How to Style Olive Pants in the Summer

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and you’re ready to start a new week. Today I’m styling olive pants from Nordstrom with a pink blouse from LOFT.

Olive pants are a great basic wardrobe piece. They can be styled in the summer with pink or navy but as soon as the weather turns cool, I’ll wear them with booties and a cardigan.

How to Style Olive Pants in the Summer

I added my Tory Burch purse envelope clutch to my outfit. I shared some different options below.

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How to Style Olive Pants in the SummerI recently purchased these wedge heels and they will transition into fall. They are perfect with pants or shorts.

How to Style Olive Pants in the Summer How to Style Olive Pants in the SummerHave you tried styling olive pants with pink?

How to Style Olive Pants in the SummerPink Blouse (on sale)//Olive Pants (on sale)//Wedge Heel//Handbag//Bracelet//Bracelet//Watch

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More options for olive pants. (Click on picture for details.)
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  1. Growing up in the “preppy” times, I absolutely loved green & pink!! Of course they weren’t the muted green & pink, but it’s a color combo that has stayed with me since!!
    In fact, I was styling my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) this weekend for an upcoming post about camo—and we paired it with blush pink!!
    Fabulous look, Cyndi!

  2. Happy Monday! This is a great post and I have been wanting to replace my olive pants that no longer fit from last season due to some much needed weight loss. But your right, this color is perfect for transitioning to fall and I wore them with peach and pink, then black and cream sweaters in the fall. Thanks for reminding me and for all the options 🙂

  3. I have the a pair of shorts in the same color of your shirt, and I bought a shirt with the same under tones in it but I felt like a big piece of bubble gum wearing them together I like the olive pants so would an olive shirt work with my shorts

  4. Would love to see lots of transition outfits. We can usually count on warm autumns and cold springs that make seasonal dressing a challenge.

  5. Good Morning Cyndi!

    I live in South Texas where it is hot, hot, hot well into November. That is one reason we have Sea World and Fiesta Texas Six Flags in our city, it’s great amusement park weather! But, while everyone else is wearing their fun fall wardrobe, we are still wearing shorts and flip flops. Could you please style a few work wardrobe pieces that look like fall, but can be worn in 80-90 degree weather?


  6. Great post! I would love to see your recommendations for nude shoes for fall, maybe suede, block heel or wedge. Also looking for low heel brown leather boots.

  7. I have a pair of olive green pants and for some reason I’ve been in to that color this summer. I purchased some tank tops in that color to wear with black and black and white bottoms. (rayon pants). Never thought of the soft pink which is a nice touch:) I’m like Mary and would like to see some transitional pieces too… as our Fall doesn’t necessarily mean cold weather. Often its just as warm as our summer but yet we are in Fall LOL
    Have a great Monday
    PS would like to see what you may choose to wear if just at home for a day??? I work from home so not always dressing up. Thanks

  8. Love blush and olive❤Do the pants run TTS? You look awesome by the way!!! I need to get in your program- I just can’t give up sugar😞

  9. Love pink and olive together! I style my olive pants with a little darker rose colored pink. I can hardly wait to transition the same pants with burgundy and navy for fall.
    I would like to see some transitional pieces as well – kind of like a “one item 3 ways”. I know that I can wear a dress in the summer, and add a cardigan or sweater in the fall and it just looks like a skirt 🙂
    Thanks Cyndi!

  10. Love those olive pants; they look so comfy! I don’t have anything olive; however, I do have many rose shirts. One of my fav colors all year!

    Can’t wait to see what you style for fall! 🍃 leav

  11. Cyndi, I would love to see you do another 7×7 remix (I think you did one a few years ago, where you wore the same 7 pieces mixed differently for 7 days… or something like that!!!). I love your blog and you are such an encouragement to me. I hope all is going well with your husbands job search too. Hugs and Prayers, Karen

  12. I love your outfit. I am going to try pink with olive. I have not thought of it. You are always an inspiration. Thank you. God Bless

  13. I love olive pants. I am wearing them at work right now as a matter of fact. Lol.

    I love the ones you are wearing. Have you tried rolling them up so they don’t sit right on the shoe?

  14. I would love to see a week of athleisure outfits. I’m not talking about cute workout outfits (although I love that too). I see pictures of women who mix regular pieces like sweaters with athletic leggings and pull it off.

  15. Love your blog, especially God’s words. I would like to see you explain and show warm and cool color clothing. I struggle with that! Have a great day!

  16. Love the outfit. It always looks better on you than the model. I have bought things I would never have even looked at because of the way they look when you style them. Thank you for your Beauty for the Heart.

  17. I love the color combination, Cyndi. I just pulled out a pair of new-with-tags Gap olive pants I picked up at a thrift store but haven’t worn yet for some reason. This is the incentive I needed!

  18. Cute outfit. Just wondering why you did not wear a necklace? If I had put that together I would have thought that I should wear a necklace–maybe a long one or something. What was your thinking process in not wearing one? Thanks!

  19. I love how the pink, feminine top softens the olive pants, so pretty!

    Here are a few suggestions for upcoming posts:

    Determining how to accessorize an outfit
    Make up trends for Fall
    Fashion tips and tricks
    Closet organization
    Comfy, Casual and Classy – 21 days of comfy outfits that still look and feel classy
    Fashion & Beauty pitfalls to avoid

  20. Please continue posting sizes for us to have a reference. It is most appreciated and helpful, especially when ordering on line. I think we are all mature enough to realize that it is not done to brag (although you do look great and would be entitled to toot your horn a little).

  21. I love this outfit! Could you please share some tips on luggage? I’m going to be traveling quite a bit in the coming months and could use some new pieces. Thanks!

  22. Never thought of wearing pink with olive. It looks so great. I never buy olive because don’t know what to wear on top with it. I’m a cool in color tones to wear. I agree with others. You look so much better in the pants than the model. I wouldn’t have looked twice at the pants if hadn’t seen on you. 🙂 I would like to see how to do more transition pieces from Summer to Fall. Hard for me. Also to see more lower heel booties, shoes for Fall and Winter. I don’t usually like doing more than 2 1/2″ heel. Love your shoes you are styling. Such a cute look altogether.

  23. PS Could you please start telling sizes you have on again. Really helped me with online ordering. Thanks.

  24. Hi Cyndi
    Love love your blog…. you look great in everything you style…. would love to see you do a favorite things party on your blog for 2017 like makeup, food , books , household cleaners , makeup etc and maybe followers could list their things in the comments section

  25. I love this together! So pretty.,olive and pink looks fresh and feminine together!
    How about a week of styling the Pantone colors for Fall? I’d love to see what you find! The colors are great this coming season!

  26. Beautiful outfit… I love the rose gold accessories. That is what I wore to my daughter’s Bridal Shower was pink with the rose gold accessories. I love them for this summer and Fall 2017. and now paired with this green is adorable. You are beautiful in pink ! and green 🙂

  27. I love your olive pants! They must have sold out immediately because they’re no longer available. I was able to get the same pants in black and really like them. I’ll be on the search for my perfect olive pant this fall.