How To Deal With Fear and Discouragement

Happy Sunday, ladies! Sundays are different around here right now because our church is not having services with the coronavirus. We do have an online service, and we look forward to watching it later today.

I am a people person, so not being able to be around my family and friends is not easy for me. I’m also a hugger, which is a big no-no these days!

Wayne and I were talking about the situation we are all in and how easy it is to be fearful, and we can quickly get discouraged. So we sat down and shared a verse we have been reading.

Instead of writing it out, we did a short video of us sharing our thoughts on How To Deal with Fear and Discouragement.


How are you doing today? Have you had moments of feeling fearful or being discouraged? 

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Great video thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I’m now working from home and staying busy but my husband and son are in the grocery business and have been working around the clock to ensure there is food for people. Please hold them in prayer during this trying time.

    1. Thank you for doing this for us all. Loved hearing from you both. Please do again. Please pray for my husband, daughter, and son. All 3 in the medical field and are running short of mask. God is good and has taken care of them so far. When fear sets in, Ive gone straight to prayer and pray for those less fortunate right now. Many have lost jobs, sick, need child care etc etc. The list goes on. I can’t complain if I’m only dealing with being shut in. God can use each of us to encourage another. We had online church this morning and it was neat to think of all the other Christians doing the same thing. :). Blessings to you both. I bet it’s hard not holding those grand kids. I FaceTimed this AM with my baby granddaughter. Miss her sooo much. You can’t cuddle over FaceTime.

  2. Cyndi,
    This heartfelt, genuinely real powerful video has touched me and will touch more people Than you will ever imagine. The way you explained what it means to be a “Hope filled Christian” was simply elegant. This message from both of you should be a MAINSTAY of your blog. It beautifully shared perspective on our life in this time of Covid 19, and also shared the gospel of God from married couple’s view.

  3. My husband has cancer so I have to admit my anxiety level is rather high. We are doing our best to stay safe. Thank you for caring enough to take time to lift our spirits. God bless you both.

  4. Thank you for your video message. Always nice to see other people, particularly now. Beautiful message. Here in Illinois we are “sheltering at home” per our Governor, until 4/8, perhaps longer. We will attend church via online this am. I’m grateful to have my sweet husband and a beautiful cozy home to spend this time. FaceTime to see family. Be sure all to call elderly and single friends. Make a “to do” list. Mine is 2 pages long. Go for walks if you can. We expect snow today but we’ll be out for our walk. We limit our TV time and try not to focus on the onslaught of negative news. Doing misc exercise DVDs/YouTube. Keep moving, keep praying. God’s got this and with his help, so do we. Blessings & good health to all.

    1. Thank you both so much for this message. My family and I are constantly looking for guidance during these uncertain times and this was so helpful. Bless you = hope you are able to stay safe and healthy!

  5. Thank you for your message today. I appreciated your perspective and I thank our Lord for taking care of us during this time. Focus on being grateful for what we have :).

  6. Thank you so much Cyndi and Wayne. Very inspiring and calming. I have a client that I would so like to share this with but she does not have email. She called me the other night, crying and scared. I asked her if she was watching the news, of course she was. I told her if you must watch, 15 minutes is sufficient and change to something positive.

    She is moving from Las Cruces NM to California to be with her daughter as she is a bit older and needs help. She is so scared and unsure.

    Thank you so much for this message. I am sharing and I appreciate Waynes calm and right on message!!!

    I watch you every day Cyndi and love your down to earth messages.
    Take good care,

  7. You guys are so right. God is Great!!! He makes sure that birds have what they need. He is going to take care of me too. Thanks for sharing

  8. AMEN! Thank you for that Uplifting and words of encouragement through this difficult time. God Bless!

    1. Thank you for including your husband in such a special video about the power of God. Have a blessed Sunday 🙏

  9. Cyndi! So much wisdom and encouragement in one video!! Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage us!! ☺️

  10. Cyndi and Wayne, I really enjoyed the video. Very uplifting and encouraging! Hopefully you guys will do more of them in the future.

  11. Thank you so much for your video. I’m a worrier for sure. I know our God is bigger than all of this. Your video has encouraged me and I think it was exactly what I needed to hear. . ❤️

  12. Thank you for this. Please consider a video with Wayne each week (or more frequently) during these times. Those of us with first responder spouses away from home for the duration of this quarantine benefit from those calming words of faith and seeing you two together.

  13. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS VIDEO! I hope y’all will do it again! I can tell that Wayne has the gift to share God’s word and truth with us. Thank you, thank you!

