It’s Winter Coat Season!

Happy hump day, ladies! I think most of us are experiencing some pretty cold weather. The temperature here is 13 degrees! I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about winter coats since it seems like we’re going to need them sooner rather than later.

This year I read that when it comes to coats, it’s go big or go home. Basically, longer coats are on trend for the winter season. The longer, the better. Also, plaid is popular, and capes are also trending. Of course, if it’s really cold, a cape isn’t the best option.

Another trend are the teddy bear style coats. I styled this one from Sole Society last year, and they have brought it back this year.  I wore it yesterday when I went shopping. It’s warm and so comfortable. (This picture is from last year so the other items I’m wearing are sold out.)

It's Winter Coat Season!

Sole Society Coat (one size)

Here is another teddy bear coat from Target.

It's Winter Coat Season!

Teddy Bear Coat (I’m wearing an XS)

I recently styled this puffer coat from Lord and Taylor. Puffer coats are always a great option in cold weather.

It's Winter Coat Season!

Puffer Coat (I’m wearing a small)//Cashmere Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Sorel Booties (I ordered 1/2 size up. These are excluded from the Harvest promotion.)//Denim Lab Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)

If you like a more classic look, JCPenney has you covered. This is such a pretty red coat, perfect for the holidays.

It's Winter Coat Season!

Striped Sweater (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Block Heel (TTS)//Lightweight Coat (I’m wearing a small)//Crossbody Bag//Earrings

This Liz Claiborne coat is another great option if you like a more classic look.

It's Winter Coat Season!

Liz Claiborne Coat (I’m wearing a small)

There are so many cute options for the winter season!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Luke 7:47 (MSG) says, She was forgiven many, many sins, and so she is very, very grateful. If the forgiveness is minimal, the gratitude is minimal.

Maybe you think you’ve committed the one sin, that God can’t forgive. You haven’t. We’re all guilty, we’ve all felt shame but Christ can and will forgive us. He loves us, and he wants us to be free.

Free from the penalty of sin (Romans 6:23) and free from guilt. My prayer for you today is you will walk in freedom and share His love and grace with those around you.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love your style. I didn’t realize that you are also a Christian which makes it even better! I am 58 years young and have been searching for years for a look that ‘fits me’. You are a beautify lady inside and out!

    1. Where I live in Canada our coats we wear can change by the minute lol..
      Love these options… the really long coats won’t be for me as I’m 5’3 and would disappear… have a great trip with Jo Lynne:) safe travels

  2. It’s cold here in Texas too. Love some of the coats, but not the teddy bear ones. They look like carpet. Also, when you posted about the L&T cashmere sweater 50% off sale, I immediately bought 4. They are so pretty and the colors are so rich and fabulous, but they are way too itchy. If you have the exact style t-shirt to wear underneath, they would probably be ok. I hate sending them back.

  3. It’s cold in Knoxville, TN too! I bought a longer North Face slim puffer coat at the end of the season last year and I love it! While it’s not dressy, it’s not the super casual puffer either. I can make it work for dress or casual. As I’ve gotten older, when it’s cold I want my “backside” covered unless it’s just mildly cold and then a jacket type is okay. Being petite I tried one of the teddy bear coats and I felt like I looked ridiculous – my daughter and I had a good laugh with that one.
    Have fun in Nashville!

  4. I love all of these coats. I sort of wish I lived in a more chilly area, I live in south Texas, so I could wear them I love when I can put on a coat and wear it for 5 minutes while I go from house to car to a building haha. Very seldom stay out in the cold for much longer than that. But they are soooo cute and do make a super winter outfit. Have fun with Jo Lynn – I can only imagine how great you all are together!!

  5. I really needed to hear that bible verse today. I have been unable to forgive myself for a long time. I usually just read the fashion part of your posts, but for some reason today I scrolled down. Thank you.

  6. I enjoy your blog and I have copied so many of your cute ideas! You always style the cutest shoes and booties. Any ideas for practical stylish winter boots. I’m from Arizona but my daughter lives back East. It’s snowing brrr! We are still wearing sandals in AZ lol. I’m looking for some stylish and practical winter boots. Thank you for all your hard work!