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How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix

There are very few weeks that go by, that I don’t mention Stitch Fix and a cute top, jacket or scarf that they have sent me.

So many of you have asked about Stitch Fix, that I thought I would share How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix with some things I’ve learned over the past few years.

I remember my FIRST box from Stitch Fix. I am telling you, I fell in love with the service!!

From how it was packaged, to the personalized letter, the cards with outfit ideas and of course the cute items they sent me.

Since then, I have been to San Francisco and met all the lovely people that work behind the scenes at Stitch Fix. If I lived in San Francisco, I would be working there!!

How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix
I often get asked, “How do you get such cute things in your box”?

I give a lot of feedback to my Stylist and the more feedback, the more she understands my style and fit preferences. Essentially, the more you share with your Stylist, the better your Fixes can be!

These are some of the pieces I’ve styled lately from Stitch Fix.

How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix

How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix

How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix

How To Get Your Best Stitch Fix
Here are 5 Tips To Get Your Best Stitch Fix

1. Fill out the Style Profile-Be detailed with your profile. Make sure you put your correct sizes and let them know the styles you like. If you don’t want a certain item tell them!

 2. Notes To Your Stylist-In addition to your Style Profile, you can share specific requests for each Fix. This is the best place to include trends you’d like to try, pieces your wardrobe is missing at the moment or any special occasions coming up.

3. Pinterest Board-Pinterest is the best tool for sharing style inspiration with your Stylist. Create a Stitch Fix Pinterest Board that they can easily check. Add pieces that you love. They really do look at this!

4. Checkout Feedback-When you check out, this is the BEST time to let them know what you did and didn’t like about each item in your Fix. Tell them exactly why you didn’t like something. Share if it’s too big, too small, too pricey etc. This helps them pinpoint fit, style and budgetary opportunities for your next Fix.

5. Ask for Cyndi’s Fixes-If you like what I’m getting, ask them to give you some of the same items they send me. 🙂 I can’t guarantee you’ll get the exact item but they can send similar items!

“Stitch Fix has helped me add trendy pieces to my wardrobe, try pieces I might have never tried before, and it is always the highlight of my day when I see that box sitting on my front porch!” 

Stitch fix outfits
What are you waiting for? Give Stitch Fix a try!

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Beauty For the Heart~~This week my husband and I are at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in North Carolina, attending a Heart Cry for Revival conference.

Wayne and I are both passionate about seeing revival in our church, our town, our state and our nation. We’re not giving up!! I believe God has a plan for our nation and if we turn back to Him, we will see amazing things happen.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I appreciate these tips Cyndi! I kept everything from my fall Fix and then sent everything back from my spring Fix. I will utilize your suggestions for my summer Fix~ Thanks! Susan

  2. I am so thankful to hear that revival is still on the minds of pastors and churches. My 92 year old dad who is in a nursing home and probably won’t live much longer gave his life to evangelism. His name was Jay Brown and much of his ministry was in Kentucky. He was Director of Evangelism for Kentucky Baptist from 1977-1988. He pastured in Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan and Kentucky. He stopped preaching at age 80 to care for my mom who had dementia. Thanks be to God for yours and Wayne’s ministry.

    1. Wanting to thank Nancy also for sharing about her father’s ministry. Also, thank you and Wayne for what you are doing. I hope we will hear more about your time at the Revival Conference. Praise God.

  3. I agree and am happy to hear you both are so on fire for the Lord and revival in our country!! We certainly need it! Love the scripture too. Made me think of that song…..I think its a Casting Crowns song that uses that verse. Have a blessed time together!! (love your green jacket) 😉

  4. Cyndi, Thanks for the Stitch Fix tips. My next fix arrives next week and it will be my second one. I did keep all of my items from the first fix and they have really added to my wardrobe. I hope this one is just as fun! I love the pink blouse that you shared and also the green jacket!

  5. Yes, I appreciate these tips about stitch fix as well. I really love getting new clothes in the mail and being surprised. Giving them more details would surely help since sometimes I have to send back items but would really rather keep them.

    I love your style and enjoy getting ideas from your blog. Great stuff!

  6. I’ve been so undecided about Stitch Fix. I completed most of my profile, but haven’t finalized it. You have given some great tips, so maybe I’ll take the plunge soon. Our taste is so similiar, I will definitely tell them to send me the same pieces!!

    1. The quality is more like Macy’s or Ann Taylor. A lot of the pieces are what you might find at a boutique.
      It’s one of the things I like about it, they’re unique pieces.

  7. I have almost completed the profile — a lot of information! I’m to the pricing. I honestly don’t know what to put down for pricing per item. I am a “buy nice things” on sale kind of girl so the pricing is tough. I’ll think about it and finish it this weekend.

  8. I’m excited about the conference you are attending – I bet it is an awesome gathering coming from the Billy Graham people, and I really like your Beauty for the Heart scripture today. This is so timely – I agree that our society needs a spiritual renewal. I hope you gain a lot from the conference!

  9. Love your Stitch Fix outfits. Had no idea they were located in my neck of the woods! Enjoy the conference — be blessed, rejuvenated and inspired!

  10. I love Stitch Fix and am excited for my second one in May. Thank you for sharing about this service. Love your blog and praying for revival as well 🙂 We need it more than ever!!!

  11. Glad to have you & Wayne here in NC this week. Love The Cove! Live about an hour down the mountain from there. My husband and I have attended several marriage conferences there. Sorry if you are getting some of the rain that’s coming through this week, but I’m sure God will bless the conference!
    Thanks for your continued inspiration ; fashion & spiritual!!

  12. I always love when you list the brand of something stitch fix sends. One it helps if we request the item to get the right one and sometimes we are lucky enough to even find the item if it isn’t stitch fix exclusive online. Love when you share your stitch fix items.

  13. Cyndi,
    This comment is off the subject but I was thinking it as I read your website today…. I have always loved your bob haircut and I think it is perfect for you. You always look fabulous. I know you are growing it out and I have to say that I think you look younger with longer hair. Just my opinion

  14. Hey Cindi!!! I just got my very first stitch fix shipment and omgoodness, I love it. I want to keep everything. I hope my husband lets me, lol!!! Also, I just attended the Fabulous Women’s Conference in Toledo, Ohio. Met some very nice and fun women and Natalie Grant performed…laughed, cried, danced, shopped and praised Jesus! And just when I needed it most!!!! Thanks for all your great fashion tips!!!!!

  15. I really like the green jacket you are wearing in your pictures. I too like Stitch Fix. I’m a working mom over 40 and I hate shopping now that I have 4 kids. I have no time to shop and they are a pain to take with me. I can’t find what I want in the stores and Stitch Fix gives me an opportunity to be stylish, yet within my comfort zone. I don’t like the $200 price tag every month. It does cause me to weed out my wardrobe of old frumpy pieces that I don’t wear. I just retired from the military so I have stuff from high school.