Invest in Your Comfort: Soma’s Famous $29 Bra Sale

This post is sponsored by Soma.

I’m excited to let you all know that Soma’s Famous $29 Bra Sale starts today and runs from 3/8 to 3/11. Soma has comfortable bras, pajamas, panties, and more that fit women of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a great time to shop at Soma, as they have 5 for $29 EEC (Embraceable®, Enbliss®, and Cotton) Panties, and they have free shipping and returns on bras!

Soma has new styles, such as the Soma’s new Lightly Lined bra, and they also have new colors. Soma makes it easy to find the right bra fit by following these easy steps.

Today, I’m sharing the Lightly Lined Plunge Bra and the Embraceable® Perfect Coverage Bra.

The Lightly Lined Plunge Bra can be worn with V-neck tops and dresses. With this bra style, you don’t have to worry about your bra showing.

A great-fitting bra makes all the difference in how your blouses look and feel.

Lightly Lined Plunge Bra (36C) | Long Sleeve Ruffle Front Blouse (small) | Waistband Trouser (4) | Multi Strap Heels (TTS) | 

The Lightly Lined Plunge Bra (warm amber color) provides a subtle lift and is ideal for V-neck blouses.

Lightly Lined Plunge Bra (36C)

The Embraceable® Perfect Coverage Bra (warm amber color) provides a seamless silhouette, making it a great choice for everyday wear and t-shirts.

Embraceable® Perfect Coverage Bra (36C)

If you’re looking for the perfect bra, check out Soma’s Ultimate Bra Menu. They have every style of bra you’ll need!

Soma’s Bra Sale is running through March 11th, but be sure to shop early to avoid missing out on your size. They also have free shipping and returns on bras!

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  1. Cyndi,

    Can you please share information on the blouse you are wearing?
    I must have missed it if it was posted in a previous post.
    Thank you!

  2. Cyndi,

    Nice post today. Love your outfit!!!

    Enjoy the day with your family–sounds like you have some nice plans!!

  3. I love that blouse and was trying to place where I had seen it! It was hanging in a dressingroom when I was trying on Pedi crops at our WHBM. I thought I might try it on but didn’t ……….just ordered the petite in pedi crops in white for Spring while I was there. I wanted some last year but my size kept selling out so went early this year. I am always hesitant about buying long sleeves in the Spring and rather buy a Spring jacket because all of a sudden in the South it gets hot (usually the start of May) and never turns cool again till Fall. The blouse looks beautiful on you!

    1. Love your outfit. Wanted to order the jeans but out of the sizes in “short.” The blouse is so pretty. Have a great weekevd with your family. Sounds fun. PS I know you and Jo-Lynne have a trip together. Maybe you could talk about doing a Summer or Fall series together like you use to? Those were fun.

  4. I have a question that is totally unrelated to your post today. I am currently participating in Adore Your Wardrobe and my body type is a pear. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your body type?

  5. Hi there., Love the Soma product line. Best bras including the Embliss Wireless bra! Great panties and cool nights sleepwear. Thanks for sharing this.