Hot Pink, Distressed Jeans & Leopard Print

It’s finally Friday and I’m ready for the weekend! I still haven’t put any flowers out so I’m hoping to get that done this weekend.

We have been doing some things on the inside of our house. We’re changing some light fixtures, we’re adding a tile backsplash in my kitchen and we purchased a new refrigerator. I’m also wanting to update my bedroom. Would you all want to see any of my home updates?

I have added a few items to my spring/summer wardrobe so I’m sharing them with you today. One of them is this hot pink blouse. I love the bright color and I can dress it up or down.

Fashion Friday-Casual Outfit
I love anything leopard print and I thought these sandals would be great to wear all summer.

Fashion Friday-Casual Outfit
My long necklace was sent in a stitch fix box but the small cross necklace is from Stella & Dot. It’s great for layering.

Fashion Friday-Casual Outfit
This Kendra Scott ring was a gift and I love adding it to my outfits.

Fashion Friday-Casual Outfit
Lastly, I purchased these distressed jeans. They’re distressed but not too distressed if that makes sense. They are my favorite jeans right now and I’ve been wearing them a lot.

Fashion Friday-Casual Outfit

Pink Blouse//Distressed Jeans//Leopard Print Sandals//Cross Necklace//Ring//Watch//Bracelet

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

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Beauty For The Heart~~“People are like grass; their beauty is like a flower in the field. The grass withers and the flower fades. But the word of the Lord remains forever.” 1 Peter 1:24-25 (NLV

Have a blessed day!


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  1. ha ha….that’s totally me (i will never wear a maxi dress or i will never wear red jeans). I’m sure i’ve said it about the distressed jeans, but i think the more we see them around, the more “normal” they become. I haven’t succumbed yet but I’m learning to never say never! jodie
    ps…you look fab!

    1. Love your outfit. Just yesterday I bought a hot pink blouse and now I am going to pair it with white and leopard (love leopard print) thanks to you. The hot pink looks great with my silver hair and I will wear southwest turquoise jewelry.

      I am a plus size and get so many ideas from you that makes it more enjoyable to dress and look classy. Thank you Cyndi.

      Yes please show your home updates big and small. We ladies want to see it all.

      1. Betsy, I love pink and leopard together, plus with a white pant, it just makes me feel like we conquered winter! Have a great week!

  2. I would love to see house updates! That blouse is beautiful. Thank you for helping someone who has zero fashion sense. 🙂

  3. Happy Friday Cyndi!
    I would love to see pictures of the house projects. Also I like your outfit and the jeans as well. Never wore the distressed look, but might give them a try, they look really cute on you! I would have been mortified to wear jeans with tears in them when I was a kid, but being older than you, it certainly wasn’t stylish back then, but things change, don’t they! lol Might be my next purchase.

  4. I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you, Cyndi! I love anything pink and leopard! Would love to see pictures of your remodeling/touchup projects!

  5. Love the pop of color with the necklace too against the pink blouse. Cute cute cute!! Would love to see house updates too!

  6. I didn’t realize “distressed” was going to mean a hole in the knee, but you’re even able to make that trend appear dressy!! I love the leopard sandals and the long necklace also!

    1. Very cute! And also out of my price range. But I love using your fashion posts as inspiration, and I search for similar items at clearance sales and thrift stores. It’s amazing what I can find when I have something specific I am looking for. I believe that when we are faithful with our tithes, God will find a way to make our money go further and we can still have nice things and look stylish! It also helps when you can sew a little so you can refashion certain items to meet your needs.

      1. Brenda,

        Did you see all my post from earlier this spring when I did 28 days of spring fashion? I featured a few looks that you can get totally from Target! So not too pricey, but still stylish!

        My pinterest board has all the looks under “28 days of spring fashion”


  7. What kind of refrigerator? I would love to see inside updates…I am shopping for a new frige as well.
    Love the pink!

  8. Great outfit! Summery and Chic! I too would love to see pics of your recent home renos!
    Here in Canada it’s a long weekend…… Yeah! we plan to cook a big ol turkey and have friends over…..

  9. Love the leopard sandals. I also just bought some white distressed jeans. I am sure I will be wearing them a lot too., After my 65th birthday, I decided I would wear what I wanted (within reason) and I do. Thanks for all the great posts, I look forward to seeing them each and every day!

  10. Love, love, love the blouse. The color is perfect for you, plus it screams SUMMER! Did you note where you purchased it? I would love to duplicate. Sandals are great. I too recently purchased leopard ones. I think they add a certain “pop” to outfits. It is kind of unexpected in warm weather.

    A peak at your house would be wonderful. Keep all of your wonderful advice coming.

