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How To Dress Your Body Type

How To Dress Your Body TypeSo you see an outfit you like and decide to either order it online or go to the store and try it on. You are sure you’re going to love it!!

Unfortunately when you try it on, it doesn’t look nearly as good on you as you thought it would. (I often notice this when I try something on that one of the 20 something fashion bloggers are wearing, what am I thinking??)

Some of it might have to do with your body type. There are certain clothes that will look better on you because of the way you are shaped.

Let me pick myself a part! Ha! I’m not going to share all my flaws (I’m not crazy) but I will share with you some things about my body type.

I’m a pear shape. Whether I weigh what I do right now or if I gained 20 pounds, I’m still going to be a pear shape. I’m 5’6″ so I’m not considered petite.

The upper part of my body is my slimmer area. I kid about not having shoulders because almost every top falls off of my shoulders. That’s why the ponchos or bigger style tops often overwhelm my frame.

But if it fits my upper body, it is sometimes tight in my hip area. I try NOT to accentuate my hip area and that’s why I wear my tops below or above the widest part of my hips.

How To Dress Your Body TypeSo, it’s a good idea to know your body type! Each one has its pros and its cons. We are all shaped differently but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great in your clothes whether your short, tall, thin, curvy etc.

Today I’m sharing some posts I did on the basic body types. These are the most common ones but there are other factors that can influence some women’s body type.

Here is How to Dress Your Body Type:

Click here>>>The Apple body type

Click here>>>The Banana body type

Click here>>>The Pear body type

Click here>>>The Hourglass body type

Click here>>>The Inverted Triangle body type

The important part to remember is accentuate the positive!! Do you know your body type?

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Beauty for the Heart~~God is sheer mercy and GRACE; not easily angered, he’s rich in love. He doesn’t endlessly nag and scold, nor hold grudges forever. He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor pay us back in full for our wrongs. As high as heaven is over the earth, so strong is his love to those who fear him. And as far as sunrise is from sunset, he has separated us from our sins. Psalm 103: 8 (The Message)

I’m so thankful for His Grace!!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. So adorable, Colt with his Bible and Offering….our kids all had Bibles with a little carrying handle and now e are buying them for grandkids….just love kids and church and all the good in the world they represent…..

  2. Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention. I had forgotten all about my proper body type and what fits me best. Next up for discussion….shoes? Knowing when to say “Oh No Stiletto…not today”. 🙂

  3. Love love the pic of Colt! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have no shoulders either but I do have hips! You are so right about where our tops must hit.
    Glad you got the site fixed. I was wondering if it was just on my end! 😊

  4. I’ve always found this stuff very useful — but my problem is that they don’t really address the real petite woman? I don’t think I fit into any of these categories. I am 5’0 and everything on me is tiny. Except with age I’ve gained weight in several places, but mostly the tummy. My shoulders are small, I am small busted, I am proportioned well but just mini sized! How would my body type fit into any of these categories?

  5. glad you got the blog problem fixed….i got a message indicating you had switched to a new server (or host?) and the site would be down for a while….i know that was frustrating for you.

  6. Most women have a pear body shaped because we tend to carry weight in the hips. I is somewhere around 78% of us who are shaped this way so we ae in good company. We have to know how to dress in a way that is flattering because the clothing manufacturers and magazines really don’t care. They push a trend even if women will look terrible in it.

  7. Well, Colt is a very handsome young man. Love the fact that he loves his Bible and knows to tithe. Being a grandmother of a little man, I
    know how he makes your heart beat. God bless!

  8. I’m pear shaped, but also petite (5’2″). When I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, I’m slightly less of a pear, but still that general shape. I have very narrow shoulders and small arms. My wrists and hands are almost child size. That means that a lot of shirts and bracelets look weirdly large on me. I also have the problem that something that fits on the top can be too tight on the bottom. I’m learning what looks better, but sometimes I’m in places where cultural expectations trump everything. 🙂

  9. Cyndi, Can we be a combination of body shapes? I feel like I am!
    Questions about the online Bible study on Hope. Are we supposed to do it all on our own? I did Day 1, Week 1 yesterday. I’m in the hospital with my mom, she’s being admitted today. I still want to do the study, but I know I’m going to have some catching up to do.
    Thank So!

  10. Cyndi! That Colt looks so GQ in his picture, couldn’t you just eat him up with a spoon? Talk about precious!
    Your information about body types and dressing accordingly has been quite helpful. I am a 5’2″ banana! I like so many things I should really avoid for my body type. I love loose fitting, oversized, boxy clothes and tunics (love tunics), I’m just drawn to them. When I try them on, I look ridiculous, like the clothes are dragging me around. I wonder how often it happens that one is drawn to looks that are just a big “NO” for their body type? Be Blessed!

  11. I am a Pear, just like you! However, I do think that depending upon how “severe” a pear you are you can get away with “bending” the rules. You CAN wear skinny jeans because you are a
    more balanced pear! LOL! I wear them too! You also typically wear them with a tunic or longer top/sweater, right? Anyway, great guidelines to keep us looking our best! Thank you Cyndi!

  12. Thanks for this positive encouragement that no matter what our body type is, it is possible to dress beautifully. We just might not be able to wear the same thing as our friend. But that’s OK. Great tips!

  13. One of the reasons I love following your fashion blog is that we both have the exact same build! I can definitely envision how the same clothes will fit on me. I think I’m probably about 10 lbs heavier than you, but I’m working on that 🙂 I was surprised to read that you are 5’6″ (my same height). Thanks for your willingness to share all of your fashion ideas!

  14. Pretty sure my shape is very similar to yours…and it looks wonderful on YOU!

    LOVE your clothing tips and suggestions… you put things together beautifully! Love how you choose affordable clothes as well!

  15. Love the info. I am a pear who has gained 50 pounds so definitely more hourglass now. I am tall, 5’9″. So, the question is this: are boot cut jeans the new mom jeans? Everything has been skinny jeans the last several years, but I hate how my curves look in them. And, skinny jeans are not cut for a full figure so there can be some fashion emergencies below the belt! Even your tips for hourglass and pear shapes recommend straight or bootcut leg jeans/pants, but recently on J Shane’s blog she commented that bootcut jeans are the new mom jean. Ugh! What’s a real curvy girl to do??? Finding an entire wardrobe of long enough tops that don’t absolutely swallow me so I can wear skinny jeans just isn’t an option right now, $$$. But, I guess if I want to stay up to date, I’m going to need to start shopping in that direction. I guess I’ve been hoping skinny jeans would go away :-).

  16. Thanks for the helpful info, Cyndi! I’m a banana and already dress the way you described. Your grandson is so darling!

  17. My sister recently had a baby so we are trying to find her some new clothes to dress in now that she doesn’t have a big baby belly. Before reading this I had never heard of an apple shaped body type, but this is great to know about. It seems to me like knowing how to correctly dress can help your clothes fit better overall! Thanks for the information.