Home Update-Dining Room

Happy Thursday! Today I’m switching it up a bit and sharing a home update with you. I am in the process of styling my dining room. I knew it was going to have to get done, but since we found out we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I had to start it ASAP.

Here is what the room looked like empty with a much dressier chandelier. I videoed it on Instagram, but I didn’t get a picture. This is a snapshot of the video, so the picture quality isn’t great. Ugh!

Home Update-Dining Room

You can’t tell by this picture, but the chandelier is massive for this room (the diameter is around 70″). My room is approximately 14′ x by 16′.

Supposedly, you add the room’s length and width in feet. That number in inches suggests an approximate size for the diameter of your chandelier.

So if you have a 14′ x 16′ room, your chandelier should be about 30″ in diameter. I picked a 30″ diameter chandelier, the Addington 6-light empire from Wayfair.

We have already hung the light in the room, and I love it!

I sent a picture to my sister and I said I hope the furniture looks good with the light (she hasn’t seen the furniture yet) and she said: “send the furniture back but keep that light!” Haha!

Here are some of the other pieces that will I’ll add to the room in the next week.

Home Update-Dining Room

We purchased the furniture at a local furniture store, and the rug is from Wayfair. I ordered the sign from Smallwoods. They have a 70% off sale right now. I’m not 100% sure I’ll use the sign, but I’m hoping it will work.

I need some lamps for my buffet, and I haven’t picked them out yet. My furniture is coming next week, so I want to have the room painted before it gets here.

I like the paint color, but with the look, I’m going for, I want to go with a white. I’m heading to the paint store this morning to pick my paint color.

My house has Benjamin Moore paint. The majority of the walls are Greenbriar Beige which is too dark for my taste. I like light and airy, so I will eventually paint them lighter, but right now that is not a priority.

As soon as I get it finished, I’ll share more pictures. If you want to follow along, hop on over to Instagram. I’m sharing the process in my Instastories.

That’s it! More updates are coming soon! Do you want me to share my Thanksgiving decor for the room? (Of course, I don’t have that yet!)

I’m so honored that you have taken time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and my favorite one, Instagram.

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Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I like the look and hope you’ll share progress shots, your fall décor…and of course, a picture of your Thanksgiving table! While I enjoy your fashion posts, I also enjoy those on home, beauty, fitness, etc.

  2. Beautiful choices. I thought maybe the chandelier wouldn’t provide enough light since it only has 5 or 6 small bulbs but then you said you are getting some lamps for that room as well so that will help. Enjoy putting it together.

  3. Absolutely love your choices – and thank you for the sizing tip regarding the light fixture/chandelier. And yes PLEASE share your Thanksgiving decorations.

  4. How exciting… I can’t wait to see the after pictures. I love that sign in fact last night I was on amazon eyeing a few for our bedroom and dining room… but I want to check out a local store first. I’ve been making some small changes to implement the farmhouse look into my traditional styling. So far so good and it’s included some painting… it’s so exciting so have fun with it😀 and don’t over think🤔

  5. I am redoing our dining room and love your selections! (I also enjoy your daily emails)
    I’m anxious to see it all done. Will be following you on Instagram so I can see the progress! Good luck!!

  6. Really like your combo so far. We also have used wood folding chairs that have padded seats from Bed Bath and Beyond when we host the huge Thanksgivings. I believe Pottery Barn and Ballard’s both had sales going this week. I usually have good luck at both for decor. You are a fast designer!

  7. I love everything you picked out! You have great taste in home furnishings just like you do in fashion! I’m thankful you & Wayne and the other party involved weren’t injured in yiur car accident. Be Blessed!

  8. I’m hope your room will come together beautifully. You have a nice eye for color and design. I am updating my kitchen and I plan to paint my cabinets white and I thought that I wanted to use a lovely blue color by Sherwin Williams called Favorite Jeans for the wall. I painted a small area on my wall and realized on a cloudy day that the color would be too dark and make me feel gloomy. So I have decided to paint it a light gray. Enjoy the process and I know your Thanksgiving will be HAPPY! Thank you for the bible scriptures. It helps to keep me planted in Christian love.

  9. Love your choices so far. Please share your progress photos as well as your Thanksgiving decorations. Like the last person who posted, I enjoy your fashion posts, but also love to see your beauty, home and fitness posts as well. Your taste in decorating matches your good taste in fashion.

  10. i would love to see your decor and how the room comes together. That was a great tip on the light fixture – I never knew that! 🙂 Here in Calgary, Canada it can’t decide whether it is winter or fall. We got 42 cm of snow last week and now we are back up to +7C, so it is a big slushy mess! Good news is I am able to wear all my scarves and sweaters! 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to see your dining room all put together! Thanks for the light sizing info. What size rug did you buy? Never sure what size to buy for under furniture.