  11. I, too, love animal print and wear it whenever I can. I really LOVE the pink blouse. Yes, I would be interested in seeing your house updates.

  12. Cyndi, you are beautiful, inside and out and I would love to have a peek at what you’re doing at home. Great outfit. Thanks for giving me some courage! I’ve put a few pictures of you and your ideas on my pinterest for my StitchFix folks. Do so love your classic, but updated style. I need to get some flowers in my pots, too.

  13. Hi Cyndi, I love your blouse, leopard sandals and the tassle necklace! I have on a very similar blouse today and I’m going to change my shoes to my leopard flats now that I’ve seen your outfit! That said….sorry Cyndi, you are so cute and have such great style….but I really, really think the distressed jeans would be better left to our teenagers’ closets! In fact in my daughter’s high school they are against dress code…. That might say enough right there. You always look cute though!

    I would love to see your home redo! We just moved and I need some ideas for my new house as well!! Blessings Krista

  14. Hi Cyndi!
    I just recently found your blog and I can’t even remember how. Love your style, but I can never seem to keep white jeans clean. You must be really elegant and classy – I would have mustard, coffee or chocolate on them first time out! Love your look, though. You look good in pink.

    would also love to follow updates to your home.


  15. Hi Cyndi, Lovely outfit today. I love the combination of colors and prints you put together. I know distressed jeans are a huge trend right now but I am really averse to them. Of course that is a matter of personal taste, but to me they just appear slopppy and tacky. This may harken back to my childhood as a poor sharecropper – LOL! It wasn’t really THAT bad. That being said, you just do you.

  16. You look amazing Cyndi, love your entire outfit! I just may look for a hot pink top…I need to step out of my red, white & black box! Lol! Would love to see house update pics:)
    Have a Fantabulous Friday 🙂

  17. Love the blouse. Would love to see your home updates. Also, congratulations to your husband on his great weight loss!

  18. Cyndi your outfit is really cute and classy! I am almost 52 and I own several pairs of distressed jeans. I don’t feel like I look like a teenager at all and my 36 year old daughter would tell me if I did! Love your blog I read it daily. Have a blessed weekend!

  19. Ha, ha, yes, never say never! I said I’d never wear statement necklaces b/c they looked too big and goddy in my opinion. It took me 2 years to warm up to them and I’m just now beginning to love them. Congratulations to Wayne on his weight loss! I would love to see the projects you’re working on in your home! Have a happy weekend planting your flowers…I’m doing the same!

  20. I have the jeans & shoes. Need to get a hot pink top! Would love to see your house updates. I love looking at homes!

  21. Love that blouse! The color just pops and is beautiful on you. Would also love to see your home updates. Happy planting this weekend…thats what I plan on doing also. 🙂

  22. Hello Cyndi,
    I recently found your blog. I am so happy I did! I love the Lord and I love fashion : ) Yes, please show us your home updates. I would love to see them!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. for a neutral person I have to say….I LOVE the pink top and I, too, love leopard anything (in moderation of course – ha). I have been enjoying my white jeans a lot this spring esp since our weather (near St. Louis) has been off and on temp wise. I would love to see before and afters of your house too…

  24. Love the leopard print sandals…I always think of that being a ‘fall’ fashion piece and have a hard time wearing my leopard print flats in the spring – but love the idea of a sandal! Do you remember where you got them?!?!?
    And yes…please show updates of your house! 🙂

  25. I would love to see your home updates Cyndi!! Thanks for bringing some sunshine into every day!

  26. Hi, Cyndi!
    First and foremost, YES TO HOUSE UPDATES! That sounds so fun! Your clothing style appeals to me, so I’m sure your decorating style will, too.
    I love your outfit today. That pink color is one of my favorites and I am obsessed with anything leopard print. The sandals are so cute.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    “The Busy Brunette”

  27. YES! would love to see the updates – esp. the tile backsplash :). LoVe the pink blouse – that color is great on you, and when I wear that color I get many compliments although I feel as though it shouts “hey, look at me”. Keep up the good work Cyndi – love your inspiration!

    1. Sharon,

      Wearing bright pink is certainly a statement, but it is also so feminine! Hope you have a great week!


  28. Thank you for your blog! I love your sense of style, and they’re very ‘wearable’, affordable, and practical. You asked what we’re doing this weekend and I wanted to tell you that I’m going to my son’s college graduation and I’ll be wearing the white lace top you posted a few weeks ago from The Limited! I even bought the pearl necklace you wore with it and will wear it, too. I’m sure I won’t look as good as you but I really appreciate the clothing recommendation! Have a grat weekend and thanks again. Oh, and yes, your house looks beautiful and I would love to see the updates!

  29. I look forward to your blog for Beauty of the Heart and fashion each day! Would love to see your home updates, need to re-do our own master bedroom/bath so ideas are welcome!!

