June Stitch Fix Review

I can’t remember when I did my last Stitch Fix review but several of you asked about my pink cardigan I shared on Friday. It came from my latest fix and so I thought I’d share what I received in my June box.

June Stitch Fix Review

I also know some of  you aren’t interested in using the service but sometimes it’s nice to see what they send and if you’re out shopping you might find something similar at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I do this all the time with other bloggers.

So here’s what I received in my box:

41Hawthorn Bryan Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan-The 41Hawthorn brand is one of my favorites from Stitch fix and I believe it’s exclusive to them. You can’t find this brand in the stores. I loved the color so this one was a keeper!

June Stitch Fix Review
Liverpool Ankle Length colored Skinny Jean-I’ve worked with this company before and I love their jeans. Again, I loved the color and these were a keeper!

June Stitch Fix Review
Tart Juliano Chevron Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top-I loved the material, it was soft and it wouldn’t wrinkle but t was too big and did nothing for me so this one got sent back.

June Stitch Fix Review

Renee C Cheli Striped Maxi Dress-I wanted to like this one! But when I tried it on, I wasn’t crazy about it. I think if it were longer, I might have kept it but this one went back.

June Stitch Fix Review

Papermoon Corbin Tie-Waist Chebron Print Hi-Lo Top-I love this one! I love the bright color and I love that it is a hi-lo top. This one I kept!

June Stitch Fix Review

Overall, I liked what they sent me. I don’t expect all of it to work but if I get a couple of cute pieces, I’m happy.

What did you think about my fix? Did you like what I kept?

Beauty for the Heart~~For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.” Matthew 12:34b (NLV) This verse reminds me that what I say, and how I speak reveals what’s in my heart!  I want my words to be words that reflect the fruit of the spirit. What kind of words come out of your mouth?

Have a blessed day!

***There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for posting “pinable” pics!! In some of the customer reviews, I’ll see something I love, but can’t pin it, at least I can’t figure out how. Maybe one day the computer and I will be friends!!
    love your posts!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Great June picks! I am anxiously waiting for Stitch Fix to do plus sizes and then I will join! Love the high/low chevron top and the colored jeans…super cute 🙂 . You have great style…happy Monday.

  3. Do you get the stitch fix monthly? I just got my fix and for the first time, I kept everything. In the past I have only kept one thing. It is so fun.

  4. Oopps meant to add, I tried a peplum top for the first time on my blog today.. Sometimes it takes awhile to embrace a trend… at least when you are in your late 40’s and going through menopausal changes…

  5. My favorite posts you do are when you show how you wear your clothes….I would love it if every month you shared your stitch fix…..because it shows us how to wear things and how to mix and match. I absolutely LOVE the chevron shirt……those jeans look great on you. I actually liked the maxi even though it was short….I am seeing people wear them all different kinds of lengths. I think the color was great on you! Who is your stylist with Stitch fix? She does a GREAT job!!!

  6. I know you have told us before where those low wedges came from….sorry to ask again? Where did they come from?

  7. I just got my Fix box also. I got the same cardigan, but mine was white. I sent it back. I think I would have liked the pink better. Actually, I sent everything except the necklace back. I’ve recently lost some weight and several of the items were too big. I updated my profile, so hopefully next month will fit better. I love StitchFix though. So much fun to get he box and see what’s inside. I agree on the maxi dress. It was too short on you. Do you know if you always get the same stylist or does that change from fix to fix?

  8. I love your Stitch Fix items! I would have kept the exact same ones. Can I ask the name of your stylist? I usually only keep one of my five items, not sure why it’s not working as well as I’d like. Although, my husband would say that one out of five is just fine:)

  9. My favorite posts you do are when you show how you wear your clothes….I would love it if every month you shared your stitch fix-so agree with this so I just copied and pasted. the twisted shoulder top you sent back looked great. liked the length and the colors and the attractive “sleeves” thank you

  10. I thought the Tart Juliano Chevron Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top looked really nice on you. I thought it was very sliming. Oh we’ll everyone is different. Keep on posting your stitch fix box pictures. I try to find similar items when I’m out shopping. I’m waiting for stitch fix to start carrying plus size fashions.

  11. I think you get the best Fixes! I actually got mine today and am anxious to try it all on! I asked for the chevron maxi you styled and I got it! I hope I love it as much on me as I did on you! Happy Monday! Susan

  12. Love your June Fix. I think the Tart chevron top looked stunning on you! With the jeans and shoes you styled it with, I thought that Tart top was fab! I also loved the maxi on you. We all like different things. That’s part if the fun . I’d love to see your fix every month. It is one of my favorite posts. It’s better than the cards Stitch Fix sends because you get to see the clothes on a body. :). Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Becky I do get it once a month. I have quite a bit of credit since I’ve been sharing it on my blog for several years.
    I rarely keep all 5 pieces but I’m okay with that.

  14. I liked the shirt too but it felt too big. It didn’t look that way in the picture but it did in person.
    I will keep sharing my Stitch fix box!

  15. Nancy, I think it changes at times. I had Margaret for quite a while but if you get a stylist you like then I would request her. The last few I’ve had Layla and she’s done great!

  16. Love that you shared your Stitch Fix box. I’ve had several fixes with hits and misses, part of the adventure. My last one was a complete miss but still trying!
    How or where can you request a specific stylist?
    Thank you!!

  17. Love the chevron top, I pinned this and received it yesterday! Yea!!! I am loving stitch fix, thanks for your “pinnable” pics, I love your site!