  14. Excellent video! My husband & I listened to it as part of our Sunday morning “Church”! Would love to have more of these, daily would be great, but we’d love any you can do. Max Lucado was interviewed this morning on Fox News and will be doing a series on anxiety from his website. Anything we can do to help those that are dealing with anxiety in these trying times, will be appreciated! May God Bless you both!

  15. Great video – loved it! Thank you so much for sharing. A few key points in there that I am going to put into practice today. Thank you!

  16. Thank you both for this wonderful uplifting video that reminds us that the Lord has this! I hope others will find the same reassurance that I felt. Bless you and stay well.

  17. My husband and I both enjoyed listening to the video. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. Our God is a Big God and I’m so thankful in our littleness that he is in control.

  18. Cyndi & Wayne, the video was great! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Even encouraged me to go for a ride with my husband and enjoy the day the Lord has made. Thank you!

  19. Thank you for your inspirational reassurance during this difficult time. Your words and example give strength to me.
    May God bless you both as you continue on God’s journey to make our world a better place to live.

  20. Thank you, Cyndi and Wayne, for the encouraging words today. The video was great. In fact, you shared what has been my favorite verse for the last eleven years. In 2209 I had breast cancer. On the day of my surgery I got up very early and I needed to hear from God. So I prayed and asked God to show me something. I literally let the Bible fall open and it opened to Isaiah 41. My eyes immediately fell on verse 10. Of course it brought tears to my eyes and I felt an immediate peace wash over me. Thank God, I have been cancer free for 11years and this verse has been my go to on many other occasions. Thank you so much for all you do. Your blog is definitely my favorite. Have a blessed day!

    1. I understand, Debbie, I went thru it 18 months ago. This virus has amped up my anxiety, but we will all be ok, God’s got this! My verse was/is Phil 4:13, “I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me.” He gives us many signs, if we are open to it. I love Isaiah 41 as well. Thank you, Cyndi and Wayne.

  21. I really enjoyed this video. Can you please do this every Sunday? This was very uplifting and the words that Wayne was saying calmed my fears.

    Thank you & God bless!

  22. Thank you both for sharing your encouraging words during what is a very difficult and stressful time for so many… our province has just been issued a state of emergency.. No gatherings of more than 5 that includes our grocery stores as well. So many places have closed already but tougher measures were needed to slow this virus down.. our border is also closed within Canada… My God knows how many hairs are on my head so he certainly has control over this and is bigger than we can ever imagine. As it’s been said this virus was no surprise to God. Hope you both do more videos together I just love listening to your accents as well😉❤️

  23. Cyndi, Wayne, thank you !!
    I was able to listen to your words and watch your video , encouraging and prayerfully supporting us and reminding us about How God Cares during this time of uncertainty!! Unable to get out to Mass now, I had your video reminding me that I have a gift each day in my own social distancing with my family to be grateful! Here in Canada we are still very worried yet God is our stronghold and we can each reach out by telephone, and encourage and uplift ourselves and others. Thank you ! Blessings on your day !!!

  24. Thank you and Wayne so much for your encouraging words. Our God is an Awesome God and He will take care of us. Have a Great Sunday!🌷🌹

  25. Thanks Cyndi and Wayne for your encouragement. Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorite bible verses . It is one that I held onto when my son was battling cancer. Thank God my son is doing great and has been in remission for four years . God is an awesome God. He is control and we must put all of our faith in him. Thanks again for your uplifting words. Have a wonderful day! 🌺

    1. Happy Sunday Cyndi and Wayne! Thank you for this word from the Lord.
      I would like for you two to do more of these videos….enjoyed it so much.

      Prov. 3; 5-6


  26. Thanks Cyndi and Wayne for your encouraging words. Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorite bible verses. It was such a comfort to me when my son was battling cancer . He has been cancer free for four years. Praise God! We must keep our faith in him. God is an awesome God and he is in control. Thanks again for your encouraging words! Have a wonderful day! 🌺

  27. Thank you for your Video today. It puts things back in the right perspective. Yes, our Lord is in control and we need to lay this virus it at His feet every day and know He is always with us and in control.
    God bless you.

  28. Thank you! This was awesome & so comforting. I feel at peace & know God strengthens and upholds us.
    You all should do this again – maybe weekly?

  29. Thank you both so much for making the time to share your insight! We all need these words of wisdom right now. I will replay this when I feel discouraged and need a reminder of who is really in charge and that He is always here for me.

  30. Thank you for this video! We need to surround ourselves with encouragement, not fear! Our God is bigger than this virus, and He will see us through!!

