Holiday Style + Giveaway

It’s time to start thinking about holiday style for the Christmas season! The trends this year include lace, velvet, glitter, and lots of bling.

Holiday Style + Giveaway

Here are some of my favorites pieces, some I’ll be styling during my  25 Days of Winter Fashion.

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If you’re going to being Christmas shopping, you need a good crossbody bag. This Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag is one of my favorites to carry when shopping. It comes in several different colors and the winner can pick their favorite!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. James 1:2

We don’t rejoice because bad things happen or because this fallen world is full of death, injustice, and sorrow. We rejoice because Jesus Christ calls us His own.

If you’re going through a trial, pray for endurance and steadfastness from the One who has already endured and proven himself steadfast.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I dress casual for Thanksgiving as to be comfortable after the big feast. 😆. Christmas Eve I dress up as everything is now complete and ready to enjoy. Christmas Eve service at Church than off to the in-laws for dinner & gift giving.

    Always new Christmas jammies to relax by the fire late Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning.

    Ok, now I’m all excited as it’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎁🎄⛄️🤶🏻

  2. I just love all the sparkles at CHRISTmas time!!!!! So enjoy your blog. . . . . a must read everyday!!! Have a wonderful blessed day!!!

  3. Oh my goodness – I love Dooney and Bourke bags and would love to try a cross body! So cool! We typically have casual holiday gatherings, but we always dress up for one annual party and for Christmas Eve service. I am seeing a lot of velvet out there and I just can’t seem to get into that. It looks great on other people, but I don’t like the feel of it – plus I have pets and that kind of fabric attracts all kinds of particles. I do like lace and bright red colors this time of the year!

  4. We keep it very casual and comfortable…….Hubby is not the “party guy” so though I love to “look and admire” no need for sparkles for this girl…….and with that badly broken ankle there has been no heels in my life for over three years now….but I have been known to put on a pretty, velvet, stretchy, pull over dress from JJill with my dressy flats when I need/want to go alittle festive! 😉

  5. I like to call it Christmas casual. I usually wear a sparkly top and accessories with casual pants.
    I love the 100% His, have a very blessed day!

  6. I dress casual for Thanksgiving. I go to Midnight Mass and love to dress warm but festive for Christmas. I look forward to your daily post. I’m celebrating my birthday today with family and friends by eating delicious chili at one of the local church’s annual fundraiser. Cool front came in just in time. Blessings to you.

  7. Have you noticed that big Holiday parties have declined? But we still enjoy casual get togethers with friends on a slightly more holiday note.

  8. I’m loving all the velvet out now too. I just ordered a velvet kimono from Glamour farms and can’t wait to get it. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway too.

  9. We keep it casual at our house…sometimes probably too casual :), and as our church doesn’t have Christmas Eve services there’s no dressing up for that and I don’t have any “dressy” Christmas parties to attend either. I do love all the sparkles, velvet and “Christmasy” colors and will add some to my daily work wear during the holiday season. Now, I don’t see wearing those sparkly stilettos to work, but I would wear, and have worn, sparkly flats and lower heels with sparkles, scarves with sequins, etc. I did buy a very cute velvet military style jacket at Target a few weeks ago and I’m looking forward to wearing it soon. My daughter graduates from college on Dec. 8 so I do think there will be some dressing up for that – very excited for this life event!
    Looking forward to your upcoming series!!!

  10. Good Morning!

    I keep it mostly casual for Thanksgiving. Perhaps a sweater/leggings or jeans/nice top with boots……. depends on how warm or cool it’s going to be here in Alabama.

    I do have a wedding to attend on December 9th and would love ideas on what to wear.

    Have a great day!

  11. Yes to sparkle, velvet and shine for the holidays! I love a lot of the favorites you feature here! Be very blessed today! 100% His as well….Love that!

  12. Love love love those red earrings and Red shoes!!!

    We don’t usually have occasions that are too dressy but do like to go casual-dressy if that makes sense.

