Keeping It Colorful with Gibson Look

Happy Tuesday ladies! These days I’m keeping it colorful with pretty tops,  even if I am staying at home. I love adding color!

This ruched puff sleeve top comes in Pink Teaberry (I’m wearing this color), Black, and Blue Maz. Not only do I love the color but I love the sleeve detail.

These Madewell sandals are a great summer sandal to wear with dresses, shorts, and jeans. They are 40% off.

I paired the top with my favorite AG jeans. These jeans are still pricey but they are on sale.

I did a front tuck with this top but it can easily be worn untucked. I added my Amazon belt in the khaki color.

Do you like adding color to your wardrobe?

Ruched Puff Sleeve Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Madewell Sandals (TTS)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Earrings//Amazon Belt (khaki color)

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Beauty For the Heart~~Daily Hope Infusion:
There’s divine purpose in this global pause. Haven’t you always said you need more patience?

“…our pressures will develop in us patient endurance….will refine our character….”
Romans 5:3-4

Even in the unexpected, unwelcome, or unpleasant, God invites us to rejoice because of how He can use our trials to grow us. Patience is learned through waiting.

Endurance, an essential character component, isn’t developed by reading about it. No, we have to patiently endure unwanted circumstances in order for God to refine our character. God plans for you to come out of this pause looking even more like Jesus. And that’s reason to rejoice.


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    1. Hi Cyndi
      Thank you for such positive encouragements and trying to keep us fashionable. Can you post a link for the information about your nails ? I watched it quickly on your Instagram post but I can’t find the video or link again. Thank you!!

  1. Sorry about your sad news and so sad for all the seniors as well. My stepson is in his last semester of college and he’s been slowly plucking away at it for six years so we definitely wanted to see him walk the stage and celebrate but now that won’t happen but we are thankful he stayed with it. Yesterday I received an email from a small resale shop I use to pop into close to home and after 14 years she will be closing the shop for good. She just can’t recover from this economy. So sad as she always carried good quality designer items. I do love the color of this top and recently ordered a red top from A New Day at Target with eyelet sleeves and can’t wait to wear it. Super cute for only $20

  2. I’m sorry for your nephews and all the kids missing their life milestones this year. Families making tough decisions receive our prayers too. Thanks for the pop of color. I’ve noticed I grab for my brightest tops these days.

  3. Love color! 2 of my 3 kids are seniors this year. My son, a senior in college and my daughter, a senior in high school. They are doing remarkably well. So proud of them. Praying for all seniors and our country. Thx for sharing Cyndi 😘 helps bring cheer!

  4. Your BFTH was just what I needed to hear. My daughters 29th b’day is today and I miss her so much. She’s the one who has my first grand baby(8months) also and I’m missing out on her life. I need the patience and endurance the BFTH mentions today. Feeling blah and isolated for sure. God is good and I’m healthy and my family is healthy, so when I feel like this, its time to pray for those who are less fortunate. I’m sorry for your friends who are making tough decisions because of Covid and for your nephews who aren’t going to have a graduation. Is one of them your sisters boy? Does she have a senior already? I enjoy reading her blog and seeing her notes from home videos. Cute family. Love the top you are styling today. Its nice to see fashion during all of this.

  5. Thank you for your words today. My only Grandson is graduating from high school this year. I have been so looking forward to his graduation. This was his best year of high school for him. He was never on the football team but during the summer between his junior and senior year he decided he wanted to join the team. He trained really hard by himself so he could try out for the team and made it! We were so proud of him. Even though he didn’t always get on the field, he stood on the sidelines and became the team’s best cheerleader. He matured so much from the experience and made tons of new friends. He even took it upon himself to go on his own with no prompting to apply for a job at the local grocery store and, right now during this crazy time, he is working his butt off and will be working full time this summer before starting community college in preparation for becoming a Fish and Game Warden, something he’s dreamed about since grammar school. I know he will do well but I feel so bad he will miss all his senior festivities. Your kind words, Cyndi, have helped so many of us endure these tough times and to accept this hand that has been dealt to us! God bless you.

  6. Thank you for recognizing what our graduating Seniors are missing out on! It’s a tough period in history, but we are sad our son is missing out on all the fun Senior activities. And since I only have one child I am missing out on experiencing graduation as a parent. Your posts are a bright spot, yet meaningful as well.

  7. Loved BFTH today. I pray I come out of this looking more like Jesus. He has given us this time for a reason and I want to use this time to honour Him.

    This is my kind of outfit. Pretty, polished yet comfortable

  8. Hi Cindy – I have followed you for years but never commented. I look forward to your posts and words of faith each day. Since you mentioned seniors today, I just wanted to tell you that my youngest and only daughter is a HS senior this year. We are very proud of how she has handled having to miss so many special moments at the end of her high school days. We have allowed ourselves to be sad while also seeing the bigger picture and realizing that God has a plan. Being from Virginia, it eases my “mom heart” to know that people like you are in the Lexington area, because my sweet girl will be attending University of Kentucky in the fall!

  9. I love the jeans but the 28 inseam would be half way up my calf
    I need a 30 inseam to hit at my ankles.

  10. Hi, Cyndi,
    I purchased the Gibson puffed sleeve top that you posted awhile back. I have tried several of my camis under it but feel like I need a different one to work with the material. Do you have any recommendations for what to wear under that top?