  31. Thank-you for that video. You guys looked cute sitting in front of your fireplace in the background. We do believe that God is taking care of this situation just like anything else. We have to be patient and listen to people that are reliable with the news…Fear not Faith is my motto. We are all in the ARK together…and will come out better for this. Pray for the sick and dying this is a scary thing….Thank you again for your message

  32. This was sooo good!! I felt like we were all in our Sunday School class. I will share with Kyle. Miss you all! Love and hugs!

  33. Gods purposes will be fulfilled .Always have been and always will be. We all can benefit from a wake up call to whats really important and to fully trust in our Great God. Thank you for being encouraging today! Blessings on you. (its snowing here in the midwest, looks like Christmas again!!)

  34. Thank you for doing this video. It’s so helpful to be encouraged over and over again by Christians that God is in control of all and we should not fear this. But I like to say that Satan is the supreme creeper into our thoughts! However, our God is the most supreme and will conquer all. Blessings to you and Wayne. Keep these coming!

  35. Thank you for doing this. My daughter and I are nurses on the frontlines in Boston. We are both nervous but will do whatever it takes to get our patients through this. Last week before the start of our shift we prayed, with the entire staff, including the secretaries, nurses aides and environmental staff. It was so inspirational, like you two!!

  36. Thank you for the video! Through all of this I have become so convicted as to how very selfish I am, how I like to be in control and how easily i fall into sin and getting my eyes off the Lord. I am praying that these next few months God will change me and that that the Holy Spirit will be alive and active in a new way in my life.

  37. Thanks for your video! Our pastor spoke on that this mornjng too. The more we can cling to Gods word and each other right now–the more positive we can stay!

    Thank you for being real. Being tempted to be fearful isn’t the sin–giving into it and allowing it to control us is.

    Pray for us who own businesses and care for our employees. That God gives us His strength and wisdom to minister to those in our influence.

    Love you. Stay well!!

  38. Thank you Cyndi and to your husband your comments your positivity Faith encouragement love and support really helped me today.
    I’ve been pondering whether I should send an email to my older sister who has said some false mean hurtful things to me all the while our world is going through this difficult time.. we also recently lost are 87 year old father the end of February but it was a positive hospice experience where our father received care and compassion from the staff.The adult grandchildren were able to come and go and have their visits.. I felt support love and warmth from staff in just a few short days. Palliative care for a loved one is very heartfelt..and a relief.. I wish everyone at end stage of life could have this experience.
    I’m a long time single twin teen sons from a 2nd relationship reside with me..they’re supposed to be graduating from grade 12 here in Ontario, Canada in few short months.My eldest daughter is working and resides my het boyfriend in Cambridge, ON. and my other daughter has been a nanny to couple families while awaiting to hear about position in paralegal field..she resides at her dad + widowed grandmas.

    Love + blessings to you + yours

  39. Thankyou so much to you Cindi and your husband for those inspiring and uplifting words and message! Something we all can use right now! Stay safe and well.

  40. Thank you both for your encouragement from God’s word. We all need to take this time to thank God for all He has done and is doing. He truly is in control – we just need to relinquish our desire to be in control.

    To everyone in the healthcare industry we thank you for all you are doing and pray God’s protection over you.

  41. This took me back to times at CBC when both of you were such encouragers, whether it be from the pulpit, during prayer meeting times, Beth Moore Bible Studies, etc. Both of you have always modeled genuine faith and caring for others in the good times and the discouraging times. Thanks for the continued encouragement. Love to you both!

    1. Thank You Thank You Cyndi and Wayne for sharing this scripture and your words of encouragement!! God bless you ❤️ And much love being sent your way!

  42. Thank you for the video. Your husband has a way with words that really gets the message across; so, thank him for me, please. I’d love to see more videos like this. It helped me to hear these words, more than you know. Have a blessed day! ❤️

  43. Thank you s much for your encouraging words. Maybe this can be a time to reevaluate our priorities and change some behaviors. Stay safe!

    1. Thank you for your time. Isn’t it wonderful how just a few minutes can bring encouragement! God’s mercy is new every day. It comes to us in so many ways.
      Keep talking!

  44. Thank you for making this video today. I think all of us can benefit from your words. I do have a calm about me and I believe because God has this and I just need to hand it over to him till this nation heals from all that is going on around us. Hope you both have a Blessed Sunday. Take care

  45. Thank you for your words of encouragement. God’s Word and truth gives me the assurance that I AM His child. He promises to protect me and provide for me, so I am not afraid. We’ll get through this challenging time with His help and strength. And, I believe our Lord will be glorified!