  13. Hi Cyndi,
    I think you’re such a ROCK STAR! Love getting your emails in my inbox! Here in Austin, Texas we use the term ‘Snappy Casual’ or ‘Austin Chic’…both of which imply ‘Dressy Casual’. Allows everyone to express their style.😘

  14. Love those sparkly shoes! Way to high for me, but sooo beautiful. Thanksgiving has already come and gone here in Canada, so hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving in the US!

  15. 100% His
    Love this and….confession….I’m stealing it!
    Cyndi your posts are terrific. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

  16. My husband and I will probably go to a couple of Christmas parties this year, which will probably be dressy-casual. I’m loving the velvet tops and those red shoes. Since I’m a musician, I will wear black for a few performances, so I may check out the black velvet blazer, which reminds me of one I had around 1980! 🙂 The sparkling shoes are gorgeous, but I would only wear them for a super fancy event. Thanks for all your great fashion ideas!

  17. Fun selection of holiday clothes and accessories! Any ideas on an outfit for an outdoor winter wedding in a forest setting in California? Also what to wear when airplane traveling this time of year? 100% His would make a great tee shirt!

  18. Cyndi, your scriptures for today are so timely, light of all the recent tragedies. I hope you saw Carrie Underwood’s performance of Softly and Tenderly. It was so beautiful. Jesus is calling. Are we listening? Thank you for continuing to share the Good News, with “grace and beauty”

  19. I met my husband 45 years ago (we were high school seniors) on November 5th, he came over after dinner on Thanksgiving to meet my extended family. I wanted a picture of the two of us so my uncle made up a story that he had one picture left so could he take our picture. We have taken a picture ever since on Thanksgiving, I have them all in a photo album. Every year we get the book out and laugh at our hair and fashions, so fun! So, yes, we dress nice on Thanksgiving.

  20. These are some fabulous holiday styles! Love all the velvet!
    Gorgeous bag too, loving that color and the crossbody style is my favorite type of purse. Thanks for a chance to win!

  21. We never have anything that dressy to go to, but they sure are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win… I am ‘in the market’ for a new purse but cannot make a large purchase for one this year! Love how you always sign your emails too… 100%! Blessings!

  22. Gorgeous dresses and shoes! I am accompanying my husband to his/our first corporate HQ holiday party next weekend (halfway across the country) and have ordered 11 dresses – yes, 11! Because we have never attended I have no idea how formal/dressy so I am looking for a more formal middle of the road dress (if that makes any sense) to wear with heeled booties and sheer hose. I am loving the heel options you have shared though – may need to go shopping and change out my booties. Thank you so very much for what you do and for the time you take with us. I look forward to Beauty From the Heart each day.

  23. I usually don’t dress up for Thanksgiving but this year I am so Thank you for all the ideas , I have always really like anything velvet , I think it is so pretty , can’t wait til you style some of these . Have a great afternoon!

  24. Its mostly casual for me around the holidays, attending things at peoples homes or entertaining at home myself. Also Christmas dinner has never been formal(clothing wise). Would like some ideas for these occasions and one for Christmas Eve, as well. I have purchased a few goodies but would like to see what ideas you have of course, I even purchased a cute pair of gold satin flats with a ruffle flower on top just to take and put on when visiting. I’m all about the bling especially at this time of year so bring it on…. LOL
    Thanks for all your ideas and help, I know its a busy time of year, and to add this to your list is appreciated.

  25. Your scripture verses are so on point these days and I love that you share. I look forward to reading the word of God from your blog. Thanks so much for offering these giveaways to your followers. Love this Dooney bag, Don’t do anything dressy anymore but love those pics above. Sparkle and velvet are up my alley and I may just have to indulge in a little something that can be dressed down. Blessings

  26. I have another request lol I’d like to see various scarfs shown like a nice plaid one with some red in it… ha!! it’s on my wish list. I just finished decorating our house inside for Christmas… I love this time of year. Without the birth of our savior life and Christmas would mean nothing.

