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Let’s be honest; most of us are pretty busy. Like you, I’m juggling a lot of different things on any given week, so when I find something that helps save time and money, I’m all in!

Today I’m excited to share about my Walmart+ membership and how convenient it is to order my groceries and have them delivered to my door. They have free grocery delivery (with a $35 minimum, restrictions apply). I’m hooked!

If you’re unfamiliar with Walmart+ membership, let me share some of the benefits you get access to as a member:

Grocery Delivery:

Groceries are delivered to your front door free ($35 min order, restrictions apply).
Free same delivery is available.
Same everyday low prices you love with no mark-ups
Groceries, toiletries, toys, and more. Even last-minute gifts. If you need it, get it today!
Free shipping with no order minimum from

Free shipping with no minimum order from

Items from will ship free with no order minimum (excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges)
No $35 order minimum required
Huge assortment of eligible items

Gas Savings:

Save up to 10¢ per gallon on fuel at over 14,000 participating fuel stations Nationwide (fuel discounts sometimes vary between stations and locations)
Access member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers.

Other benefits:

For a limited time, Walmart+ members can enjoy 6 free months of ad-free music and more with Spotify Premium! That’s a $59 value – free for Walmart+ paid members. (Disclaimer: Not available to Walmart+ trial members or Spotify users who have already tried Premium.)

(See Walmart+ Terms & Conditions)

What I love about grocery shopping at is that they have a great selection of organic food. I love being able to get so many fresh vegetables!

Our three grandkids stay the night with us a couple of times a month, and it’s great to order all the foods they like, and the best part I get them all delivered to my door.

I have been drinking a lot of hot bone broth, and carries one of my favorite brands, Kettle & Fire Bone Broth.

I can’t tell you how much I love my Walmart+ membership! It’s been a game-changer.

Waffle Peasant Top (small) • Denim (similar option here) • Sneakers

Sign Up for the Walmart+ membership:

If you want to try it out, click HERE to get to their membership page. They believe you’ll like it so much that there’s a 30-day free trial you can easily sign up for if you want to try it out. It’s so nice that you can test it before actually signing up!

Of course, you can sign up immediately if you want all the fantastic benefits.

The membership is $98 for the year, or you can pay $12.95 for the month. Signing up for the annual membership will save you $57.40 for the year, which is a savings of 37%. I went ahead and signed up for the entire year.

Have you tried the Walmart+ membership?

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  1. My daughter has been using this service for about 3 years. She started using it when she had a baby and a toddler. It’s an amazing service. At first she tried to tip the folks that brought the groceries to the car. The employees always refused. They said Walmart didn’t allow it. This service has been a life saver for her. In 3 years she has had very little problems with this service. If they have to substitute it’s been ok most of the time.

  2. I can see how this could benefit people who are physically unable to get to the store to buy their needed groceries and other items that Walmart provides. And thanks for the quote from Charles Spurgeon!

  3. I love your top and denim too. It didn’t come up in the link. Can you share again?
    My daughter with small children does the pick up and loves it. Feels like it saves her money too. I’m retired and just go shop myself 😊

  4. I guess I’m a odd duck AND I’ll admit I’m blessed with the ability to shop whenever I want and I prefer earlier the better with walmart BUT I LIKE grocery shopping and I personally need to be in the store so I can see what all the new products are – finding them in sections I’m used to (we are gluten free) and I feel like if I’m just ordering on line I’m just getting what I normally would get each week instead of branching out and seeing what might be new. I realize not everyone has this luxury and so I still appreciate the ability to do so if ever needed.

    1. I am of the same mindset. No one cares about your food, more than you do. My sister in law was home bound for health reasons and decided to get herself moving again. She spent so much time calling in to complain, tracking her credits and refunds, that it turned into a time waster vs a time saver. I can only think some WM’s are much (much) better than others. Lucky are those who have the better!

  5. I never thought of grocery delivery from Walmart. Do you think you could share more details about what you get there? Maybe share a few weeks shopping receipts?

    1. I agree with Cindy, I’m 65yo and when WM started this I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Walmart delivery is definitely a game changer. I mostly buy my staples from WM. Price match other stores first, it’s different for everyone. My faher had dementia and could no longer drive. Walmart delivery saved the day. For several months I’d order his groceries (I live in another state) and he was able to stay home a bit longer.
      If anything it frees me up to buy my produce elsewhere (I have a huge Amish Market down the street) plus saves gas and money just like Cyndy says!

    2. I am a fan of Walmart+ and use it regularly! We figured out early how to mark “no substitutions” for brand items we prefer and that has worked great! One thing I’d like to change is the number of plastic bags that show up at my door. Cyndi, I see in your post that you are showing green bags. Is that something you can request?

