How to Store Seasonal Decorations

Are you team take the tree down the day after Christmas, or do you leave your Christmas decor up until the New Year? In our house, we usually leave my decor up until the New Year.

As much as I love the coziness of my holiday decor, I love the fresh and clean way my house feels after putting everything away. I try to be very organized in how I store everything because it makes everything so much easier when it’s time to decorate again next holiday season.

Wreath and Garland Storage

24″ Wreath Storage Bags, Set of 2

I usually leave my winter wreaths on my front door until it’s time for a spring themed one, but I love these for storing my faux garlands.

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36″ Wreath Storage Bags, Set of 2

These 36″ wreath bags are perfect for storing my exterior door wreaths! I love that they have handles to make them easier to carry.

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Ornaments and Breakable Decor Storage

Ornament Storage Bag, Holds 128 Ornaments

Individual carry trays stack neatly when in the box and are easily removed and carried from room to room for refilling and organizing the ornaments. Storage trays are gridded, allowing you to store each ornament in its own slot. The best part is you can flip it over and access the ornaments on the bottom with a separate zipper!

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Underbed Ornament Storage

If you don’t have a basement or attic to keep your Christmas decor, you’ll love this ornament storage bag that fits right under your bed!

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Holiday Plate Storage Box

This holiday plate storage box is perfect if you use special china for Christmas, Easter, etc. Use the bubble wrap below to make sure they are extra safe!

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2-Pack Bubble Wrap Rolls

I love using bubble wrap to ensure my snow globes, breakable ornaments, and holiday serving platters don’t break in storage.

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Christmas Tree Storage

Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Those Christmas tree bags can get heavy! Work smarter, not harder moving your tree to the shed or closet with this rolling Christmas tree storage bag that fits up to a nine ft. tree.

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9 ft. Christmas Tree Storage Bag

If you don’t need a bag on wheels, grab this one for under $14 and protect your tree from dust, dirt, and pests.

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Lights Storage

Light and Cord Winder

Don’t let your lights be a tangled mess in the basement or attic by wrapping them around these cord winders!

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Light Storage Box

Organize and store all of your led Christmas lights and extension cords in this convenient Christmas tree lights storage box. Each wrap holds up to a 200 bulb strand; that’s 800 bulbs in 1 box container.

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Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrap Organizer

Keep all of your wrapping paper, bows, and gift tags in one place using this organizer. It can hold up to 18 – 2.5″ thick rolls!

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Storage Bags and Totes

XL Storage Bags

XXL Storage bags are so much easier to tote around than big heavy plastic totes! Plus, they are collapsible when they aren’t in use.

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Clear XL Tote Bag

I love that these are waterproof if you’re storing your decor in a basement or shed that could have moisture in the air. The fact that they are clear makes it so easy to see exactly what’s inside!

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Clear Storage Totes, Set of 4

Place those bubble wrapped snow globes and figurines in a clear storage tote with a lid so that they aren’t broken if something gets stacked on top of them!

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Zippered Storage Bag, Pack of 3

These are amazing for storing Christmas sweaters, pajamas, throw pillow covers, and seasonal blankets.

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Heavy Duty Storage Bags

These clear storage bags are wonderful for grouping together small items like gift bows before placing them in the XXL bags or totes.

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  1. Great post, Cyndi! I always love to see posts like this . I wasn’t aware of the waterproof storage bags. I store away my Christmas decor during the first week of January. My other decorations that are just winter themed I enjoy leaving out until early March. I live in the northeast so winter has a tendency to hang around into early spring.

  2. What a great selection you offered! Amazing! I liked the quote from Max Lucado, too. It reminds us that God has a plan and doesn’t make mistakes.

  3. This is what I needed to see. We just got a 9 foot tree and need something to store it in. I also like the light holder, never seen this before.
    Yes, God is always in control no matter what we are going through. I heard it said once, we go through things in order to be able to know how to help someone when they go through the same thing.

  4. Great suggestions Cyndi! Another storage item I have from either Amazon or Overstock is extra large storage bag for large wall hangings. I am actually using two that I have overlapped, to protect my wall hangings while in storage in the attic. They work great!