  30. I love pink so I really love your top! I never thought to pair it with a leopard print, which I also love! I agree with most of the others…would enjoy seeing your home updates too!

  31. Not a fan of distressed clothing! Love the outfit but still remember throwing away things once they looked worn! I have leopard sandals from last year that I will be pairing with my pink top and white jeans. Why not show posts about what you are doing around the house? I feel like you are a friend who shares things with me. I look forward to whatever you share.

  32. Cyndi, I started following your site for the fashion ideas, but find I really look forward to the inspirational verses at the end. I write many of them down in my art journal and they give me inspiration and peace. Thank you.

    1. Judith, I love hearing that so much, thank you for sharing and for following along. Hope you have a blessed week.


  33. I would love to see your home updates. Our bedroom is my next project. It is time! We live in Cali, and love the beach — that is my inspiration.

    1. Amy, That sounds beautiful! Be sure and check out the Houzz app – I just discovered it and there’s so many home remodel project ideas, etc.


  34. Would love for you to share your home updates. We just update our guest bathroom and it was hard picking everything out at different home improvements stores but it turned out beautifully.
    Love these spring pieces but they are out of my budget for causal wear 🙁

    1. Gloria,

      I never thought I was indecisive until I had to pick out tile, backsplash, cabinet knobs and more. They really make it tricky with so many options to choose from!


  35. I would love to see your home. Design is my “thing” but I love seeing fashion for our age. I have 4 boys 10-18 and I think we all need to dress appropriately and mosestly but stylishly. Thanks for brightening my day.

    1. You can come to my house and do your “design” thing. I loathe it. I have 4 pictures on my wall. We are currently shopping for living room furniture and it’s not that exciting to me. I prefer my shopping to be online. =)

      What drew me to your comment is what you said about modesty. I don’t have kids but I teach middle school and I’m extremely careful about what I wear. I take that seriously. We have a pretty strict dress code but it just creams my corn what parents will let a 11 year old walk out of the house in and then with a full face of make up. Geez…they’re still babies. One mother lets her daughter shop at Victoria’s Secret. Say what?!!!!!

      1. Vicki, I feel you, I have teenage boys that have eyes and it grates me to see girls dressed immodestly. I am hopefully instilling good values in my boys and it is a tough culture for parents with Christian values. Parents need to remember they are parents, not friends. Thanks for all you do as a teacher, middle school is so important!

        1. I’m afraid many parents (even Christian parents) are more concerned with their child’s social life and trying to be their friend or living vicariously through their child than about the spiritual life of their child. It drives me insane!

      2. One thing I have noticed with my teenage boys is that they do not like to see grown women dressed like teenage girls. I can only pray that we as parents have instilled good values as well. Their dad tells them how classy I dress and they see me looking at Cyndi’s blog. Thank you Cyndi for your blog and Vicky for being a teacher and Cheryl for being a mom with values!!!

        1. You are too sweet Linda, and you can always count on me for keeping things modest and age appropriate in what I’m suggesting women over 40 wear!


  36. Love the pink top, the color looks great on you, love the distressed white jeans, and I agree with you I love anything animal print, your sandals are very cute! I would love to see the updates in your home, I love to decorate! I just moved to a new house and am looking at several different ideas! Have a great weekend!

  37. Love the outfit. I love, love the shoes but I wanted something that i could just slide on real quick. That’s how I roll in the summer. I found an awesome pair of Aerosoles that are totally adorable. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, you posted several months back about a white Foxcroft shirt to wear for travel. They had the shirt available in plus size and I have worn it a few times and I love it. I made another purchase from Foxcroft. Yes, their stuff is a little pricey but the quality is amazing. I was totally impressed and will continue to order some things from them. Thank you and may the Lord bless you greatly!

  38. Hi Cyndi.

    I love your outfit! It looks great on you. 🙂 I have a pair of black distressed skinny jeans from j crew. I love them!

    I would love to see house updates.

  39. Love the pink shirt! It seems way too big for you, though. You have such a cute little figure and you wear all your tops so large!! I think you would look stunning if you wore something a little more form fitting.

  40. I love the hot pink with the white jeans. I will have to copy this! Please do the home decor posts. I need some new ideas for my home.

  41. Would love to see the home remodeling. Your inspirational message helped me today. Having some rotten luck lately and needed to hear your message today

  42. I have a pair of distressed jeans that I love but I spruced them up a bit by sewing a piece of lace inside the jeans to cover the large hole that is on leg.

    1. Maria,

      I’ve seen so many adorable distressed jeans with lace, and it sounds like a simple DIY project! Be sure and post a pic so I can see the end result. I love a good DIY fashion project.