How To Use Essential Oils

**Hey sweet ladies!! I absolutely love sharing about these essential oils and how they’ve helped me with my menopause symptoms.

I am getting an enormous amount of emails and many of the questions you are asking are answered in this post or my post on 3 Reasons I Use Essential Oils

Would you mind reading them entirely and if you still have a specific question, I’ll be happy to help!! Thank you all so much! Let’s get healthy together!

This post has been on my heart for quite some time. Since writing the post 3 Reasons I Use Essential Oils, my inbox is constantly full of questions about essential oils.

3-reasons-I-use-essential-oils-for-menopause (2)
Let me tell you that the emails are all so similar! I can not believe how many of us are suffering in silence.

Many, many of you have said, “I have not shared what I’m about to tell you with my gynecologist. I’m just too embarrassed.”

Over and over I get emails from women who are suffering through this season of life and it makes me mad that we are not getting the help that we need.

Many of us are afraid of the medications that are prescribed. The side effects are alarming to say the least.

More than ever women are realizing there are options!

Have you noticed the increase at the number of people who are talking about “clean eating”, organic food, exercising, essential oils, and products free from chemicals, etc.?

That’s because we have realized that for quite a few years, we’ve been putting things in our bodies and on our bodies that are not good for us.

They are hurting more than helping! We as women are ready to start feeling better. It’s not about size and shape, it’s about being healthy and feeling good.

I recently had this posted to my Facebook page from a woman who has started using Young Living essential oils. Here is what she said:

oils 1

Yes, she is right they are potent but the best part is that they do not have side effects that the prescription drugs have. Yay!!

My favorite oil that I use for female issues is ylang ylang. I also use Clary Sage and Progessence plus.

Ylang Ylang

How To Use These Essential Oils:

I have a roller cap on my bottles (a roller cap comes in the Premium Starter Kit and Young Living also sells a bag of 10 which I purchased and use on all my oils) and I roll the oil on the inside of both of my feet at least twice a day. Sometimes I put it on my ovaries, forearms, or inner thighs.

The key is to use the oils regularly! (If you are currently using HRT, you will have to check with your doctor about going off. I’m not a doctor and cannot tell you how to go off of them.)

If you would like to start using Young Living Essential Oils go here to sign up. I highly recommend ordering the Premium Starter Kit and becoming a wholesale member. Then you get all your oils at a 24% discount. 

I would love to have you on this “oily” journey with me!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. HI, Love the pic of you by the rock wall. Is this the famous wall built by slaves over in Bourbon, Co. KY or near the KY Horse park? We will be driving through that Co. next Thursday, heading to my Brother in laws, after a day in Lexington, past the wall. Then we have a spring road trip planned around that part of KY, just to photograph the wall. I love your outfit in this pic!! Spring time here we come!!! 🙂
    I do not use any oils, so I cannot comment this time. Hee hee I am probably going into menopause but I don’t know it, my momma did without knowing it. I have had a hysterectomy, without side affects… so I wear “white” all the time!! But just stopped in to say love your outfit and the rock wall behind you!!

    1. Hey Kerri!! I’m sorry I didn’t answer you about these wall. They are at Shakervillage near Harrodsburg, KY where I live. If you all have never been to Shakervillage, it’s worth the trip!!
      Here’s their website:

  2. Cyndi. I just purchased the Doterra oils right before you shared that you were switching. I was bummed. I’m having so much trouble with the hot flashes and can’t find anything that helps except peppermint oil. the clary sage smells so bad ( at least what I have which is the clary calm) How do you use it and not smell funny? Also how long does it take to work?

    1. Use it on the sides of your feet. Use it everyday, several times a day. You should start to notice some help within a few weeks.

  3. I use doterra as well but I think they are both similar. I have trouble with the smell of ylang ylang! Would love to use it regularly and have it but will it work if I put it on the bottom of my feet? I used vetiver once and it smelled like I had rolled in smoked pork all day. I’m 51 so just entering the wonderful world of menopausal symptoms and although I’m a nurse am very hesitant to use HRT.
    I love all the uses of essential oils but am very smell sensitive so only use the ones with a pleasant smell. I don’t want to offend anyone!

    1. I haven’t smelled DoTerra’s ylang ylang but I love the smell of YL.
      Put the ylang ylang on the side of both of your feet several times a day. I don’t think the smell should bother you there.
      Hope that helps!!

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    Thank you for sharing this great post and I’ve been on HRT for a couple of years now but recently my Doctor told me she could no longer write the prescriptions due to insurance changes. So I now have a couple of months to decide what to do. I’m really worried because I remembered how I suffered before and I also have to take medication to manage anxiety and hypothyroidism
    I’ve been looking for a natural remedy and will certainty consider these oils.

