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How To Wear Straight Leg Jeans

In case you haven’t heard, there are some new jeans in town, and while skinny jeans are not entirely out of style, I’m starting to embrace the newer styles.

Most of the jeans I see are flare, bootcut, and straight leg jeans. I have some flare jeans, but I haven’t worn the bootcut yet (I’m in the process of finding some I like).

My favorite style so far has been the straight leg jean. Maybe because it’s closest to the skinny jean, I don’t know, but this style of jean is versatile and comfortable.

Get the right fit with straight leg jeans:

Fit with jeans varies from person to person, but a pair of jeans that fits you well is always key. I have found certain brands that fit me well, such as Wit & Wisdom and Kut from the Kloth, and will purchase those brands in different styles.

Here are some things to look at when buying straight leg jeans:

The length of the jeans: Straight leg jeans usually hit around your ankle bone. Avoid TOO short because they’ll hit a wider part of your leg and look like capri pants.

Should they be snug or loose on your legs? The fit is a personal preference, but I don’t like too slouchy of a look, I prefer a slimmer straight leg jean.

How To Wear Straight Leg Jeans

One of the reasons I like straight leg jeans is that you can pretty much wear any style of shoe.

1. Sneakers

It’s easy to grab a pair of sneakers and wear them with your favorite straight leg jean.

T-shirt (small) • Evereve Straight Leg Jean (28) • Sneakers (I sized up 1/2 size) • Earrings

2. Booties

I have mentioned this before, but the higher shaft booties are trending since our jeans are shorter. I love a bootie with my straight leg jeans.

Blazer (4) • Tank (Small) • Evereve Straight Leg Jean (28) • Booties (I sized up 1/2 size) • Earrings

3. Loafers/Mules

Loafers and mules look great with straight leg jeans, especially in early fall when the weather is still warm. Once it gets cold, I’ve got to cover my ankles!

Elbow Sleeve Sweater (small) • Evereve Straight Leg Jean (28) • Loafers (TTS) • Earrings

What do you think about the denim trends? Which style is your favorite, wide leg, bootcut, or straight leg?


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  1. Hi. You look amazing!!! Love your hair. Mine is now reaching my bottom. LoL
    I have worn boot cut once and loved it but i didn’t wear it enough to have more then one pair. I’m partial to the straight legged jeans and the skinny. After losing 36 pounds I’m loving fitting into and trying all kinds of different styles of clothes but my taste has started generally the same. Not much on long blouses or baby doll style top’s and my jean favs are straight legged and skinny and on some occasions the boot cut with my new cowgirl boots for the fall.

  2. I like the straight leg jeans but I’m not sure about them hitting at the ankle. It looks cute on you but on me, I feel like it would just look like my pants are too short. Lol!!

  3. I think straight leg are good but I fine them hard to get the right length and usually have to cuff under or up. They are suppose to be good on petites but the cropped flare are still my favorites and the itty bitty boot cut by Democracy that have a tiny skinny flare that make my legs look miles long. Wide leg I feel like too much fabric although my petite friend loves them but I feel like I’m drowning in fabric plus you have to wear a very high heel so they don’t drag the ground. So straight and flares are my favorite! Your hair still looks great today!

    1. Bonniee, Thanks for the tip. I went to the Democracy website and ordered a pair of the Itty Bitty Boot Cut jeans. I think they are just what I have been looking for. I don’t like too wide of a boot cut. I am still weaning myself off of the skinny jeans 🙂 Also, I hope it makes my short legs look miles long, too!

      1. So glad to help you out, Jodie! Democracy are some of my favorites and they come in petite sizes also. You will love the itty bitty boot cut . I have short legs too and they really stretch your legs to make them look longer. Enjoy your new jeans!

  4. I’m challenged as far as wearing straight ankle jeans in cold weather. I want my ankles covered or I am cold, and don’t currently have booties that fit under the hem of my jeans. I’ve seen many sock booties, but most have heels that are too high. Heels need to be 2″ or less. However, I’m thrilled that bootcut are back. No problem wearing my booties and they visually lengthen my 5’2″ frame.

  5. I love boot cut jeans. At 5’4” they have always made my legs look longer which I need. No baggy jeans for me. Haven’t found the right pair of straight leg jeans yet. Would love some more brand suggestions.

    Love the bangs. I do think as we get old it adds a more youthful look.

  6. Hi Cyndi,
    Just want to say I like your bangs. I would probably have them if I didn’t have curly hair!
    I think I’m liking the bootcut this year. I also like the flare as long as they are not to wide. I’m in my 60’s and the wide leg just bring me back to high school, which I’d rather stay away from.🤣

  7. I am straight leg fan between the 3, since I’m one who am still having hard time giving up my skinnies, the not so skinny ones. 🙂 I find the new jeans hard to pair with booties. I’m also having a hard time finding the right length and rise to work, all in one jean. I’m shorter than you and I can’t wear too high a rise. I too like the Wit and Wisdom and still love one pair you recommended a year ago. Trying to find more that aren’t distressed. I’d really like a darker pair with a hem for nicer. Our church is casual, so I wear nice jeans to church in the Winter too. I have 1 Kut from the Kloth, but they are too skinny and want to try more new styles. I just need to go in-store, as online is not working and I send so many back. LOVE you bangs.

  8. I know you posted info about your hair color, but I cant find it…would you please post again, and is it layered?

  9. I switched from skinny to straight leg and love them. That is all I have in my closet, both slightly cropped and full length. You are right about footwear. I’ve work sneakers and sandals and booties and they all works. I’ve yet to find the perfect bootcut that flatters from behind but I will. I don’t like distressing and want dark wash for winter so it is harder to find the perfect pair. Skinnies look so passé to me now but I realize they are the best choice for wearing winter boots.

  10. My favorite are straight leg jeans. They have always made my short legs look longer. I like a slim straight leg that hits at the ankle so I don’t have to worry about the shoe. I never did like tight skinny jeans. They made my hips look wider and my lower legs skinnier. I also like high rise. I am going to have to stock up on high rise since I read lower rise aka muffin top jeans are coming back. I’m on the fence on bootcut and flare because of my age. I like how you styled your jeans.

  11. I’m a skinny jean gal at heart but I’m embracing the slim straight and straight look! I may get a cropped flare but I usually need petite for my height as most are still too long! I like the jeans to hit just at my ankle or above! I’m on the search for a higher shaft bootie once it’s too cold for mules although I’ll continue to wear my fashion sneakers like you’ve styled until snow comes or cold weather!

  12. My favorite is the skinny jean, but I don’t mind the straight leg if it’s fitted instead of baggy. It’s funny how what goes around , comes around again. Boot cut and flares were popular when I was in high school from 1968-71. 😂

  13. My favorite jean is the skinny jean. I don’t mind straight leg jeans if they aren’t baggy. Boot cut, flares and wide leg were popular when I was in high school in 1968-1971 . So fun to watch trends come and go and come back again.

  14. Not really a jeans fan. They aren’t comfortable and since I’m thick in the middle and do not have a rear end they are always baggy in the pelvis/upper thigh area. But have been known to buy them rarely, but they have to have some spandex in them. I like more skinny leg; flared just don’t work for me. Skinny legs and then the aforementioned middle thickness…well they just look bad.
    Wish there were more “middle of the road” pants outfits posts that I could use for work. Business casual, closed toed shoes, no height because on feet walking all day…IT/Medical here