Holiday Gift-Giving with Lord & Taylor

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Ladies, it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift-giving! I can hardly believe I’m even saying that, but Christmas will be here before we know it.

Today I’m partnering with Lord & Taylor to share some holiday gift-giving ideas for the men and women on your list. I’m also gearing up for cold weather with a cashmere sweater and a puffer coat.

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

If you want to give a gift that will last for years, you can’t go wrong with cashmere. Cashmere sweaters are a classic piece of clothing, and they make great gifts. This v-neck sweater comes in lots of different colors.

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

When the weather turns cold, a puffer coat is a must for me. This one has a detachable faux fur trim hood, fleece cuffs with thumbhole detail, and side pockets.

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

I really like the length of this puffer coat.

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

Another thing I like to have for winter is waterproof boots. These are Sorel booties, and they are comfortable and perfect for cold weather.

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

I say bring on the snow, I’m ready! (Well, not really but at least I’ll have something to wear!)

Holiday Gift Giving with Lord & Taylor

Puffer Coat (I’m wearing a small)//Cashmere Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Sorel Booties (I ordered 1/2 size up. These are excluded from the Harvest promotion.)//Denim Lab Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)


Lord & Taylor has 20% off with promo code HARVEST through November 8th.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started.

Cashmere for HIM & HER

Sorel Boots for HIM & HER
Coats for HIM &  HER
PJs for HIM & HER

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Beauty For the Heart~~Someone asked me on Instagram yesterday how I stay positive and keep it going? I reminded them that my life is not perfect. Never do I want someone to come here and think she must not have any struggles or worries. Please hear me, I do!

I have seasons of heartache and struggles, but I also have seasons of happiness. Life is a journey, and most of us don’t get through it without some battle scars. I pray that I use it all to the glory of God.

I love this quote by Erma Bombeck, When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Loved the quote from Erma! Yes, life is truly a journey & not for the faint of heart…..
    So….what I’d like to see, maybe some tops/sweaters, something I’d wear from now through the winter & some with a little bit of Christmas thrown in!
    Re Christmas Gifts, we now give our adult children/spouses money! With a little personal gift. This is the first year both our 10 & 8 year old grandkids have asked for Amazon gift cards, so they’ll get them plus a personal gift. Of course the 6 & 3 year old are still all about the gifts! We also do a Secret Santa Gift exchange amongst the adult members of the family. After our Christmas Eve church service, the whole extended family gathers at our daughter’s home for a light meal and a gag gift exchange. That one is a hoot & we limit it to $5. It’s hilarious what everyone comes up with – I.e. think “bacon flavored” gum balls, 😝.

  2. Great look Cyndi! Love that coat (I may need it!!) and loving those boots. The lower heel is perfect!
    These are all great picks you’ve shared! New PJ’s are always a must for Christmas 🙂

  3. I’m like you, if I buy gifts too early I tend to go ahead and give them – and that’s mainly because I’m a “practical” gift giver. I see what my daughter may need, or really want and not want to afford, and that’s what she gets. More often than not I give cash along with a small gift unless there’s something she specifically is wanting. My son-in-law always wants money because he takes hunting trips and loves having the ‘extra cash’. We don’t have any grandchildren – maybe one day, and I think Christmas will be a whole different experience then :). Our church doesn’t have services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day unless those fall on usual service days, so we spend the time with family enjoying the company in a slower pace than life typically allows.
    I would like to see items that are winter and holiday appropriate – maybe tunics to wear with leggings – weekend wear obviously. I struggle once the weather cools down or gets cold because even though I love all the pretty sweaters, more often than not our work office is too warm to wear those so I end up with pretty sweaters and no where to wear them.
    Excited to see what your big announcement you mentioned is…I think Nov. 21…?

  4. I use that same wonderful Erma Bombeck quote to close presentations in my role as an Educational Leadership Consultant!

  5. I’d love your ideas for casual Christmas outfits without red. Just not a color that looks good on me. Thank you!

  6. Holiday party or winter wedding outfit ideas when it’s cold, your legs are stark white and tanner stuff would look unnatural this time of year or your just not good at it. So maybe ideas for dressing up pants or ways to wear fancy dresses without the white leg issues, etc.

