How To Style Boot Cut Jeans

Hi ladies! I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already. It’s been a pretty cold week here in Kentucky, and some light snow is in the forecast for later today.

Now that it’s 2021, I’m looking ahead to see the trends for the year. One of the trends I see for 2021 is different styles of jeans.

It looks like looser jeans (which I’m not sure how flattering these will be), more straight, and bootcut jeans.

Today I’m styling a pair of bootcut jeans from Kut from the Kloth with a sweater from Chico’s.

When I wear bootcut jeans, I almost always wear a heel, and I prefer a pointy toe heel. A heel allows the bootcut to bell out at the bottom like they’re supposed to, and it also helps elongate the leg.

This cheetah sweater works great with bootcut jeans, it’s a cashmere blend, and it’s on sale for under $50.

My leopard booties are a few years old, but I found some similar pairs and linked them below.

When the weather is cold, I love adding a pretty coat to my outfit, and a long camel coat is a classic and one of my favorites.

Cheetah Sweater (I’m wearing a 00)//Bootcut Jeans (I’m wearing a size 2; they run big size down)//Leopard Booties (similar option here and here)//Kendra Scott Earrings//Brown Tote//Gold Bracelets//Camel Coat (option here and here)//Double O Ring Belt

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Beauty For the Heart~~ When things seem out of control, John 16:33 reminds us we will have troubles, but we can have peace with Jesus.

I have told you these things, so that in ME you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. 

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I had a new closet installation this past Tuesday and absolutely LOVE it! It will take some time to reorganize but it forced me to again purge my items (I had done a few times over the past year) and I’ve convinced my husband to do the same. It feels so good to have a fresh space and design!

  2. That outfit looks great on you! I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to boot cut jeans just yet…still loving my skinnies and straight (lately). And I love the sweater! As for your closet, have you considered purchasing a closet system from a local home improvement store (Lowe’s) in your area? We’ve used store bought systems several times, which resulted in a more functional closet with much more usable space. There are several pieces that you can mix & match to suit your needs, such as shelves, baskets, drawers, etc. and it’s all so easy to install with just a few hand tools. Check it out…you might be surprised at the quality and affordability! Have a blessed day!

    1. I transformed a small room in my house into a closet. I used Ikea. You can either do it yourself online or have a designer help you. I did an entire room under $3500. Absolutely LOVE IT? I will post pictures on the Facebook page.

  3. Love bfth today…totally off closet and bootcut jeans but do you still have hair extensions in?? I love your hair and was just wandering??

  4. I LOVE bootcut jeans and personally think on almost everyone they are a much more flattering cut. As you often say that a certain outfit would be your uniform – this one today would be mine. I’m only 5’2, and have very slim hips and not a defined waist (and no belly either thanks to FWTFL :-)), and I find that bootcut jeans give me a shape and add balance bc for my frame i’m heavier in the chest area.
    Thank you for BFTH today – that is spot on for the current state of things!

    1. I completely agree that straight and boot cut jeans are more universally flattering. Although skinny jeans have been very popular for awhile now, they are not flattering on every body type. I personally am top heavy and a skinny jean accentuates that while a straight or boot cut bottom balances my proportions. For many, I think its just getting used to a new siluette.

  5. Great outfit on you! Not sure I’m ready to get on the bootcut band wagon yet only because higher shoes are not my go to when running out the door… maybe for an evening out🤷‍♀️. Freezing rain today so time to take the rest of Christmas down 🙁 love that verse in your BFTH today!

  6. I really like the boot cut. What is the rule of thumb on length? I know the front is not supposed to bag (?? just hit the shoe) on the front, but is the back supposed to be longer?

    1. Try Lee jeans website. I need a 33 inch inseam and can find tall and long jeans there. I have several pairs of bootcut jeans from their site and they are reasonably priced.

  7. I am not sure I like boot cut jeans – they seem really dated to me and a throwback to a “Friends” episode. I am just not willing to give up skinnies yet! If one isn’t wearing heels, it can come off as adding a bit of bulk to the lower half – just my opinion…You are styling them today perfectly and they are not bulky on you in the least….

  8. You look fabulous in this outfit. I have bootcut jeans, but I don’t feel like I’m looking very cute on those that they are worn ;-DI think they are kind of boring! Thanks for styling all different styles.

  9. I LOVE bootcut jeans and am happy to see them and straight leg jeans making a comeback. I’m a tall rectangle shape and bootcuts just make my legs look miles long. They look cute with wedges in the warmer months. I find them very versatile.

  10. Thank you for styling the bootcut jeans! It looks great on you. I have heavier legs and skinny jeans never worked for me. Realize that some people feel that it’s a throwback style but on me, It is a more balanced look.

  11. Love,Love,Love this outfit on you. You look good in any style jean or pant you style. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything you can’t wear. I hope all style jeans stay in style so we can wear what we like and not feel dated. I like my skinnies but trying to embrace wider legs too. I remember when skinnies wasn’t even a thing and I wore only boot cut and I always wore with heels and pointed toe. Enjoy your snow to come. I’d love some. Here in NW Oregon only rain and warm, dreary days. It’s getting old.

  12. I love bootcut jeans, but as a busy mom it’s not always practical (for me) to wear them w heels.
    Coukd you style them with a low heel bootie. Could you show us some options?

    1. I wear mine with a pointy toe flat bootie. It still gives you a long leggy look. The key is a pointy toe.

      I love boot cut jeans. I’ve bought some straight cut as they are trending but I don’t find them nearly as flattering. As to the new trend for spring 2021 of baggy jeans, they look just awful. I think it’s just another way to get us women to keep buying the latest.

  13. I love boot cut and straight jeans. They are the best for my frame. I wear all types of shoes with mine. I can’t (won’t) wear skinny jeans. Beloved the blog for the clothes but mostly for the love of Jesus you show.

  14. I’m so glad to see inseam lengths come back down! The shorter inseams makes everyone’s legs look choppy and shorter. Long live the longer lengths! 😉

  15. Such a cute sweater! You look fabulous in anything Cyndi! Off topic, but do you know why we can’t pin your outfit pics to Pinterest? When I select the board to save it to, I get an error message that says something went wrong and to check the URL and try again. Thanks!

  16. The boot cut makes your legs look so long but then you always look cute in everything!! One side note, thank you for showing a variety of price points!!