How To Grow Your Eyelashes

Did you use to have long eyelashes? Have you noticed a change in them as you age? If this sounds like familiar, there is a way to grow your eyelashes.

There are several different options. You can have lash extensions. Lash extensions make your lashes look full and long. While they look great, they are pricey and time-consuming. You have to have them filled in every few weeks as they grow out.

I did try lash extensions for a short time, and I loved them. I have very deep set eyes, so lashes have to be really long for them to show up on my eyes. In the end, I couldn’t justify spending that much money, so I decided to have them removed.

I decided to try a lash lift and tint instead of keeping my lash extensions.

A lash lift is like a perm (but without chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde), for your natural eyelashes. It curls them from the base of the lash, making them stand out and look longer.

An eyelash tint helps to enhance the defining effect. It darkens your lashes which helps your eyes look larger, your lashes look longer and fuller, and your entire face looks uplifted. You can have this procedure done every 6 to 8 weeks. The price varies but is typically between $100-$130.

In between getting my lash lift and tint, I use a Miracle Lash Serum that helps grow longer lashes. There are several serums out there, but I chose Miracle Lash Serum because I can order it from Nordstrom whenever I need it. It’s convenient for me.

I use the serum every night. It’s a clear product that you put at the base of your lashes after you wash your face. It goes on clear and doesn’t irritate your eyes at all.

In the morning I use 2- 3 products to help my lashes look fuller and longer. I start with Urban Decay subversion lash primer. This primer conditions and primes for perfect mascara application.

It works by adding weight to your lashes, giving your mascara something to grab on to. The brush coats lashes from root to tip, making them amazingly thicker, longer and stronger.

Next, I use black mascara. Right now, I’m using Benefit They’re Real. For added length, I apply a coat of  Thrives liquid lash extensions.


Miracle Lash Serum//They’re Real Mascara//Thrive Mascara//Urban Decay Subversion

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Again, I have deep set eyes so they don’t look super long but they are longer than if I didn’t use any serum. I’m also five weeks out from my lash lift and tint so I’ll have another one in a few weeks.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love this quote by Joni Eareckson Tada, “The times we find ourselves having to wait on others may be the perfect opportunities to train ourselves to wait on the Lord.”

So today let’s be mindful of being patient with others. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Are the lash serums the ones that can change your eye color?Biotin Supplement has worked really well for me and my DH!

  2. I’ve been using a natural eye lash serum made from essential oils and have seen a big difference in less than 2 weeks! And it costs less than $20. I tried a high end brand and it irritated my eyes so I was so excited to find this serum. Your lashes look great!

  3. I love the Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara! After only using it for about a week my sister in law asked me if I had gotten lash extensions. It is by far the best mascara I have ever used. I am sensitive to some lash serums but I’ve found that biotin supplements have really helped my lashes, eyebrows, hair, and nails grow. Biotin has also cleared up my eczema. Thanks for the recommendation for the Subversion Lash Primer! I will give it a try!

      1. Chris,

        I started taking Sugarbear Hair (gummy) vitamins in September, and I have seen a big difference in the growth and health of my hair, as well as improvements in my skin. I had pretty severe eczema and even tried different prescriptions from my dermatologist that treated the symptoms but gave no lasting relief. The amount of biotin in the vitamins is 5000 mcg. You can find
        them at the Sugarbear Hair website or on Amazon. I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Cyndi, glad you are getting into your new home and soon to be grandmother again !! Grandkids are the best! Just for your info, Mary Kay has a Lash Building Serum for $35 and a Lash Intensity Mascara that are superb! Kay

  5. Really appreciate your posts especially BFTH. Prayers continue here for your FIL. I second the vote for Biotin. My dermatologist told me about it years ago and it truly grew my eyelashes etc. Will try your primer. Thanks. Julie

  6. Lovely quote!
    Thanks for sharing about the serum! I have been wanting to try one, but I’Mascares! 😂

  7. I’ve been using Rodan+Fields Lash Boost for about a year now and I love it! Once my lashes grew quite long, I only have to apply the serum about 3-4 times a week now instead of every night, which makes the product go further. I love that such a small step before bedtime gives such magnificent results! I’ve had so many compliments since using it. I continue to pray for your Father-in-Law and your family. Blessings.

  8. I use Rodan and Fields Lash Boost. It works so well I can’t use it everyday because my eyelashes were hitting my sunglasses. My mom and daughter have extremely short lashes and it works great for them as well.

    1. I use Rodan and Fields Lash Boost. It works so well I can’t use it everyday because my eyelashes were hitting my sunglasses. My mom and daughter have extremely short lashes and it works great for them as well.

  9. My daughter and I use Rapid Lash, sold at Ulta for $30 and it works great. Once your lashes grow out you do not have to use it every night either.

    Thanks for the tips on the mascara. I’ve been wanting to try the Benefit mascara so I will now.
    Blessing to you,

  10. Perfect timing for me because my lash extensions have been irritating my eyes and I am feeling like I should let them go. (Not to mention the time and expense!) Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have always wanted to try an eyelash serum but have heard they can change the color of your eyes, mine are bright green and would like to have them stay that way. Does it say anything about changing your eyes?

    1. I have been using Latisse for years. I have green eyes and it has had no effect on my eye color.

  12. LASH BOOST – Rodan and Fields is magnificent! You get results after 6 weeks and then only apply every other night instead of every night. No irritation, just wonderful results! Same great results with everyone that I know that has used it! I highly recommend – guaranteed, beautiful, long, lashes with NO issues!


    2. My daughter and daughter-in-law both used R&F Lash Boost and their lashes grew. BUT, my daughter’s eyes and the skin surrounding her eyes turned red and didn’t go away for weeks after discontinuing use. My d-I-l had bloodshot eyes like conjunctivitis without crustiness. It definitely does cause irritation for some people. There is a lawsuit going on right now as many women have been affected. It works great growing lashes, but some women do have issues with it.

  13. I would like to add a word of caution about eyelash serums. I recently stopped using the serum because it caused blocked oik gland ducts on my eyelid. They are called chalazio or chelation (just 1). It appears as a lump on the eyelid. Some chalazions heal without treatment, but applying a hot compress will speed the healing process. I had to take medication for it and have minor (but painful) surgery to remove it.

  14. I think if something is so strong it can change your eye color, then it can’t possibly be a good idea?? Wouldn’t those changes be at a cellular level……..sounds scary. I’ll stick with mascara.

    1. Ok, I googled this………it sounds like Cyndi’s serum is ok, the chemical responsible for eye color changing is called bimatoprost. It isn’t listed on the Nordtrom product list for Miracle Lash serum. I think it’s ok, but worth checking out further for anyone considering it.

  15. Can you share where you got your lash lift? I’ve been interested in trying that but didn’t know where to go. I live in Lexington. Thank you.

  16. Have you tried Lancome Monsieur Big mascara? I was pleasantly surprised and I am a mascara addict. Also Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme is very good. Hoping your father-in-law is doing better. Love your blog and faith based posts.