  12. Love seeing your home decor as well as the fashion posts! Would also really enjoy seeing your holiday decorations (if you are into that). You’ve had some great really reasonable dress options lately! My delivery came yesterday for the Jessica Howard Bell Sleeve Plaid yesterday and it’s awesome! Thanks for all you share.

  13. Love the chandelier! That was one I had looked at also! If you want a pretty color for your house accessible Beige ( SW) is a good neutral. It is not beige looking on my walls at all. A great neutral with a tinge of gray in it. Looks great with white woodwork! 😊

    1. Sharon….funny you mentioned Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. I was just recommended that, but once I got the sample home, it was a little too grey for what I needed in my room. I needed a little more warm color. I hear its the “IN” color. 🙂

  14. I am a newby to your blog and I have so much enjoyed all your posts. I am excited to receive an email from you and am disappointed when I don’t. I love that you share scripture and beauty from the heart!! I want to grow up to be just like you!!! lol – I’m a Nana blessed with grandbabies.

  15. I love all of your pieces! Very similiar to my new dining room and my tastes. I believe the dining table you picked out is from Pier One ….thats the exact table I have and I love it! I had the walls painted Sherwin Williams Silvermist and it looks beautiful with my chairs and rug. I would have added a picture but i didnt see an option to. I love your taste!!

  16. Hi Cyndi! I am going to have a dining room to decorate in my new home in the near future. I am obsessing on the buffalo check (black and white) trend and some farmhouse details like the “gather” art you’ve shared. So much to look forward to!

  17. Great job with your picks so far. 🙂 Yes….please share your Thanksgiving decorations. That is a lot of pressure to have it all done before your dinner. Its enough just hosting the dinner. I don’t do well under pressure. Thats neat your sister liked your dining room light so much. If she approves, you have the stamp on it. If I had her for a sister, I’d have her do all my decorating. She’s amazing huh? But, looks like you are doing well yourself.

  18. This is too funny! That is my dining room table, rug, and upholstered chairs in my dining room. I would love to send you a pic of my dining room.

  19. I’m in the process of picking a paint color too for my master bathroom. Down comes the wallpaper from the early 1990’s. I’m so ready.

  20. Oh my goodness, I love it!!! It looks so close to my home!! I have that rug in my living room and that sign in my dining room- my dining set is similar but smaller and with round back chairs, we don’t have a separate dining room and there’s no space for a buffet but I love the one you picked!! Gorgeous! I’m also shopping for a new light for my dining room because the one the builder used is way too small!!
    (I wish I could add a photo here! Maybe I can send it through FB!)

  21. Love your choices! I just moved into a house and I hate the chandelier in my dining room. It’s on the long list of things to change. Lol! Anyway, my husband and I have repainted the whole house ourselves to save some money and I have found a color that I absolutely love and have used it almost everywhere. It’s Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams. Wonderful neutral color! Another great color I used in my office and the upper part of my dining room (mine has wainscoting also) is Sedate Gray by Sherwin Williams.
    You might like these colors as much as I do.

    I wanted to also say that I thoroughly enjoy your posts!
    God Bless!

  22. Love what you have chosen Cyndi. I like having the head chairs different from the side chairs. The table is wonderful. I used a similar table at my mountain home and got so many compliments! To be honest, I am not a fan of two items. I believe a buffet should have as much storage as possible for dishes and glassware that you strictly use for entertaining. Aditionally, I am not a fan of signs. Holiday signs that are up for a few weeks is fun, but there is nothing like quality art work. It could be a painting or botanical prints. It should be something your guests would enjoy looking at while waiting for the next course of your meal or when conversation is at a pause. Just food for thought. Have a fun time styling your styling room. I am super excited for you!

  23. Thank you, Cyndi, for the fun post! Yes! Please share the completed room with all the Harvest decor! Dying to see! 🙂

  24. I have that sign from Smallwoods – LOVE IT! In my old house it hung above the fireplace in our family room. Here in our house in NM it hangs in my kitchen above the stove and I still LOVE IT! Your dining room is going to look fabulous. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  25. We are re-doing our kitchen and dining room and picked Benjamin Moore “Manchester Tan” and I LOVE it! Light and classic!

  26. Is your paint color Dove White or White Dove? I’m trying to choose paint color for my great room and foyer. Also…what color is your trim? Love the furniture and rug you picked. What is your flooring?

  27. I always feel so inadequate when o view other’s beautiful rooms and furniture. We cannot afford these lovely things- and I often feel depressed after seeing others homes. I am happy for them, but then I wonder if this is really what life is all about. My childhood memories of Thanksgivings past was of family and friends, and the turkey feast we had once a year- not of the decor. So now I just try to ask God to fill my heart with gratitude even tho I can’t have beautiful furniture.

  28. Loved the gather sign and purchased one for my home in the large size. I hung it on above my kitchen table! Looks great, wish I knew how to attach a picture for you to see.