  27. I love the velvet pullovers and the booties are fabulous! Our family is 24/7 casual, even during the holidays. I do dress up my casual attire during the season though ;). I definitely like your give away, since I have never owned or even considered a Dooney and Burke. I change purse styles so often, that I haven’t entertained the investment. Funny that I’ll pay a fortune on some good shoes though! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  28. Can’t wait until your 25 Days of Winter Fashion!! My kids and husband giggle when I have a new outfit on. They say, “It looks great! Did Cyndi Spivey have that on?!” LOL!! They know how much I love your blog, and that you’ve become my go-to whenever I need something new to wear. We get a kick out of how much your style is so me!! (Also, I’ve suggested they check out your blog if they need any ideas for me for Christmas) 😉 Thank you so much Cyndi for Grace & Beauty. I just love it!

  29. I love the velvet pullovers and the booties! Our family is 24/7 casual, but during the season I do “dress up” my casualness, and the velvet and boots will definitely be added to my wardrobe! I like this give away since I have never owned a Dooney and Burke! I tend to purchase less expensive brands, because I constantly change my bag style. I should invest in purses like I do my shoes, but just haven’t gotten there yet.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  30. I’m loved no all the lace and velvet this year. I have a couple of events but nothing too dressy. Those red shoes do make a statement. Love them!

  31. Such beautiful things….I used to have a job where we had occasional dressy events, and it was so fun. Now, everything in my world is casual. To me, it’s kind of sad to see the kids in the family coming up with zero memories of anything elegant, or even just made special by having things a little nicer than usual. On the other hand, for us, every.single.holiday we trek to someone else’s house carrying food, and honestly, it’s annoyingly difficult to transport food while wearing nice clothes that I don’t want to get stained, so the more casual the better. I miss the days when the host actually hosted and prepared the food, and had guests who just had to show up. I’ve tried to do this for others, and it has seemed so foreign to them that they seem uncomfortable. Yeah..all this stuff was “back in my day” (but as recently as 10 or 15 years ago)…I guess I’m getting old….I need a (stylish) cane to shake while I grumble!!!

  32. Love your picks Cyndi. We try to plan lots of events between Thanksgiving and New Years like going to music performances, to dinners out with friends, cozy outfits to stroll througb our local heritage park, an evening in the car to see Christmas lights, visiting friends, having our annual Italian feast. So my outfits vary, but I love to dress festive and really take time to pull a style together. Probably my favourite outfit is a black velvet short skirt that has embroidered flowers at the hem with a black velvet shirt. But then there’s the black leather short skirt with red floral top and long black St. John coat that has little ruffles all over. But wait! Black leggings and a big roomy Christmas red sweater. Oh geez….there are so many! I love it all and then the flannel pj’s at the end if the night!! Hee hee!

  33. The bag is adorable!!! I would love to see you do casual but not with jeans. I wear jeans all the time but can not for work. I am a first grade teacher!!💕 I would also love to see you style the leopard scarf again. Thank you for the passage.

  34. I sure hope you style the burgundy-laced
    dress, this dress will look beautiful with
    your height and good shape!
    I love to dress up for Thanksgiving
    and Christmas. Everything around you
    is dressed up for the season so I think
    we should be also!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  35. Great choices Cyndi. I am looking forward to your Holiday style pics and your Winter Fashion Series. I adore Christmas and the older I get the more I have focused on the true meaning. Since my children are older, I have been slowing down a little to enjoy the season. When they were small, I seemed totally exhausted to enjoy Christmas. Although, I do have wonderful memories when they were little and kids do make Christmas special. I actually get to watch a Christmas Hallmark movie now 🙂 I like to dress up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The events in between will vary on how I dress. If we are going to a tree lighting or a family ride to see the lights, I will dress casual with a vest, boots or whatever is best for the weather. I have purchased a velvet dress and velvet top this year which both have bell sleeves. I can top them off with some statement jewelry for some extra bling. Nice to see you are 100% His….brought a smile to my face. ~Lisa~

  36. I’m loving the velvet and lace this season! I just purchased a dress for a wedding with pretty lace sleeves and I’m also sewing up a velvet kimono for holiday parties.

  37. I would love the body bag as well. Can’t afford su h luxuries😣 do enjoy your blog. I’ll be 77 on Dec 6 & I love pretty clothes.