

This striped top-love it!

striped top

This has a bohemian feel and I wouldn’t have picked this out if I were shopping, but I really like it.

boho top

This is a casual lace shirt and they also sent me the black tank underneath it. I like both of these items!

black lace

They also sent me this tank top. I will be wearing this a lot this summer!

Golden Tote Clothing Review

The back of the tank top looks like this, I love the detail.

tank top, back

Overall, I loved the entire Golden Tote Bag. The items are unique and not anything I’ve seen anyone else wearing.

So what do you think? Do you want to give Golden Tote a try? Go here to log in and check out their FAQ page for more information.

Beauty For the Heart~~Who is Jesus? He is enduringly strong. He is entirely sincere. He is eternally steadfast. He is immortally gracious. He is impartially merciful. He is the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizons of the globe. He is God’s Son. He is the sinner’s Savior. -Anne Graham Lotz

Have a blessed day!

**I was given a golden tote to write a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

***There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty.  Thank you! 

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  1. All of your items in the Golden Tote are adorable…especially love the lace shirt with tank! I would join in a heartbeat EXCEPT I am a plus-size lady and Golden Tote and Stitch Fix do not carry sizes I can wear…boo for me. I do enjoy fashion, jewelry, and beauty items, so it’s still fun to see your choices…and, of course, I LOVE the messages of faith! You look adorable in all the tops! 🙂

  2. Love golden tote too! Ive been a member of stitch fix for 8 months now, and tried golden tote last month. I dont love it as much at my fix but def cute and fun suprise 🙂

  3. I love your hairstyle! I’ve thought about starting a blog of my own for the longest time, but lack the courage/self-esteem to do so.

  4. Hi Cyndi.

    Love that casual black lace top with the black tank! So cute. I’d love to give it a try. Maybe soon, if I can get my budget in line. Love all of your items.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Bonnie this is what they say on their website. “Golden Tote is an ‘all or nothing’ deal. Unfortunately, we do not exchange or take back single merchandise. You must return the entire Golden Tote and all of its contents. However, since Golden Tote is such a great deal, we recommend gifting or exchanging items that do not fit with family and friends. Remember what doesn’t work for one, might for another so share with your friend.”
    I hope that helps!!

  6. Esther you can do it. There’s so many websites that help you get started. It’s much easier than when I started.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. hi there – just curious if you’d be willing to share the brands of the striped shirt and the bohemian style shirt? adorable!

  8. Susan I know Stitch Fix will be adding plus sizes. They want to make sure when they do it, they do it well and have a lot of clothes to choose from.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Love all your items. This month will be my first time ordering Golden Tote. Could you tell me the brand name of the white polka dot tank-just in case I don’t get it-I love it!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I signed up to try it out. I tried Stitch Fix for about 4 months but quite a bit just did not fit correctly. Seemed like some of their brands were more of a Junior cut. Glad to know they are adding Plus Size.

  11. Thank you! Can I also ask what photo you picked for your Golden Tote style profile (there were 3 to choose from) and which store you chose as your retail therapy pick. I received my tote and I like the items but love yours!