How to Organize Jewelry On A Budget

One of the questions I get a lot is “How do you organize all your jewelry?” so today I’m sharing How to Organize Jewelry On A Budget.

How to Organize Jewelry On A Budget

I am notorious for taking my jewelry off and laying it on my dresser. I have a dish I put my favorite earrings in, but I seem to have a lot of favorite jewelry because it’s always overflowing.

In full disclosure, I don’t have all my jewelry in the apartment we are living in at the moment, and I didn’t put hooks in my closet to hang necklaces on so I have necklaces hanging everywhere.

I did find a great way to store my earrings, and I think I’ll use it even when we move into our new home. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it’s easy to see all of my earrings.

I found these clear plastic organizers at Wal-Mart. I organized my earrings by colors. I put gold earrings in one box, black earrings in another box and so on. All I have to do is pull out a container and find the pair I want to wear.

How to Organize Jewelry On A BudgetI thought this was an excellent way to organize when living in a small space but I will keep using them after we move.

How do you organize your jewelry?

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  1. I have been using that same system for years – it’s inexpensive and I like that I can see thru it too. I also use it for bracelets, rings, and some necklaces. I keep a smaller empty one that I use when I travel.
    Excited to see your new home – based on the pics you shared on Instagram it has to be beautiful!

  2. Ive been doing this for years and have added to this idea. I get similar bins without dividers for bracelets and line them with felt so they stay in place, or I add thick foam from packages that I cut long slots into and cover with felt to make ring holders… that way the rings are all nestled in facing up! Amazingly when my house burned down recently, my husband recovered these bins! They were melted out of shape but using his dremel he cut away the sides and I could just shake the jewelry out. I recovered about 90% of my jewelry! I will be buying more of these!

  3. Hey Cyndi. Great idea!!! Needing prayers. We found out wed that dad has colon cancer. We go today to the cancer dr. He is 83 and frail. Dont know what his body can tolorate but God does. Mom passed 3 yrs ago. Heart is breakibg. Please send prayers. Dee

    1. Praying your dads health will be in God’s hands and he will give you all the strength you will need during this time. I lost my mom at age 69 to colon cancer, just a little over five years ago.

  4. Cyndi, I have a tip for necklaces, if anyone is interested, I use a “5-tier swinging arm pant hanger” to hang my necklaces on. Its easy to get them on and off when you are deciding on an outfit. You can buy them online several different places. I love your site and all your creative ideas.

    Thanks for all you add to my day!

    1. I use tie hangers and have actually found some really ones at thrift stores. I’ve also re-purposed mug hangers(caddies) for my bracelets. Thinking about it now, the pull-out teacup holders would also be excellent to use under shelves.

  5. What a great idea… I have one of those jewelry high chests along with a jewelry box ( for those more keep sake pieces) but this is a great option. I may have to check these out… thanks for the idea I love organization. Also when I click on the Instagram at the end of your blog it keeps coming up page unavailable… is it being worked on? Or is it on my end?
    Thanks and hope you have a great day. We are finally getting sun and some spring temps:)

  6. I admire your Mom’s frugal solution to jewelry organizing! In the past, I’ve used shoe boxes in drawers as underwear organizers. Once in a while, Dollar Stores have open divided box jewelry organizers, have also found decorative ones at the resale stores like TJ Maxx.

  7. I bought two hanging jewellery holders from Michaels. My earrings and bracelets go in the front and all the necklaces hang on the back! I put up a couple of hooks behind the door in my walk in closet and I am good to go.

  8. Cyndi, I use the same containers for my earrings. You can also find the clear plastic containers at Harbor Freight. I like being able to adjust some of the compartments for my larger earrings. I am going to say, great minds think alike! We put up towel bars behind my closet door, then I put double hooked shower curtain hangers on them, to hang up my necklaces. I am loving it! They don’t get tangled, the6 are easy to see, and I pretty well have them grouped by color. I need to get on Instagram to see pics of your new home. Have a blessed day!

  9. Hi Cindi! For my smaller earrings with posts, I use foam that is about 3/4″ thick, from Joanne Fabrics. The backs are still on the earrings and they sit nicely on the foam and I can see them at a glance. This foam lies inside of a narrow empty jewelry box, like the kind I get when I buy a necklace. It’s inexpensive to do and pretty sitting in the drawer.

    I also have been using the same exact idea you described and separating my larger earrings according to color.

    I love this blog. I’m not anywhere near your size but I am learning a lot by watching you model clothing and accessories. I also appreciate reading about your faith in God.