    1. Gloria endoflex essential oil is supposed to work great for thyroid problems. Many women use it on their neck daily.
      Just a thought!

  5. You are the first person that has explained essential oils to me step by step in a clear way (and step by step how to order, thank you). Placing my first order today. I still have a lot to learn how to use these, but I have heard many positive reviews.

  6. I had a complete hysterectomy while on my 20s and have been on Premarin for 20 years. It has worked wonderfully well for me. I have seen several different homeopathic remedies promoted by home distributors for menopausal symptoms during the past two decades. The latest is essential oils. I have never tried any of these alternative remedies and frankly I am much more scared of taking a “prescription grade” product that is not regulated by the FDA and is sold by people with no medical or pharmacology training.

    1. Mary I have said many times, we each have to do what is best for us. I’m so thankful that Premarin has worked for you. That’s a blessing!
      But many of us are scared of the side effects because of the high cancer rate in our families.
      These oils have no side effects and have been around a long time (they’re in the Bible) and it’s a choice for some women.

      1. Hi Cyndi
        Do you have anyone that’s had complete hysterectomy and used the progression plus? I’ve just started using it, along with my estradiol patch and I feel great, but I feel my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Could this be the oil?

  7. Hey Cyndi – I signed up through your codes and ordered Ningxia Red this week. Do I need to do anything else to become a part of your “oily” group?

  8. I am definitely interested in something that would help with my hot flashes. I have been experiencing these for almost 9 years now. Now that I am menopausal, now 2 years since last (.), I am interested in finding something other than HRT. My sister went through endometreal cancer that traveled to the ovaries, and because of that I don’t want anything with any hormones in them. Can you please email me more info on what you would suggest for me? I definitely could use help in those other menopausal related symptoms as well.

  9. Cyndi,
    I ordered several of your reccomendations and love the “Tranquil” oil. It truly has been helping me sleep better. I also ordered the Clary Sage, but am not sure how to use it. What do you suggest? The label says to put it in a capsule. Is there another way to use it? I would really like to get these hot flashes under control!!!!! Thanks for being such a blessing each day to me.

  10. Mom and I have learned with oils to use and not use. After her breast cancer, she learned that the HRT fed the cancer to speed its progression, and I will never be able to use them because of my risk for developing cancer. We have used Progessence Plus since the summer, and it’s amazing what a difference we notice. I can’t wait to get ylang ylang this month to see it in action.
    I do have to recommend Dragon Time! It can be a strong smelling oil because of the fennel, but if you suffer from extreme cramps, this stuff is amazing!

  11. Hi Cyndi – My 32 year old daughter just began selling the Young Living essential oils. She has no experience/knowledge on using the oils for menopause. I just made a purchase of the Progessence Plus. I have been scouring your menopause information on the oils and I saw that you recommend Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. Do you mix the two of them together and apply at least twice daily with a roller ball or do you apply them separately? Have you noticed any changes since you started using the Progessence Plus a few weeks ago? You are such a wealth of information!!!!! PLEASE keep posting any updated information you care to share on menopause. Thank YOU! You are a serious lifesaver??

    1. Hi Kim! I will keep posting about living oils, they are such an important part of my life now! Have you checked out my Pinterest boards? I am always pinning up tons of info on there about oils and uses!


  12. Just started learning about Endoflex & Progessence Plus for helping to balance hormones. Thanks for your posts that are answering many of the questions that I’ve had. What is your email? Want to continue learning how to help myself & others with similar issues about menopause & beyond.
    Thanks Doris

  13. Hi Cyndi, I am a YL member for 18 months or so. I LOVE their oils. I am pre-menopausal, I actually have missed a cycle or two over the last 6-8 months. Hot flashes are minimal, thank goodness! However, for the 2nd time in my life the doc has found a fibroid. First in 2011, prior to oils, I went back on BCPs. Horrible…it took 9 months to get it regulated and a long time before it was gone. I stopped BCPs last May, and in September, doc found a very small fibroid. YL recommends Frankincense or Helichrysum, but I am interested in finding out more on the balancing hormones that could potentially help with the fibroid. I don’t want a hysterectomy, and certainly do not want to go back on some type of hormone therapy. I have Sclaressence and Ylang Ylang (and many others but no clary sage). The ylang ylang helps with my anxiety, but not sure how or if to use the Sclaressence.

  14. Hi I just purchased the endoflex for hot flames and night sweats. I’m A 45 year old female who has missed two periods but believe I’m going through peri menopause
    Should this help me? How long till I see a difference?
    Thanks ,