    1. Karen it’s high in protein, which is great for bone and muscles,
      Here are some more benefits:
      May be anti-ageing. Bone broth is associated with collagen, a structural protein found in skin, cartilage and bone. …
      Might help with sleep, joints, digestion and more.

      1. Cyndi I always wanted to try the bone broth. How does it taste?
        Is it a taste that you think I’ll just hurry up and drink it down?

  6. I wish I could have my groceries delivered! The nearest Walmart is 165 miles away. The nearest Mom and Pop grocery is 40 miles away. This would be a luxury for me!!! I do order staples from the large box stores.

  7. I started my Walmart membership during COVID and love it too! It saves me time and money and I don’t make impulsive purchases. It’s helpful to sit with my recipes and order ingredients.

    We are blessed!!

  8. I have used on line shopping and it is very convenient. However, fruit, vegetables, and bagged lettuces often were delivered close to or on the expiration date. I like to feel and look at fruit, etc. Personal shoppers don’t take the time to do that, However, for boxed items it’s wonderful.

  9. Hi Cyndi,

    I did once when covid first started. I’m retired and so I don’t mind going to the store and it’s only about 5 mins from the house.
    My daughter would probably not know what to do without online grocery shopping, because that’s all she does. I can’t say I blame her as she has 4 children and 2 are small.☺️
    Have a great hump day!

  10. I live in an isolated mountain area and don’t have the luxury of home deliveries. However, I have similar likes of another reader that I actually do enjoy going to stores and eying the products myself. I’m semiretired so I can customize my own time running errands to a certain extent. However, if I eventually move where home delivery is available, I’d be willing to give it a try.

  11. I have tried a couple of times and never seem to have any luck, haha. Most of the produce usually ends up in the trash. Even if I try to order for specific menu planning, one or two of the ingredients will be unavailable which then makes the rest useless to me

    I’m glad others make it work, but I will probably not ever do again

  12. I like to shop for meat and produce myself. I used curb service for other items at my local Texas owned grocery store. During COVID they would run out so I quit curb service. I’m retired so I go during working hours. Walmart in my area doesn’t carry much organic. I just prefer to go in stores.

    I mainly shop at Walmart for home goods and anything I need or like or my local grocery store doesn’t carry. Thank you for the info on the bone broth and their membership info.

  13. I have tried grocery delivery and have not had very good luck with it. Produce especially has been very disappointing. Most of it arrives close to the expiration date. I prefer to do my grocery shopping in person so I know what Im getting. And now with supply shortages if the store is out of stock on items I need for a particular meal, I can switch gears and decide on something else to prepare. Im so happy this works for you, however the broccoli you are showing in your post does look a bit suspect..:)

  14. I’ve used our pick up service at Walmart and our grocery store! I’m close to both but when it’s a busy week I will use the service even though I pick it up it saves time in the stores and I don’t over shop( I also choose no alternates) I was told by our local grocery store that they are to pick the very best when selecting fruits and vegetables and so far I’ve not been disappointed!
    Not sure that Walmart Canada offers the delivery yet 🤷‍♀️
    I’d like to know the results you see after drinking bone broth? To me it sounds gross but if there’s benefits I’d like to try

  15. We live in a small town 30 min. from a Walmart and we can’t get delivery. I wouldn’t pay extra monthly for it. It’s just the two of us and I have multiple food allergies so I like to shop myself and be able to find all I need and I can’t do substitutions like others can mark when ordering. We do have order online and drive up to get at some stores 30 minutes away, but don’t know if Walmart does, I don’t shop at Walmart. I also buy all organic and the allergy friendly things I need I find at Whole Foods and Narural Grocers if I can’t find at Fred Meyer.

  16. I absolutely love Wal-Mart pick up and would highly recommend it. I haven’t tried the membership because it is no problem for me to swing by Wal-Mart on my way home from work and pick up my order. This saves me the membership fee, but if I worked from home or the store wasn’t convenient, I would jump on that service as well. Shopping on-line and picking up my order saves me so much time. I’ve never been great at picking out fresh fruits and vegetables myself. I have always been pleased with the fresh produce that shows up in my bags. In the event there is a problem, Wal-Mart has always been very easy and accommodating about fixing the issue. If you happen to enjoy shopping in the store and you have the time to do so, that’s great; but this service is a wonderful alternative to those of us who don’t. 🙂

  17. I think Walmart delivery is wonderful. My daughter moved to Nashville a year ago and works from home she discovered they had delivery in her area and simply loves it. Its a real time saver for her.

  18. I think it would be helpful sometimes, but there is something about running into friends or talking to someone new, sharing your faith, just being around other people in a store either shopping for food or another store. I think I would save money with online shopping on the positive side.