  10. I have necklaces on jewelry hooks. Earrings in boxes that have covers so the silver will not tarnish. I have several of those scattered in closet so I need more organization. Thanks for your ideas. I need to downsize my jewelry. I went to Noonday jewelry party the other night. Jewelry with a purpose. Check it out online. A great organization that gives back. Beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices .

  11. I use hanging jewelry organizers with pockets in the front and back. I have two and they are both full! I have SO much jewelry! Necklaces and other jewelry are in a jewelry armoire plus I have a plastic box too. And my husband made a wooden thing with pegs coming out that fits across our dresser and it holds shorter necklaces and bracelets. PLUS I have a mesh holder with earrings on it and it’s hanging on the back of our bedroom door. I know!! I need to weed out and give away what I don’t wear much any more. Maybe these ideas will help someone.

  12. Cyndi speaking of jewelry I meant to ask is there jewelry which we should not be holding on to? I know I have some big bracelets which I haven’t worn in years but not sure if they should be ditched. Would like to know your thoughts.

  13. Thank you! I was just wondering what in the world to do since my jewelry armoire is full. Appreciate your insight and daily devotions so much.

  14. My necklaces are hung from dual hook shower curtain rings from the wire shelving in my closet. The idea for my scarves would work too. (2 Command hook holders and 1 small tension rod on the back of my closet door. I use O rings to hold a couple of scarves per ring….but if you forget the rings one could just hang the necklaces there.
    My earrings are attached to buttons therefore keeping them together as a pair in my jewerly box separated into 3 sections…studs, little bit bigger ones, then big dangles. This really helps alot when I travel as well.
    My good stuff is locked up.

  15. Great idea Cyndi and I’m enjoying what works for other ladies as well! A couple years ago I invested in some reasonably priced jewelry organizers I found on Amazon and maybe spent 40.00 total. They have been a game changer for me. My dresser has 5 drawers designed specifically for jewelry but they don’t have built-in compartments so I bought several compartment trays that are lined with a soft grey felt. Now, not only is my jewelry organized but each piece is protected. I wear a lot of stud earrings so I purchased a 7-compartment ring organizer tray and placed the back side of my earrings into the slotted grooves with the earring fronts facing up so I can easily see them. No more fiddling with earring stands or sorting through many pairs in small dishes. I use compartment trays to hold my larger and hooped earrings as well as some of my more dainty necklaces. I purchased a slotted bracelet organizer tray and this works so well to keep my bracelets upright and protected from banging against each other. For my longer necklaces I purchased a pretty wall rack and hung it behind the bedroom door to hang my necklaces on. It’s worth taking a peek at the many options and sizes of jewelry trays Amazon carries. There’s something for just about any size space you are working with and kind of jewelry you own.

  16. I haave been doing this for years. My friends thought I was crazy when I went to K- Mart and bought all these clear fishing tackle boxes (at that time only K-Mart had them). And i did it by color also, they were clear so it was easy to pick out what you needed. I would also put necklaces in there by color.

  17. Good idea! I have one of those things in the closet that I bought that has little bitty pockets that are clear…like a small version of shoe pockets on a hanger that are clear so you can see the jewelry. I think I got it at Stein Mart. Then in my craftroom I have a store armoire and on the inside of the doors there was an outline for me to put fine wire almost like chicken wire but I used another kind & and trimmed it out with ribbon. Looks decorative & functional ………I add more earrings there Just slip the earring into the wire since it was an indented spot there. Then I have pegboard on each side of the armoire for hanging stuff I don’t want to get down on my knees and look under the vanity which I use the pegboard hooks and they have caught my necklaces & bracelets also. Also store hair brushes, curling irons, flat iron, hot rollers, by adjusting the pegs. It was a fairly inexpensive distressed armoire that was redone by a lady that paints so was not’ scared to do things to it. We didn’t have storage in the master bath for towels & things so that was why I bought it since the craftroom is next to the master bathroom. It really comes in handy with small space living. I love being organized too but somehow I still have the same problem as you with everything ending up on jewelry tray….LOL!

  18. Prayers for you Dee!!
    thank you Cyndi for the helpful
    ideas, love hearing them.
    Have a blessed evening!!

  19. Hi Cyndi! I have organized my earrings (and some necklaces) with the clear plastic sectioned boxes too for years! Very cost effective. I store my off-season jewelry in those boxes. I too have a lot of jewelry, and my collection looks like a jewelry store also! Must be a fashionista thing.😁