How to Style The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

In case you missed it, Pantone recently released their 2023 Color of the Year. The winner this year is Viva Magenta. Pantone calls this color bold, brave, powerful, and empowering! Of course, I was excited when I saw this announcement because it’s a deep and vibrant shade of one of my signature colors… pink!

Some years I have struggled at incorporating the Pantone Color of the Year into my closet, but Viva Magenta is one that I can see myself (and my readers) easily integrating into their wardrobes. To make that task even easier for you, I have rounded up some new pieces in this bold and vivid color from some of our favorite retailers. Keep reading to see how I would style the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta.

How to Style the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

#1. Go bold in a dress!

Choose to make a statement by selecting a dress in this vibrant color. This deep shade of pink is flattering to all skin tones and hair colors. This stunning bow strap midi dress from the Kohl’s Draper James RSVP line will be a show stopper all spring and summer. This pleated tee-shirt dress from the same line is a gorgeous option for wearing absolutely anywhere from church to work to running errands!

#2. Incorporate the color into a print or pattern.

If you feel like such a vivid color will overwhelm your frame, or you tend to gravitate toward more neutral colors, don’t worry! You can still incorporate the 2023 Pantone Color of the year by selecting a print or pattern that uses Viva Magenta. How fun is this plaid mini dress from J. Crew Factory? I also love this floral flutter sleeve maxi! I can’t leave out this stunning quilted floral jacket. It would be so cute with a white tee, jeans, and sneakers or sandals.

#3. Wear it on the bottom.

Consider adding a pant, short, or skirt in this color into your rotation for the year. I love high-waisted skirts like this button front chino skirt for warmer weather, especially with a tank or tee tucked in. Pair these linen-cotton blend pants with a nice blouse and heels for a dressy look, or style them with sneakers and a tee for a casual outfit.

#4. Add a Viva Magenta top to your closet.

Finding a top you love in this beautiful color is probably the easiest way to style the Pantone Color of the Year! This color looks wonderful next to white, denim, black, and khaki bottoms, so a top in this shade is so versatile. I love the raised dot texture on this blouse from Nordstrom, as well as the eyelet flutter sleeves on this beautiful top from J. Crew Factory. You can never go wrong with a basic tee, and this girlfriend crewneck is a great one!

#5. Add a Viva Magenta accessory.

Adding a pop of color to your outfit with an accessory in this bold statement color is an easy way to incorporate the color of the year into your life. Earrings like these beaded hoops are often an affordable and effortless way to bring a little personality to your outfit. A hot pink handbag like this one would be stunning paired with your spring and summer outfits. Imagine how fun it would be paired with a white or black dress!

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What are your thoughts on Viva Magenta? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I think Magenta is a fun beautiful color to wear during Spring or Summer, makes Me feel Pretty in Pink (Magenta) ~.~

  2. What a beautiful color and my favorite one too. I am looking forward to more Draper James spring dresses too. That color is fabulous on you. They say watch what colors you get most compliments in and then go buy that color in 3 or 4 things, ha! Mine have been pink, purple, blues & lime green. Lime green makes me happy in the Spring!!

  3. Cyndi, You found the perfect color for you!! I can see pink as a color everyone can wear to complement all skin tones this spring and summer. I was hoping this season most of the ruffle tops and dresses would have had their time in the sun! I can’t see them going away. do you? You are a lady that can pull anything off. I can’t seem to jump on the ruffle train.

    1. Donna, they are still hanging around, but it won’t last forever. Fashion is always changing.
      I love them, but I understand that they’re not for everyone, and there are plenty of tops out there with no ruffles that are cute.

    2. Donna…..I agree. I love the ruffles on others, especially Cyndi, but when I buy them and try to pull it off, it just feel too “precious” to me……that is the word Jo-Lynne Shane another influencer uses and its how I feel. As I get older, the harder it is to pull of the ruffles. I’d like to see more dresses come out for Spring(Easter) that aren’t so frilly.

      1. I’m the same way. The older I get I can’t do too cutesy anymore. I don’t mind a little ruffle or a puff sleeve that’s not over the top. It’s a fine line to just be classy.

      2. That’s funny! I have no problem with ruffle on the shoulder area as small framed and it widens shoulder area but on the tail end of the dress at the hem, I hate that! I want my dress just staight at the bottom. Its funny how we all think about little things that come and go in fashion. I use to love the shoulder pads in the 80’s. Many people hate that too.

    3. I feel the same way about the big puffed sleeves that have been in style. I have broad shoulders and puffed sleeves or ruffles at the shoulders make me look like a football player. I do think they are cute and feminine looking, but just not for me.

  4. I’m crazy for this gorgeous “happy” color too!
    My husband is off work today. We are going to the beach!

  5. Thank you for the BFTH. I needed to be reminded. I never can make sense of my MANY years of migraines that control my life in so many ways. I want and need relief but it hasn’t happened and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I know God sees the bigger picture and though I don’t always understand HIS ways, I TRUST HIM.

    Love the pretty pink and you look so cute in the dress.

    1. Kathy, I to use to be trapped by migraines. It wasn’t until someone I knew told me to stay away from dyes especially red dye. I use to red meat and stopped for 6 months and the migraines went away. I still to this day don’t eat red meat or things with red dye and don’t suffer anymore.

    2. I use to get 3-5 bad migraines a year and thank God (and knock on wood) I’ve only had a few in the last 14 years since I started sleeping with a CPAP machine. I don’t wake up every day with a headache or need coffee by 3 pm and added bonus I can drink wine again. It changed my life!

  6. Finally, a BRIGHT color is in! It seems like the yuckiest colors have been in for years. I’m being a tad dramatic, but seriously, I have olive under tones and it doesn’t go well with muted colors. I love magenta (hot pink)
    You always look beautiful in any color. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I LOVE the Pantone color. Cyndi, You look beautiful in the color magenta pink!!! Thank you for sharing not only the latest fashions but sharing your faith in our Lord Jesus as well.

  8. This is a beautiful color!! You look gorgeous in this color!! It gives you a sparkle to your face and has given you a beautiful smile!!
    You are a blessing!!!✝️
    My husband and I also had two days of stress over our taxes but thank goodness we have finished!!(Yahoo)
    Have a fantastic weekend!!💟😊🤗

  9. Thank you for the verse today…I needed it as I lost a good friend very unexpectedly yesterday. Every little bit helps!
    Love this color…but I’ve always loved pinks, magentas, purples. And this color looks nice on you.

  10. It is a great color for Spring. I recently picked up a minidress in this color from Gap. Hopefully, the weather in New England will warm up soon so I can wear it!

    1. Yea, I love this viva magenta color too! Found a pair of capri ‘Pixie’ pants at Old Navy lately! Worked great on my petite corgi legged figure. Lol

  11. Would you mind doing a post on different types of white jeans? Straight, wide leg, bootcut etc. You probably know the best brand and style to buy. White jeans can look polished and put together or extremely cheap depending on the cut and brand. Thank you very much!