  46. Thank you so much!! Wayne is a Great preacher. Please do more of of these!!! Thank you for always sharing your Faith!!! I will always buy more from you because of your faithfulness!!!

  47. Cyndi, I had time to watch your video today, which is one plus. Thanks to ;you and your husband for this uplifting video.

  48. I just loved your and Wayne’s video. I would really like if you could do these again in the future. Taking scripture that pertains to something of today and explaining it. It brought a tear to my eye and lifted my heart.

  49. Hi Cyndi
    So glad you are home safe and sound! I watched you and Wayne talking about Isaiah this afternoon. GREAT talk from the heart! I immediately thought of the song by Leeland, “Way maker”. I could only find it on UTUBE but didn’t know how to share it. ( I’m not tech savvy). Anyway, I thought the words were fitting to the bible verse!

  50. You guys blessed me today with this. I’m a very strong believer but I need reminders! Our God is mighty and I stand on his promises!

  51. Really appreciated hearing from the two of you. We listened to our church on line this morning and my husband joined me as we listened to your message also. Great advice. Hope you do it again next Sunday.
    We do trust that the Lord is walking with us through this and we will be ok no matter what.

  52. Loved this! Thank you so much for the encouraging message today! So nice to hear those words during this difficult time.

  53. Thank you! I love the song Fear He is a Liar! Prayers that we can pray fear away! God is bigger than this!

  54. Thank you for the kind words from both of you. This is what we need to hear at this difficult time. We can all learn from the simple words learned from the twelve step programs: One day at a time and let go and let God. Simple but strong words. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Thank you both for this inspirational msg..Much needed today during uncertain times!. Cyndi not only are you beautiful but you have a beautiful Soul. I really enjoyed listening ,would Love to see y’all do more of these. Please talk your husband Wayne into it. Haha! He is a natural at breaking it down so it is easier to understand..Thank You for the encouraging words. Continue to allow God to Shine thru You.
      Be Well and Stay Safe!♡

  55. Thank you both for those words of encouragement and reading of scripture. I’ve been having a difficult time as I’m sure many are and your post was much needed and appreciated at this time! May God bless the both of you greatly!!!

  56. Thanks for the wordsof kinds from you both. This is what we need to do is encourage each other during this difficult time.We should be thanks for the simple words God gives us to comfort us during this time. Take care and stay safe toyou both and your family

  57. Thank you for this wonderful video! Wonderful to have you two together. Thank you for the wonderful message!

  58. Thank you for the reminder that our God is bigger than this current pandemic and that He’s got this. We don’t need to live in fear, we just need to build our faith and know he will take care of us. Amen!

  59. Thanks for adding your husbands gifts to the blog…what a great outreach!
    Yes Lord build all of our faith thru this!
    Prayers to you both.

  60. Cyndi,
    I really enjoyed the video and the message given by you and your husband.
    Please share another video in the future!
    Thank you both.

  61. Really enjoyed this video, we all needed a little encouragement and blessing in what you both said. Thank you for doing this. Prayers to you for always lifting us up! In God’s Love.

  62. Thank you for that ! it puts things in Perspective for me. I live in Delaware where i have just put a stay home order in place. It just so happens that it start on tuesday which is my birthday. I need focus on the things i can do to celebrate and not worry about what i cant do.

  63. This is just what I needed. I appreciate the reminder and look forward to more of these videos. Thank you both. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Cyndi and Wayne!! Worry truly is the absence of faith. Hearing both of you spread encouragement was a welcomed blessing. God bless you both!🙏

  64. HI Cyndi and Wayne,
    Thank you for your sweet devotional this morning. I missed it yesterday, but it’s just as relevant today. It’s always a good reminder that fear is the absence of faith, I just ordered a tshirt from elly&grace that says “fear”symbol for greater than” faith”…it rings true with me as a person with anxiety. My hubby & I are finding lots of things to make each day a little bit brighter. I’m so happy to have a sweet marriage. Amy

  65. TY for this. It’s been awhile since I prayed for increased faith. I forgot about the blessings of peace that come with that particular prayer.

  66. Thank you, Cyndi and Wayne!! Worry truly is the absence of faith. Hearing both of you spread encouragement was a welcomed blessing. God bless you both!🙏

  67. Thank you both for this! What a great message and I am one who needed to be reminded. I am a Christian, but also struggle a little with anxierty. Please continue this loving ministry with your husband!! He seems like a sweetheart too!

  68. I just watched this morning and it was very encouraging! Thank you for reminding us of our blessings during this uncertain time. I keep telling my daughter (she is supposed to graduate as a nurse this spring, doing her clinical at a hospital), that God has a plan!
    Thank you from Ontario Canada!

