Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Happy Tuesday!! I am on my way to a blogger event here in Florida so I have to be short today but I wanted to share the Kate Spade 75% off sale going on right now.

I know many of you love leather handbags and this is the time to purchase one. I hate to even mention the word Christmas but if you have someone who loves handbags, this would be a good time to purchase their Christmas gift.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

I cant believe how good the price is on these handbags and wallets.

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Some of you asked me about Instastories. You didn’t know what they were and where to find them. Here is a screen shot of my Instagram page. See all those little circles at the top with pictures. You click those and you will see the Instastories. I love them!! I share a lot of behind the scenes if you’re interested.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my favorite people to follow on Instastories (wink).

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Beauty For the Heart~~

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Thank you for the Kate Spade heads-up – I do need a gift soon 🙂 and this just may be perfect! Thank you too for the message today – I REALLY needed that.

  2. Well, I participated in the Kate Spade sale! I found the cutest bag regular $230 and I got it for $79.00 What a bargain! Enjoy your Florida time!!

  3. A good message as I sit here in the hospital wondering if my husband’s heart and stints are okay. This last 5 months we have been learning to be content and thankful in all our circumstances.

  4. I couldn’t get to comments on the post for JJill. I was so excited to see all of the outfits. The were all darling, but my favorite was the long blue and white stripe dress! I also love the necklace. I love J Jill and hope I’m not disqualified because I couldn’t post on the actual J. Jill post!

  5. Oh my darnit!!!!! Somehow I did not see this email, I have never bought Kate Spade plus everything costs so much to get to Canada but this was free shippping..I think I saved some money cuz I was all over this post, yikes! Maybe God was sending me some self control lol!