Hello From Cuba!

Hey friends!

I am still in Cuba and will be back in the United States on Thursday. I wanted to let you know things have been going great.

It has been difficult seeing a third world country for the first time but I’m thankful to be here. I will share much more in the coming weeks but here is a picture of Wayne and I right before we headed out one morning.

I have gotten to love on this little fella all week and if I could bring him home with me I would but he has a mom and dad that love him very much.

IMG_2051It’s been difficult seeing how many of the Cubans live and I have been reminded how blessed we are in the United States.


Again, I’ll share much more when I get home. Have a blessed Wednesday!

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  1. Oh that sweet little boy, I’d have a hard time saying goodbye to him too! Looking forward to hearing about your trip, God Bless and safe travels!

  2. Wow, amazing pictures. My parents are both from Cuba and they have been living in the US for over 60 years. It is sad seeing some of the pictures of how Cuba is now, since Cuba was such a beautiful country in the past. Maybe one day I can visit where my parents were born and raised. Thank you for the pictures.

    1. Thank you for your comments…..I appreciate your openness — you gave a better understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. God bless you and your family.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures from Cuba. I can’t wait to hear what God did while you were there! I am so blessed you were able to go and be with those beautiful people!

  4. The photos are interesting. Several faculty and students from the university where I work visited Cuba in June. They established an exchange program allowing students to travel both ways. I look forward to having Cuban students in my classes soon.

  5. A pastor friend of mine and former interim pastor of my church has headed up a group to go and do mission work in Cuba every year for probably 10 + years. He is Dr. Cletus Lynch. He has told us very much about Cuba. He loves the Cuban people and says he is drawn back there because of the needs that are there. I am so glad that you and your husband got to go and I know the Lord has used you. Can’t wait to hear more about it!!! Praying for your safe travels.

  6. I echo Lillian sentiments! My parents are also from Cuba, they escaped the dictator Castro & his thugs in the early ’60’s. They’ve never been back & I won’t go back until the communist regime is dissolved & the Cuban people have true freedom. I’ve been told many gut-wrenching stories of the complete oppression that they’ve had to endure and CONTINUE to experience…don’t let this “thawing of relations” fool you…the Castro brothers NEED our money because the gravy train from Venezuela has dried up. But Raul Castro has said MANY times that he will NOT change their economic/political way of life bc of this “thaw”. Until there is TRUE freedom I unfortunately can’t support this administration’s decision to engage in normalization of relations. The US embargo didn’t cause their misery, the Castro dictatorship did. Sorry for the rant, but the people here in the US do not really know the true story of Cuba; they think it’s cool to go back in time & see their cars, smoke their cigars & drink their rum.

    1. You are correct but I promise you I did not come to see the cars, smoke their cigars or drink their rum. I came to bring hope through Jesus. I am praying for the Cubans and praying for all the sweet people i have met. God is working among the people I am not only praying for physical freedom but spiritual freedom.

  7. Praying that God continues to wrap his arms around you as you do His work, and keep you safe. God bless!

  8. That little one is just beautiful, loving his precious cheeks! Sending prayers for a safe, blessed trip!

  9. You have been in my thoughts and prayers this week. A trip like this is very life changing. It puts everything into perspective. I am praying that you and your husband will be able to spread hope and love to the beautiful people in Cuba.

  10. I, like Lillian, have Cuban born parents. Blessings to you for going to Cuba and being open to learning of it’s people and the country. We often have discussions about traveling there to see my parents’ homeland. Both my kids and my sister’s 3 are so enthused about seeing where their “Abuelos” grew up. I would love to go but feel so conflicted. My father was in the Bay of Pigs invasion and swore never to return until his country was free of communism. This is a major block for my sister and me. However, we do feel that the opening of the doors to U.S. visitors after all these years may very well lead to much change in Cuba. I want to go so badly but I also want to know that I could go where ever I wanted to see the places of my parents. Also I have so much angst because I know the average people of Cuba live in such dire conditions and are still trying to feed their families via rations and are not free to express their faith. I just pray that this opening will soften the hearts of the communist government to allow the people more civil liberties. I look forward to your sharing of experiences there.

    1. Oh Ana, I am praying too and will share much more when I get back home to America. It is sad to see how the people live but they are such loving people. My heart is burdened for them.

  11. Praying today that the Lord “will crown your efforts with success!!!!!” LOVE the little guy. Reminder to us all that we are all precious in His sight. Prayers and tons of hugs from Iowa for safe travel. Can’t wait to have a full update, Cyndi. And to all of the other ladies reading this wonderful blog : Be blessed and be a blessing today !!!!!!

  12. Oh wow! I was born in Cuba and came to the USA when I was 13 years old. I love your blog however I would not set foot on Cuban soil the way things are! The government still have all control and there are no human rights. We are giving our money to the Cuban government they gets richer and the Cuban people still have to live under that oppression! poor choice of vacation for you. I lived under horrible conditions, what you are seeing now!!!

    1. Hi Zoe, I’m not sure you understand my visit. I am not on vacation, I have come to help the Cuban people. I am not staying at a resort. It is very sad here but my heart is wanting to help the people not the government.

    2. Obviously, Zoe is not a faithful reader of your blog or she would know you’re there on a mission trip, not a vacation. Shame on her for being so presumptious.

      1. Jill, I have to presume you have never lived in Cuba, nor had any family members tell you horror stories of sufferings at the hands of the Cuban government. I would cut Zoe some slack, I’m sure she meant no ill will. I understand her outrage. Pray for Cuba, have a blessed day.

        1. As a matter of fact, I have a good friend and co-worker from Cuba. I have heard terrible stories from each of them. Both of their families escaped many years ago. Zoe could cut Cyndi some slack since she assumed she was there on vacation rather than a mission trip.

  13. Thank you for sending photos from Cuba…the little boy is adorable (interesting T-shirt, I wonder the story behind that!) Praying for your safe return and God’s Word to spread through hearts and lives that you have touched. Blessings!

  14. I am from Florida and my family members escaped from Cuba as well. The pictures you show is what Dictators and Communism will do to a country. It angers me when I see Americans embrace U.S. politicians who have a socialist agenda. I’m thankful you are there to help spread the message of Christ. Cuba’s government is diametrically opposed to Christianity because God gives free will. Communism and socialism is not free will. I pray for your protection and safe travels.

  15. Praying for your safe return today! I will also pray Psalm 91 over you, the mission team, the vehicles and the planes you will be traveling in. God bless you all.

  16. You and hubby are looking fabulous in Cuba!! Glad that you had a chance to go and spread the gospel of Jesus in a third world country. I loved our year we lived in Naples Italy. There is such a need of God in every country including our own as well. Happy traveling and praying for your return to us in the USA. God Bless you both!