Halter Dress from LOFT

Welcome to 25 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m sharing a halter dress from LOFT. I love the length of this dress and LOFT is having a 40% off sale using code newnow.

We snapped these pictures at Yellowstone National Park. This park is gorgeous in every direction! And everyone wears a halter dress and heels to Yellowstone, right??

Halter Dress from LOFT

Halter Dress from LOFTI purchased these block heels from Target in the spring. I love them!

Halter Dress from LOFTHalter Dress from LOFT Halter Dress from LOFT My husband thought I should take a dip in the water. Never mind that is was freezing! haha!

Halter Dress from LOFTThis halter dress has a touch of light blue/gray in it so I added this Sole Society handbag. It is still available but not in this color.

Halter Dress from LOFTI didn’t bring a ton of jewelry with me on this trip. I’m wearing some of my favorite pieces. My Kendra Scott earrings (similar pair here from Stella & Dot), my Kate Spade watch, and my David Yurman bracelet (this was my 25th anniversary gift).

Halter Dress from LOFT Halter Dress from LOFTHalter tank dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Block heel//Handbag//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet

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After we snapped these pictures, I changed into something much more casual and appropriate for hiking at Yellowstone National Park. #keepingitreal

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  1. I love that dress!! And I’m checking out that hand bag! Purses are my weakness. The scenery is beautiful also and you make it look even better. 🙂 Have fun, you two!!

  2. The back drop is beautiful. The model is very stunning. I love the dress and the bag. Looks very comfortable.

  3. My goodness, what gorgeous photos! I love the mental image of you traveling across the country with lots of clothes, shoes, and handbags. At least you didn’t pack all your jewelry. 🙂

    This dress is just gorgeous, and how nice that it’s not too short! You look stunning, of course, and you look like you’re having a great time. Thanks for the photo of you and Wayne at the end–y’all look so YOUNG!

  4. Beautiful outfit Cindy, and such a beautiful background. How can anyone look at the beauty you are seeing on this trip and question whether or not there is a God. Your pic at the end with hubby is cute…. and yes a much more appropriate attire for your hike; although I think you would have attempted to hike in heels if needed. Ha!!
    Have an awesome day.

  5. If you’re in Salt Lake long enough to shop you should try to go to City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake, it’s amazing!!! Enjoy your vacation, I’m from Idaho and feel very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the country. Be safe out there 🙂

  6. Love the sweet photo of you with your hubby. Thank you for sharing God’s glorious creation. Safe travels.

  7. You are always so beautiful… inside and out! I am inspired by you! Thank you for sharing with us daily.

  8. Cute dress but I don’t think the length would be good for a short person but it looks like it comes in petite. So I would definitely need to go try it on first. I’ve been following you for some time now and noticed you are wearing more xs instead of small and medium sizes. It must be the weight loss plan that you have been on? Do you have a goal you are working towards?

  9. Your in my territory now. Definitely go to City Creek and see Temple Square. It is beautiful this time of year.

  10. Beautiful through and through! I live in CO and one of our favorite places to visit is Yellowstone as well as all the sites you’ve seen. The Teton’s are breathtaking and the countryside of Salt Lake is gorgeous as well! So happy for you and Wayne having to be having this vacay together in such beautiful country!

  11. You are soooo dedicated to your blog. I think I’d have to say if I blogged I’d have to take a break if I was on vacation. 🙂 Sooo, thanks for keeping us in mind and sharing your travels with us. So fun. You look so beautiful in that dress and the length is a good length. I’m a lot shorter, so I’d have to try petite length I’m sure. I had to laugh. I could picture you out there doing photos in your dress clothes and the one with you in the water was cute. Good sense of humor you two. Enjoy your hiking. If you come clear out to Oregon the weather is suppose to get hot by Sunday. Finally. Its raining and so dreary, cloudy right now. 🙁 How long is your trip? You two have done some real miles on your car. Did you plan it all ahead or just driving and stopping and finding lodging as you go? You’ll have to give us all the scoop when you get home. I’d love to have recommendation of where you went and what you saw. We want to buy a trailer and do some traveling soon.

  12. I live north of Gardiner, Montana about 70 miles. Welcome to our beautiful area. You should have come farther north. Its a beautiful part of God’s world.

  13. Such a cute outfit!!! Would you wear this dress to church or just date night? Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! Looks like fun!

  14. Beautiful dress! Could you please style more of this length? I think it is much more flattering whether you are petite or not! Enjoy your time away!

  15. Beautiful dress and such a beautiful area you are visiting! How exciting that you are taking such a neat trip and that you are heading to Salt Lake City soon. I hope you enjoy Salt Lake City! I am a Utahn and live about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake. Please let me know if you have any questions about that area. 🙂

  16. Love the pics..the Teton’s are my fav! I have taken middle school kids to the Teton Science School–best experience ever! Enjoy!

  17. Yes Cindy, I too would like to know if you have a certain goal in sight for yourself. I know you mentioned in earlier blogs that it was not about weight loss, but about feeling better and a healthy lifestyle, although you can certainly see you have slimmed down. Are you not worried about all your beautiful clothes not fitting anymore? And how do you deal with cravings? By the way when I look back at outfits you styled on Pinterest and started following your blog you already looked GREAT… 😀

  18. I love you in this dress, not exactly YNP dress code, but beautiful none the less! I am from Montana, sorry you got here for the cold front. Late July early August is usually the best weather for Yellowstone, if you like it hot. I was in Big Sky, MT last year around the 4th of July and it snowed. I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks Cyndi!

  19. I love the length of your dress! We spent a week in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons and I didn’t see a single dress! Your husband is a trooper. Mine surely would have taken my technology away by now. 😜Be sure to see the Great Salt Lake and Temple when you are in Utah.

  20. Very pretty, and the scenery is just gorgeous. Yes! Visit City Creek and Temple Square while you’re in SLC. Safe travels.

  21. Cyndi,
    You look stunning in that dress! Being only five feet tall I find dresses that hit mid-knee or below make me look even shorter than I am. I would need a shorter length if it’s available.
    I just wanted to let you know, I just finished the April 24 Faster Way to Fat Loss and lost 9 inches in the six weeks of doing the program. It really worked for me. I am currently doing the June 12 program and just wanted to thank you for sharing the program on your blog. It’s a life changer for me at 61 years old!

  22. Love the UK cap!! I live in NC (have for many years), so do not see a lot of UK merchandise and when I do, it’s not usually all that great.

  23. You look amazing! We went to Yellowstone years ago and would love to go back one day! Enjoy your trip!

  24. You and your husband are on my dream vacation. Someday! Until then I will enjoy the beauty through your photos. Love this dress and esoecualky the length. Are you pulling a trailer packed with all your clothes, handbags, shies, and accessories? You may need to do a post on packing for us. Enjoy Salt Lake!

  25. Cute pic of both of you!!! Glad the trip is so fun 😀 The dress from Loft is amazing on! My daughter and I leave on the 30th for beach trip. Can’t wait! Enjoy yours!

  26. Love this dress so much that I ordered it right away! Your pictures are beautiful and with such amazing backgrounds. I grew up going out west on family vacations and remember even as a kid how the scenery just takes your breath away.
    My husband and nephew take an annual fly fishing trip to Yellowstone and they love it as much as I do. I love the ocean so much but I love the mountains as well.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip and thanks for taking your readers along with you!

  27. I too love the outfit! I am wondering if you are wearing a bra if that’s not too personal. Strapless bras always end up around my waist unless I constantly yank in them which is pretty embarrassing.