  7. I love the Erma Bombeck quote you shared. So true!
    I do always struggle with what to get our adult kids as well but like your idea of one nice classic gift that can be used overtime. I’m due for a new growth touch up (pestle grey’s) tomorrow as well. I think I see my hairdresser now more than ever 🙄

  8. I enjoy your blog!!
    Our family is a blended family and we have a tradition of dinner and ornament shopping. I have 2 sons and my husband has 2 daughters so when we married we put up a tree with nothing but lights and the ornaments we bought that year. Now the kids are married and we have 7 grandchildren so our tree has quickly filled up! ❤️

  9. I’m sure you’ve heard
    Something I want
    Something I need
    Something to wear
    Something to read

    I have 3 sons-15,20,25-so they usually get a phone, new shoes, new sweater or jacket, and a devotional/study Bible of some type…they love socks, so their stockings are stuffed with expensive socks, expensive undies, and candy:)

    My sister is a young widow-so I usually buy her a nice piece of clothing or home item she wouldn’t splurge on
    And her son, my only nephew-something nice to wear
    Also buy a little for hubby(we usually plan a trip together for birthdays ) but buy a little something for Christmas
    My husband has a larger family so we all kick in for his mom’s gift, then we play a game of everyone bring something worth $20
    I try not to overspend, but my oldest has a birthday Nov. 30 so it is really hard to not buy early, but I also love the rush of buying late!?!
    This year my two oldest are getting t-shirt quilts-I love this idea for young adults!

  10. Cyndi – love your blog and Instagram posts! I would love some ideas for Holiday party clothes that include pants. I live in Chicago and we just had snow! So, for those of us in cold weather climates it would be much appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Would love to see some nice tops to dress up a pair of jeans.. most of our gatherings are casual. I always buy a couple main gifts ( the higher priced ones they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves).. and some smaller ones. We still fill stockings or in some cases Santa bags lol.. really nice BFTH

  12. Love Beauty for the Heart today. Our children are now 38 and 36. We allowed them to open one gift from us on Christmas Eve. They always knew it would be pajamas so they would look cute for Christmas morning photos, but they were excited about them even as children. I continued giving them, and our 3 grandchildren, pajamas every year but stopped about 2 years ago – maybe I need to start back.

    I really like the classic looks – like the one you said your mother would like from JC Penney. I like it when you show both lower and higher price points on items. I like to buy quality purses and shoes because I keep them a long time, but I spend less on trendy items. I buy most of my pants from Talbot’s because they are about the only place I can find ones with a shorter inseam, and they carry curvy for those of us who have smaller waists than hips.

    Thanks so much for everything and especially for Beauty for the Heart; it has been just what I needed many days!

  13. In the past we have hosted what I call, “Pizza & PJ” party. No one has to cook as we get pizzas. Ok I usually have a veggie tray and some other snack like food. Everyone must come in their pj’s or change into them. We play Christmas games. Some games I have have found on line. It’s such a relaxing fun time. My family gets creative with head bands, lighted pins & necklaces etc. Each person brings a wrapped up dollar gift from the Dollar store to exchange and we crack up having a good time.

    1. Love that you celebrate Christmas in that way! Christmas is about our Lord and Saviour, not necessarily cashmere sweaters and expensive gifts. We only buy for the children in our families, until they are adults. Us adults just give each other a cute, small gift like a pair of cute earrings or a jar of homemade bbq sauce, and each of us bring a delicious dish to accompany the turkey! In my little immediate we buy gifts for each other but it is about the season of giving, and helping those less fortunate, who need us the most🤗

  14. I have an upcoming wedding in December. It’s an afternoon ceremony. I would love some help deciding what to wear. 😀

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous in all these photos. I love how you consistently look better than the models.

    1. I have seen that quote from Erma Bombeck in a magazine and cut it out and put on my husbands computer. Erma had polycystic kidney disease and so does my sweet husband. He plays guitar and I think that quote inspires him. She was such a great lady! Carla

  16. Cyndi, Do you always dry clean your cashmere sweaters as suggested on the website? I love the thought of giving these to my young adult children but I wonder if the dry cleaning could be a $$ hardship for some of them. Love these great ideas everyone is giving!

  17. When my daughter was younger I did a “chili & lights night” where a few friends came over and we enjoyed chili and cornbread together and then caravanned to look at Christmas lights a few streets away. (There’s a whole community close by that seems like everybody on the streets puts up elaborate decorations and lights). Then come back home and have dessert. I might have to try to revive that tradition!!

  18. Cyndi,

    I would love for you to have some posts on how to decorate for the holidays – both inside and outside the home. I love a classy and elegant look that is simple and easy at the same time.