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How To Style A Military Jacket

I added a military jacket to my closet last year and I’m ready to start wearing it as soon as the weather cools down. If you have one, or are planning to buy one, here’s how to style a military jacket.

How to style a military jacket

I love this casual look. It’s easy to pair the military jacket with a pair of jeans. Add a pair of booties and it’s perfection!

How To Style A Military Jacket


I also think you can add the military jacket to a dressier outfit. I love this feminine look.

How To Style A Military Jacket


There are a lot of cute military jackets to choose from and you can easily add one to your fall/winter wardrobe. These are perfect for women of any age!

How To Style A Military Jacket

1. Old Navy//2. Macy’s//3. JC Penney//4. Banana Republic//5. LOFT//6. Dillard’s//7. Gap

Have you tried a Military Jacket??

Beauty For the Heart~~This summer will go down as a summer of tragedy for me. I hate to even say that but every time I turn around there’s another tragedy. I’m talking about families that have experienced so much pain. I feel so helpless. I pray and I pray and I pray and yet my heart still aches.

As I was driving yesterday this song came on the radio. I shared it with you in June and I know I don’t usually share songs during the week but for some reason I felt I needed to share this today. Maybe someone reading this needs to hear that “Hope” changes everything. I know I needed to hear it!!


Have a blessed day!

***There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Oh I agree…I pray from the minute I wake up until I finally fall asleep and then often wake in the night to pray more. So much heartache in so many families near to us, in our own family and then the situations around the world. It is overwhelming – and yet, we know God is Sovereign and we need to keep encouraging one another to lift our eyes to Him. Thank you for always pointing us back to what matters most <3
    Be blessed today

  2. I just added a military jacket last month. I found it at Maurice’s for less than $10! I’m glad to see some ways to wear it. I would have never thought to wear it with the skirt outfit, but it looks lovely! Thanks Cyndi for your posts!

  3. I think I will buy a military jacket for this fall. I love the different style ideas you presented. I particularly like the contrast of a feminine outfit with the olive green jacket. Wishing you a “hope filled” day.

  4. Thank you, Cyndi for always ending your posts with encouraging Godly remarks. I am at the end of the 50’s but love to see what is in style. I still work full time and apalled at the things the younger girls wear into the offc. It is so refresing to see your ideas that “cover” all things. Thank you, again.

  5. Thank you for sharing and I needed this as feel I have lost some of my hope. I agree that there is such a need for healing and hope in our world. I love your faith and fashion.

  6. I’ve been wanting a jacket like this for a couple years. I may have to run out and get one now! I love each of these looks.

  7. This post is so timely for me! I have the cutest new military jacket for fall–Jack got me one this summer before we went to Normandy. It’s from Cole-Haan, so it’s super-cute, and now I have some great ways to style it!

    A summer of tragedy–what a way to sum up this season. I’m so sorry. There is so much tragedy, isn’t there? Your heart just aches. Thank God for hope!!

  8. I just got a military jacket a few weeks ago at the GAP outlet. I use the GAP VISA card which gives awesome rewards to use at GAP and its sister stores. Using my $40 reward, I was able to get my military jacket (which was originally around $70, I think) for $3!!! Can’t wait til it gets cool enough to wear it!

  9. Thank you for sharing the song HOPE. That song has been on my heart and mind all day. What a blessing. So glad our HOPE is founded in Him and not ourselves.
    Btw, the military jackets are so cute. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Well, I guess I need to get myself to the Gap outlet and find out if I’m near a Maurice’s. I love jackets of all sort and could wear this one often. That for the Hopeful words , as well. I’m sickened by recent events and can’t even imagine what would bring someone to such a world of hate. It is really beyond me.

  11. I’ve had a light gray military jacket from Eddie Bauer for a couple of years, but never thought to pair it with a feminine skirt outfit. Love this idea! Thanks for giving me another option!

  12. My sister & I have been searching for a military jacket. On a whim we ducked into New York & Co. – found a great jacket! It’s a little longer (which covers the bottom) and also has a hood which can be rolled up & zipped into the collar. I think it was around $55. Needless to say, we’ll have matching military jackets this fall!

  13. I am sooo glad you chose this for today’s topic. I love the Military jacket style…now I need to know where I can find one online for a reasonable price. Say $50 or under? Would you have any links that I can look up? Just found my daughter a North Face jacket and gloves for part of her Christmas…am very blessed to find the one she was looking for for such a great price!