Day 21 Spring Fashion: How to Wear Olive Pants in the Spring

Happy Monday! We had a busy weekend, but I’m ready to start a new week. It’s hard to believe this is the last Monday in March.

Last week, I shared an outfit with olive pants from J. Crew. Many of you said you have a hard time knowing what to wear with olive pants.

So today, I’m sharing How To Wear Olive Pants in the Spring. I love the relaxed fit of these pants, and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them this spring and summer.

How to Wear Olive Pants in the Spring

1. Pair with an Ivory Top.

First, I’m wearing the pants with an ivory knot sleeve t-shirt. I love this neutral outfit.

This t-shirt has knot sleeves, which is a cute detail.

Of course, with spring weather, I always have my denim jacket with me.

Knot Sleeve T-Shirt (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//Boyfriend Chino Pant (TTS, I’m wearing a size 27)//Madewell Earrings//Chain Bracelet//Multi-color Bracelets//Steve Madden Heel (TTS)//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a size 00)

2. Pair with a pink tank.

Next, I paired the olive pants with a pink v-neck tank. I love mixing pink and olive.

Ruffle-Trim V-Neck Tank (TTS, I’m wearing an XS)//Boyfriend Chino Pant (TTS, I’m wearing a size 27)//Square Toe Heels (TTS)//Earrings

3. Pair with a black blouse.

Olive pants look great with black, and this pretty blouse from Gibson is perfect for a workwear option.

Button Front Blouse (TTS, I’m wearing an XS)//Boyfriend Chino Pant (TTS, I’m wearing a size 27)//Madewell Mule (TTS)//Earrings

4. Pair with a casual t-shirt.

For a casual look, I’m wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with sneakers.

Vintage T-shirt (I’m wearing a small)//Boyfriend Chino Pant (TTS, I’m wearing a size 27)//Sneakers//Denim Jacket(I’m wearing 00)//Earrings

5. Pair with a pink tank.

Lastly, I have a navy blue blouse. This is also a great workwear blouse.

Lark & Ro Women’s Long Sleeve Blouse//Boyfriend Chino Pant (TTS, I’m wearing a size 27)//Dolce Vita Sandal (Order 1/2 size up)//Earrings

Now, head to Jo-Lynne Shane and see what she’s styling for our 23 Day of Spring Fashion!

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After nearly a year of navigating a global pandemic, lockdowns, border closures, economic upheaval, political, cultural and church divisiveness and  polarization, this is where I find myself landing:

I do not believe in Jesus, I live in Jesus.
In this polarized war over what is truth, what is reality, what is identity, what is Christianity, what is evangelicalism, what is wrong, what is right, what is left, all I’ve got is this:

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  1. Happy Monday and thanks for the inspiration on how to wear olive pants. I have two pair and both are a bit snug so may need to invest in another pair as they are a good alternative to jeans in the spring.
    Also enjoyed reading the BFTH today.

  2. Great looks and I can shop my closet to style a few! Thanks for the inspiration to wear mine more! Happy Monday 🌸

    1. Cyndi, I truly appreciate it when you show us different ways an item can be worn since It stretches my wardrobe a bit more. Your beauty from the Heart is perfect for me today as well. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Just wondering how you find the pockets on the pants – your hands are in the pockets for most pics but when you don’t they don’t look like they sit properly – a lot of puckering…reviews are pretty good for them. Wondering if a different size would make them lay flatter or would that throw off the rest of the measurements. Don’t want to add bulk on that area due to three children lol…

    1. Jessie I think it’s the pictures. I’m posing and I had my hands in my pockets. I don’t think if I’m wearing them, people would notice the puckering.

  4. Beautiful message in BFTH! I appreciate all the different looks with the olive pants- it gave me some ideas to try.

  5. Love these combos and those pants look fantastic on you!
    Thanks for the ideas!

    Great BFTH…. yes! I want to always LIVE in Jesus, deeply, not from the surface!


  6. Olive is a surprisingly good color for Spring. I especially like the black (or is it charcoal?) blouse outfit.

  7. Well said in your Beauty for the heart column. It sometimes is just exhausting trying to keep up with all the news, trying to do things to protect others and keep you safe, while trying to get back to living a some what normal life. Love your columns and your take on like as we know it! Have a great day, and keep safe

  8. Perfect timing for me with this post! Just got a super cute pair of girlfriend olive pants from Gap Factory. Love it with the pink!

  9. I have two pair of olive pants and had limited ideas what to wear with them. You gave me so many great ideas to shop my own closet so I don’t need to spend a dime to come up with some great new outfits!! Also, thanks for reminding me about my Jean jackets! I have blue, khaki and black denim jackets that have been just fitting in my closet. They are perfect spring jackets and I am now wearing them with everything like I did in the old days!! Thanks!

  10. Thank for the ideas, but I know I will still struggle with my Olive pants. 🙂 When I see them and try to style them, I see Fall, not Spring. Its the shoes that I have hard time with. Its not warm enough for the neutral sandals you styled. I just order some rattan mules I saw online at Nordstrom Rack. Hoping they wlll be that good transition neutral shoe for me. I’m still waiting for the closed toe high heel mules you styled the other day too and ordered those jeans you styled with them also. Hope they fit. I love the herringbone pink blazer you styled and I’ve already worn it and its been great for the cooler transition days we are having. Thanks for all your great recommendations. Not sure if my husband would thank you. Ha Ha

  11. PS Are the olive pants you are wearing low waisted? I have trouble with the chico style pants, as they tend to lay so low and the pockets stick out on me. If I got size bigger they are too baggy.

  12. I love these pants, but I can’t figure out what size I would wear. I only buy pants that come in sizes like 10 or 12. Also, I have really short legs, HELP!

  13. Thank you Cyndi both for the scripture and the cute stylizing today for spring. So ready for it! I also love trying to figure out where your photo shoot is every time. Our son just graduated from UK last Spring and we loved Lexington, we are in Chicago. Love seeing the city and your beautiful outfit inspirations. Thank you for bringing joy and beauty every day! Happy Easter!

  14. I am so glad I finished reading your statement above. I was concerned at first because you said you do not believe in Jesus. I didn’t want to judge too hard but I couldn’t support someone who stated out right their non belief in our Lord. Thank goodness I kept reading. You live in Jesus and I can relate and stand by you. God bless you and your work to help women figure their style . Thank you again