  69. Oh my word….you sound so much like Traci!! I just love both of your blogs. Thank you so much for the reassuring words. It’s something I know but it helps to have it reinforced at times.

  70. Thank you for the video message from you and Wayne. It was a great reminder that God is in control and will take care of us.

  71. Thank you for the positive message and good ideas!! It was great to hear from both of you and …. I loved the look of the cozy fire in your fireplace🙂

  72. Hi there again, watched your video, I know you mean well under the the world situation. However, the expression “ Fear is an absence of faith” I have to disagree and is somewhat insulting to many who are in faith and are experiencing fear. Fear is a natural feeling.
    Fear means an expectation of harm or pain, generally a painful emotion characterized by alarm, dread, disquiet. However, fear may mean a calm recognition causing one to exercise reasoned caution and intelligent foresight.

    Mankind is facing conditions as indicated that we are living in the “last days” which the Bible would characterize d by “critical hard to deal with”(2Tim.3:1) I am strengthen that God will soon bring in fulfillment 2 Pet. 3:13
    There are Bible examples of faithful full of faith who experienced a degree fear when faced with potential danger. (Gen.32:6,7; 1Sam. 21:11,12; 1Kings 19:2,3)
    These men (Jacob, David, Elijah) did not lack faith. On the contrary, they demonstrated steadfast reliance on God. Nevertheless they were human, meaning them susceptible to fear. “Elijah was a man with feelings like ours” (James5:17) Therefore, we too feel apprehensive as we are watching the world science close to home. Such fear is understandable. Therefore, careful not to asume one is lacking faith because of fear, it is insulting!

    I agree with scripture shared it’s also one of my favorites Isa.41,10,13

    Also, other scriptures, Ps 68:20, he strengthens our faith to endure, (again not the we don’t have faith) Ps34:7; Dan6:22,1Cor10:33.

    With this all be said, I will at a later time follow, subscribe. Again love your fashion section!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Becky!

      I agree with you, to an extent. Fear is a lack of faith within our human self. It is a human reaction, not a spiritual one. God commands us to not fear or worry because as Christians we’re already on the winning team! He’s told us what is to come so we have an advantage.
      He tells us that He did not give us the spirit of fear/timidity but one of power, love and self discipline. 2 Tim 1:7
      Isaiah 41:10 God is telling us not to be afraid of what’s around us, but to look to Him. Look inward for Him!

      So as Christians, we should constantly battle that spirit because it isn’t of God. That’s something even those great men you mentioned had to battle because as humans, our own abilities are limited. If we only act and react on our “human” and natural/fleshly instincts, then what is God for? I personally don’t think Cindy was trying to offend anyone. Anyhow, be safe and blessed!

      And thank you Cindy!

  73. Thank you for sharing your time and “sermon” video with us! You two are amazing and probably helped someone out there with their fears and discouragement! We are human, which makes us worry and be mad, etc.. but we have to remember that God is bigger than this and ANYTHING!! Thank you for the wonderful scriptures and being the hands and feet of God on videoland!!
    Take care and safe and social distance!
    God Bless you!

  74. I loved this. The part that struck with me was that fear is the absence of faith. Absolutely, fear is from the devil. God is in control, that brings me peace and I put most of this craziness in Gods file and go about my day.

  75. we keep reminding ourselves that none of this surprised God so he has the right people in place to follow His lead for solutions

  76. Wonderful!! Thank you!! Your statement, “Fear is an absence of God”, “Fear is from the devil”. Powerful!! Don’t let the devil win!!
    Thanks, would like more of these encouraging words. Makes me feel even more connected to you. Take care

  77. Thank you so much for this! I just watched today (Monday) and feel calmed and inspired. Giving of yourselves and your perspectives is incredibly generous and appreciated. God Bless you both

  78. Thanks Cyndi. I’m an atheist and I usually skip over your faith based comments, thinking it’s not for me—-but, I have extra time this week 😉

    I especially think your comments about being grateful and trying to use this time well, are wonderful reminders of how to live our best lives. Even now.

    We’re in self-isolation for 14 days too! Hang in there!

  79. Thank you for these reminders! I am so grateful to serve a loving amazing God. I just keep saying “I can trust you, God!” And “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;

    “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.””
    ‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:22, 24‬ ‭ESV‬‬
    God is good. I will choose to remember that.
    Thank you, again!

  80. Thank you for the reminder that our God has this! He knows all and has everything under control. There is nothing too big for HIM!