How To Update Your Style in 2023

Who’s ready to talk about 2023 fashion trends? I get giddy seeing what’s coming in the fashion world each year. Not because I’m going to be wearing every trend, but because it’s fun to see new styles and which styles will resonate with the average woman.

So if you’re like me and love fashion, let’s see how we can update our style in 2023!

I have scoured blogs and youtube channels, and I’ve picked the 2023 trends that I like and can see myself wearing. There are always some weird trends that I’ll never wear, but I think this year’s styles will be exciting.

We’ve been on the minimalist train for a few years, and this year, you’ll see a little less minimal, more embellishment, and even bigger and chunkier styles in jewelry.

Let’s get started! Here is How To Update Your Style in 2023


#1. Sheer Trend

I know what you’re thinking, and while sheer dresses and shirts are trending, I will not be showing my bra and panties. But you can wear sheer without showing a lot of skin.

This blouse has sheer sleeves and incorporates the trend perfectly.

Clip Dot Sleeve Sweater

#2. Leather Trend

This has been trending for a while and is not going anywhere soon. Leather/Faux Leather pants, blazers, coats, etc., will be everywhere this year. Leather is a great way to add texture to your outfit. Leather makes a statement and definitely ups your style game.

Faux Leather Peplum Top

#3. Big structured bags

You don’t have to throw away your small bag, but bigger structured bags will be on trend this year. Large square and rectangular bags can add structure to a more casual outfit.

Leather Tote

#4. Preppy/ Tailored Look

Think stripes, plaids, and crewneck sweaters. If you’re wearing a sweater, add a button-down under it for a more preppy look. Loafers are also trending, which have a preppy vibe.

Stripe Polo Sweater

#5. Pointed Toe Shoes

I love pointed-toe shoes, especially with wider-leg jeans and pants. Pointy shoes are back on trend.

Pointed Toe Flat

#6 Cargo Pants

Cargo pockets seem to be popular even if they’re on a shirt. But cargo pants are very trendy.

Wit & Wisdom Cargo Pants

#7. Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi skirts are here to dominate the year. Maxi denim skirts are trending; I’m not sure about this look. I never say never, but this one will have to grow on me.

Good American Denim Skirt

#7. Cobalt Blue

This punchy blue hue will take center stage in 2023. You’ll find it across everything from dresses to jackets, skirts, and even boots. This color pairs well with Viva Magenta, the Pantone color of the year.

Cobalt Blue Midi Dress

8. Low Rise Denim

It’s official, the low rise waist is back in fashion. With everything from jeans to suiting, shorts to evening skirts, low rise waists are showing up. It seems the high-rise may be taking a back seat in 2023.

Low Rise Jeans

What do you think about the trends for 2023?

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Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. You are lovely! Thank you for this blessed ministry! I love the black blouse today with the sheer, polka dotted, long sleeve. I know it was an example, but I would like to purchase one. Where may I find it? Hugs and Blessings! Reta

  2. Your Beauty for the Heart was just for me this morning! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
    As for the trends, I love the sheer sleeve blouse, but I am totally over low-rise jeans. Mid-rise (10-11” and no more) are my sweet spot.

    1. I couldn’t have needed that Beauty for the Heart more this morning!

      I’m with you, the maxi denim skirt looks uncomfortable, but fashion always pushes that comfortable boundary! I’m all about the cargo pants having toddlers. I’ll take all the storage I can get haha

  3. The only one I liked is the preppy/traditional look. The others are not for me…just not very appealing and some not flattering. Oh well.

  4. I have a couple blouses with sheer sleeves that I love that came from Loft I think. I love them because of the changeable weather in MS. I can get air thru the sleeves on 69 degree days. Royal blue & cobalt blue are some of my favorite since fair and blue-eyed , right up there on my cool list of colors. Hope I can find something that color. Maxi dresses are another favorite in July when it really gets hot and jeans stick to you. I’m working on my arms with strength training which I am doing for bone density & muscle also. I go to group classes so I am enjoying . Low rise is no surprise and I didn’t throw any jeans away, ha! Cargo I have in dark green from J Jill that I can wear too but will probably buy another pair also. Love cargo. Those are the ones that appeal to me. I don’t do flats or large purses since petite. Thanks for posting these so we know what is going on for 2023 in terms of fashion in and outs.

  5. Cobalt blue is my favorite color, so I already have it in my closet, but will be glad to purchase more. The only thing I would rule out for sure is low rise anything! Thank you for this post. I love to see what is trending!

  6. I love the sheer trend & the return of Cobalt Blue! Not thrilled about low rise. Mid-rise is the happy middle ground. As a petite woman I’m ready to say “so long” to high rises! Loved the Beauty for the Heart today! Thanks for all you do!💕

  7. Love pointed toe shoes…yippee
    Cobalt blue…gorgeous
    Sheer sleeves…yes ma’am
    Low rise…no thanks…bring back mid-rise for mid-life. LOL (oooo, that’s going to be a title for a post)
    Okay, the maxi denim skirt really takes me back to college. Long denim and khaki skirts were all the rage…not sure how I feel about them now. HA!
    Happy Monday friend! XO

  8. Ah no to the low rise! I’ll stick to mid rise and high waist… I hope the crop tops will be on the way out if the low rise jeans are coming in🤷‍♀️
    Love that cobalt blue! Looking forward to seeing spring fashion

    1. You would think, but I’ve read they will wear crop tops with low rise and show their belly. Of course, you won’t see me sharing that style!

