Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, ladies! We are in Fort Lauderdale this morning, and we will be boarding our ship in a few hours.

Our flights were uneventful, which is just the way I like them. The only thing I noticed is the planes weren’t full, and I’m sure that has something to do with the coronavirus.

No one said anything about it, and no one was wearing masks on our flights. I think most people are going on with life as usual.

Actually, we did have one small thing happen at the airport in Lexington. They were scanning all our items so we could board the plane, and Wayne was asked to wait for a few minutes.

I figured it was nothing, but they were searching through his jacket. He had grabbed that jacket as we were walking out the door. He hadn’t worn it in months, and he didn’t check his pockets.

They found several bullets in his pocket!! We were both shocked, and for a split second, I thought they might not let us board the plane.

The bullets were Wayne’s dad’s. When we were going through his parent’s home after they passed away, I guess Wayne had found them and put them in his pocket.

Right before our flight took off, he texted his sister and our kids and said, Can you come bail me out of airport jail? I got caught with bullets in my jacket. 

He put his phone on airport mode and when we landed our family was freaking out. They thought he was serious! He’s in trouble when we get home!

Anyway, we are excited to get away for a few days, and I’m hoping to share our trip here on the blog over the next week. I do better sharing while I’m here. When I get home, I’m always ready to move on!

I’ll also be sharing on Instastories if you’re on Instagram.

Last night the sun was setting while we were on the plane. All I could think about was God’s glory. It was a reminder to me of Isaiah 41:10.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

We sing this song at church, and I miss being there this morning. God is a waymaker!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. So glad you made it and are looking forward to your cruise-I’m looking forward to hearing about it! Love the story about the bullets-too funny:) Have a wonderful time!

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m surprised they let him on. Thank goodness they did! He might be in some trouble when he gets home. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous. So many beautiful things the Lord has given us to enjoy. Also to remind us, that he is always with us. Have a wonderful time! 🙂

    1. Hope you and Wayne have a Great Trip. Please send pictures. Tell Wayne to stay away from Bullets!! 😄 God will keep you Safe!!🌷😊

  3. That sunset is definitely God greatness on display! And I love that song…such truth and comfort! Have a blessed trip 🙂

  4. Stunning sunset! I bet Wayne hated to trash his dads bullet’s, but he didn’t have any other option. I pray y’all have a wonderful trip and that everyone on the ship stays healthy.

  5. Hi Cyndi! The same thing happened to my husband last year while he was at the airport. He had some bullets in his duffle bag and didn’t realize it. The security officer said if he had been carrying the gun that went with the bullets then he would have really been in big trouble! Have fun on your trip! We’re supposed to go to the beach in a couple of weeks and I’m praying the Way Maker (love the song) will make it safe for us to travel!:)

  6. My husband had a pistol magazine in a deep pocket in a backpack that hadn’t come out when he dumped everything prior to packing. He didn’t want it to be confiscated so they allowed him to take it out to our car (small-ish airport). But from where I stood watching, it seemed to take forever and they were running background checks and all kinds of activity was happening. He completed all the screening just in time to board. I was furious and scared but all ended well. Have a great trip-uneventful except for good times.

    1. Haha!! Wayne sounds like the life of the party! My first time ever flying ✈ my son and I went to LA to be in a court TV show, anyway for my first flight I set off detector because of my sequin top… Patted down wand waved over me the works!! Never wear sequin to airport!! We got on the ✈ after a while in the air I thought we would die! We went through a terrible storm, lots of turbulence, lightening you could see below, when looking out the window, the bottles of wine were flying and breaking right in front of us.. I prayed 🙏🏻through it.. I stated after we landed I would never fly again! But we had to get home so I had no choice but to fly. We went everywhere saw as much as we could, on the way back through airport screening my sons backpack set off the metal detector, it was worrisome, well after being taken aside, it was a souvenir he picked up in Hollywood.. Since then we been to Vegas and a few times to AZ, last trip to AZ we saw the grand cannon. What an awesome way to see the world!! Happy Women’s day!!

      Blessings, Cindy

  7. Last spring my College age daughter was going to fly to Florida with her friends for spring break and she had one of my Ghinzu bread knives in her bag that she had put in there a few years earlier to cut a cookie cake at one of her friends sweet 16 party sleepovers! It was in the front pocket way down at the bottom and she had totally forgotten about it!

  8. I think Wayne will be in some trouble when he gets home. LOL too funny, but things like that can easily happen. And you thought you had the virus to worry about… have a great trip and enjoy soaking up that sun and heat…

  9. Cyndi….have an awesome time on your cruise. We have 4 scheduled this year and just recently cancelled 3 of them. Two were over in Italy and with my compromised immune system we and doctor said I should not go. It was the best decision we could have made (we ALWAYS purchase the insurance). ⚓️🛳

    I love that song too, Waymaker, I tear up every time I sing it.

    Looking forward to seeing your trip photos and blog this week!

    1. I love that song! We just sang it at church this morning. I’m glad Wayne didn’t get in too much trouble! Years ago my husband got through security with a steak knife in his computer case that he didn’t even know was in there at the time! Apparently, it had fallen in a side pocket while we were having a meal. It was not reassuring that it was not discovered!
      Have a wonderful cruise!

  10. Wow!,,
    You are blessed!
    I work for airline and they take it very seriously
    In Chicago!
    So glad they let him board.
    It’s that southern hospitality!,,
    Can’t wait to enjoy the cruise with you…
    I still hv many things I purchased from your
    Cruise blogging last year!
    Hv a wonderful time and remember no fruit or nuts
    Through customs.

  11. Hope you have a wonderful time, that’s one of my favorite songs too. My new favorite is by Chris Tomlin called “Is He Worthy”. Wish I could attach it here for you to listen to. It was very special to my husband and will always be important to me. Isn’t it wonderful how God gives us music to help us connect with Him in a different and sometimes deeper way?

    (Glad Wayne didn’t get into too much trouble!) I look forward to your “cruise” posts. Hope you make some amazing new memories together! Hugs.

  12. Your story about the bullets is hilarious. Happened to my husband with a pocket knife at Louisville airport about 12 years ago. Have a wonderful vacation. My girlfriend s and I fly out next Monday for Florida. Hope the virus is over. And our flight isn’t canceled. Happy cruising 🌴🌞🌴

  13. We sang this song in worship this morning! I love it. My son got held up in Nashville years sgo because he had left a hunting knife in his backpack months before and totally forgot. It was a huge big deal involving multiple enforcement agencies and he very nearly missed his flight. Has been very careful ever since! Have a wonderful time! Enjoy the sun and the water!

  14. Lol! I guess lots of people have stories, but mine is that my husband had changed all the batteries in smoke detectors at the college where we work, and he dropped about 30 batteries in his backpack pocket to dispose of later-which of course he forgot to do! At the airport he had to explain why anyone would be carrying that many unpackaged batteries! Glad Wayne was not detained too long!
    Have fun, and safe travels!

  15. WOW Cindi!! Bullets?! 🙀😳 Good think you didn’t get delayed. I live in Venice Florida.
    Where were you going on your cruise? I’m guessing the Bahamas. Have a great trip. It’s always fun to get away isn’t it!!!! ⛴⚓️

  16. First, have a great time and i look forward to your vacay posts. Poor Wayne – a good story that I am sure will grow as time goes on. Love the picture from the plane. I am not a happy flier, but when we get up over the clouds and look out, I always think of the Glory of God, too. A wonderful song choice.