How To Style Flare Jeans

Happy hump day, ladies! I feel like 2022 has been the year for new denim styles. Technically, they’re not new, but they’re new in that straight, bootcut, flare, and wide-leg jeans are making a comeback.

Today I thought we would talk about flare jeans, how to style them, what tops to wear, and even what shoes to wear.

Plaid TopKut from the Kloth Jeans (4, similar option here) • BeltBooties (TTS) • Earrings

First, what body type looks good in flare leg jeans?

Flare jeans are universally flattering, but women who carry their weight mostly in their hips, thighs, and rear look amazing in wider flares or bell bottoms. If you’re looking to lengthen your legs, flare jeans with pointed-toe heels will definitely help,

What tops should you wear with flare leg jeans?

Rib Tank (small) •Kut from the Kloth Jeans (4, similar option here) • BootiesEarrings

Fitted tops or sweaters are a great way to balance your outfit wearing flared denim.

  • A Blouse
  • A Cropped Sweatshirt
  • A Button-down Shirt
  • A Turtleneck
  • A Plaid Shirt

How long should your flare jeans be?

Flare jeans should hit barely above the ground or up to 1″ off the ground with heels or boots.

Which shoes should you wear with flare jeans?

You can wear any shoes with flared jeans, but I think a pair of pumps, heeled sandals, and booties give it a more elevated look.

Outfit Ideas

Wear flare jeans with a blouse. 

Faux leather top (small) • Kut from the Kloth Jeans (4) • BeltBooties (TTS) • EarringsNecklaceNecklace

Wear flare jeans with a sweater.

V-Neck Sweater (I’m wearing a small) • Black Coated Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4) • Black Western Style Boots (TTS) 

Add structure with a blazer or jacket.

Social Threads Jacket (sold out) • Sleeveless Blouse (XS) • Kut from the Kloth Jeans (4, similar option here) • Booties (TTS) • Necklace • Necklace • Earrings • Handbag

Want more Style Tips?

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  1. Hi!! To answer your question on your email, I don’t like the new style of jeans. The boot cut and flare style look bulky and too cowgirl like to me. Plus, I live in a snowy state and I am not about to go back to the jeans that get wet on the bottom from walking in rain or snow. I prefer jeans I can tuck in my boots easily. I think this is a trend I won’t touch. Skinny and straight jeans for me 🙂

  2. I have to say that at 5’3” flared leg jeans make me look even shorter! The length isn’t practical for my work as I can’t generally do bus duty or recess duty in heels!
    I don’t mind straight leg jeans, but I won’t be buying any flares 😊

    1. I found it challenging to find flare jeans in petite sizes that weren’t too long. I finally found a pair and they’re not too wide so they a slimming. But I won’t invest a lot of money on this trend but they look cute on you. I liked the BFTH today.

  3. I’m loving the addition of flares to jean options. Getting tired of the skinny jeans look. Love your top and shoe choices,.having followed you for a while, I have many of these options in my closet! Thanks for this post. 🍁👏

  4. I love how you’ve styled the flare look! I’ll be honest and say that I’m still wearing my skinny jeans but those with a looser fit and I’ve embraced the slim straight or straight style!( ankle or full length) With our winter coming higher heels on a daily basis isn’t practical nor are long jeans hanging in slushy or snowy weather! I’m 5’2 and definitely need the higher heel which tends to slow me down on a daily basis… if I’m going to a friends house the boots and shoes come off so I’m now left with jeans too long to walk in. Over all it just doesn’t work for me unless it’s a cropped style! Can you wear cropped flares with a high shaft bootie? I’ve seen a pair I thought I’d like to try as they aren’t so long!

    1. Karen….I hear you. I feel the same way. Still trying to figure it all out with the new style jeans and I think the Winter coming up with the rain etc. is going to be harder for styling. I don’t like to run around in high boots everyday for casual. I remember the days I wore the bootcut/flare and I always wore a heel with my 5’3″ height. And then like you said the issue of shoes off in others houses. 🙂 Skinnies were so much easier, but they are starting now to look dated to me and I’m not grabbing them. So far our weather has been great, so I’m wearing straight leg crop with mules. I have wore them too with higher shaft bootie I have and like that look too.

  5. I don’t have any flared jeans yet, but I think that I will get some. They look so cute the ways you have styled them. Styles really do come back around, and my sixteen-year-old self would approve. 😄

  6. I love the return of full length flare jeans! It took me a long time to get on the skinny jeans bandwagon. I think the flares are so much more flattering on most women.

  7. Thanks for the styling tips. I have grown to like the flare and bootleg jeans. I never thought I would but seeing you and Jolynn in them changed my mind. I bought a bootleg jean on Monday. I didn’t want to spend a lot and I needed petite. Penny’s has petite bootleg jeans and I really like the ones I bought. The length is perfect and they do look better with a pointed toe boot or shoe even if it’s a flat. I think it makes my short legs look longer. I never stopped wearing straight leg as I considered them a classic. I also like an ankle length straight or slim leg. I’m so over skinny jeans and leggings. I can’t understand why women wear leggings as pants. I saw a woman wearing leggings so thin that they looked like pantyhose. She needed a dress or at least a tunic over them.

  8. I like the straight and flare styles, but I still need skinny jeans to tuck I to boots when the weather is snowy or rainy.
    My problem is all the long tops I have that only look good with a very slim leg. Tucking them in is not an option, and I don’t want to purchase a bunch of new tops.

  9. Love the flare jeans. Bought a pair at Target, Denzen brand that were under $30, fit great and I love them. Want to buy another pair in lighter color. Won’t spend a lot on this new trend but they look good with boots

  10. I’m not liking the new styles. I’ve lost some weight this year and need new jeans, but I’m very short waisted and mid-rise jeans hit me like high rise jeans hit most. I’m really struggling to find jeans. And I can’t afford these $100+ jeans…ugh

  11. I love that flare and bootcut jeans are finally back. They are the only style I wear and I needed to get new ones after so many years. Skinny jeans not an option for me as I have thicker calves and can’t stand peel off my jeans from the bottom of my leg. I hate them if I’m honest! Love the new jeans with high rise too, no backside showing! I don’t wear them down to the floor though – they get dirty and fray. I would like to have you style more flare and bootcut that are under $100