  9. I like the Cobalt Blue and Preppy Tailored, as well as the pointy toe shoe.
    I don’t like Jean skirts and being that long and tight looks restrictive.
    Leather tops and bottoms fall into that uncomfortable category, too.
    I’ve never carried large totes. I have no need for something that big. I have some structured purses in my closet but I think I’ll stick to my crossbody bags. They are so convenient being hands free.
    Sheer on a sleeve on a blouse or dress is nice. Why does fashion take everything to extremes?
    I never liked low rise and am surprised it’s coming back into vogue. They feel like they’re falling off me. I prefer mid to high rise. I’ll be sitting this one out.

  10. Did you mean to mention your Feb. giveaway cross necklace with Jan. Headline and Jan. Link to the hairdryer? Thought you might want to know. :). I feel like most these 2023 styles have already been tending. Will be interesting to see how they play out more.

  11. I love cobalt blue. The preppy and sheer looks are fun. Huge NO to the low rise trend for me. I’ll keep wearing my mid and high rise.

  12. Well, I wish I could get excited about some of the new trends.

    At 5’4” I won’t be carrying a large purse or long skirts. I might wear a mid rise denim but no low rise please. Not a fan of pointed shoes. I liked the black sweater with shear sleeves and would like to know where you purchased. I love cobalt blue and will add some more pieces to my closet.

    It will be interesting to see what styles you actually wear.

  13. I love pointy toed shoes, Mid-rise jeans are best for my body type, and I have sure enjoyed the minimalist styles, I can do bigger jewelry but not gaudy! LOL! Cobalt blue is ok…. I do really like the preppy styles, however, I have found for me, button down shirts just don’t work, sadly, because i love them on other people! (That sweater though is awesome!)
    Thanks for the heads up Cyndi!!


  14. I have the CeCe clip dot sweater in alpine green. It’s flattering on and a great weight that you can wear into spring! I need to get another color.

  15. I have a couple of blouses with sheer sleeves and a lot of pointed toe shoes and boots. I’ll wear my midi jean skirt with a front slit. I bought a stripe sweater at Kohl’s on clearance. I don’t mind horizontal stripes if they are small. Never will wear low rise again. For one thing I don’t want my legs to look shorter. I have learned that I need and feel best in high rise or at least at the waist. Even mid rise is too low for me. I think it’s different for every woman depending on body type. I will wear a trend if I like it.

    One trend you didn’t mention is wide leg pants and jeans. I keep seeing them every where. I ordered some wide leg petite jeans from Loft. Hopefully they will fit. I wish I kept the ones I had before skinny jeans.

  16. I love the trends except for the low rise jeans. I’ll have to work on that. Great find w the see-thru dot sleeve sweater!

  17. I am loving the sheer sleeves on tops this season. I have bought several. They are cooler under suit jackets too. What brand are the jeans you are wearing with the black top?

  18. I’m so happy to know that for another year I will be able to find maxi skirts & dresses!!! I would love to see examples of the new, thick, more outstanding jewelry trends for 2023!!!

  19. I love your 80/20 rule. Keeps you in style and trendy but not like a teenager or 20 year old. I would love to see some information on this and what would be in your 80%.

  20. No to low rise! Love sheer sleeves, I have a couple of those. Cobalt is a beautiful color, I love to wear. I like a maxi dress, but not in denim. I’d like to find some olive green pants, not sure about cargos. I’d have to try them on. I’m over the big purses. I just put a lot of stuff I don’t need and it gets heavy. Thanks, Cyndi

  21. Hit and Miss with these styles. A definite big NO to low rise jeans ever again. Love the sheer sleeves and pointy toe shoes if I can get a pair that does not squeeze my toes. No to leather unless it is a jacket and no to jeans long skirt. Love the purse. I would love to see some jewelry that you mentioned would be on trend.

  22. Those long, denim skirts do not look good on any body type. Not a fan of the maxi skirts/dresses but the denim is a hard no for me. 🤦‍♀️

  23. I love anything tailored and haven’t changed that up – even when over size was big! I just bought a long denim skirt from Anthropologie and I love it! Love the flare hippie look jeans and chunky jewellery and can’t wait to incorporate it in my wardrobe. There’s a ton of things I can’t wait to say bye to: front tuck, big felt hats, hoodies/joggers – anything that reminds me of the past 2 years in lockdown.:)

  24. I really like the sheer-sleeve blouse and may have to get it. However, I’m sad about low-waisted jeans making a come back, but thanks for the warning. I’d better stock up on high-waisted jeans while they’re still around! I don’t like having to pull up my jeans or worrying about what is showing if I lean forward while sitting down, like on bleachers. If I get them tight enough to stay up on their own, it creates a muffin top. I’m very glum now.

  25. I can get behind #1, 3 and 4. Almond toe and round tow are more my style, in or out of trend. I find pointy toed shoes uncomfortable and I don’t have a wide foot. The rest is looking like a retrend of a retrend, in my opinion. I’ll be sticking with the colors and styles that look good on me. I tend to wear classic casual styles, so when I do wear a trend, I’m not really doing anything wild. The most wild I get is wearing something with a leopard print once in a while.

    1. Love low rise! It is so much more flattering on me, IMO! Those high rise and ultra high rise just accentuate the lower belly pouch! I have never liked maxi dresses or skirts…not flattering on me. I am an hourglass shape, and these seem to look better on straighter shapes. I love cargo pants too. Thanks for all of your research. I love your Beauty from the heart too.

  26. I’m not sure if you read the comments. This is an old post. Hoping to read the post that came w/the gadget email. ?