Knit Pullover Sweater

I’m not sure there’s anything better this time of year than a pullover sweater and booties on a cool, crisp fall day.

This pullover sweater is from Nordstrom comes in two colors, tan and red. I’m wearing the tan color.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.These Sam Edelman booties from Nordstrom are so comfortable. Well, I have to admit the first time I wore them the left one was not comfortable. As a matter of fact, it was down right hurting me!

We were attending an Upward Celebration at church for Colt Allen. When I got inside the church, I took the boot off and realized I had left some of the cardboard in the boot. Ouch!! Lesson learned, make sure you get all the cardboard out of your boots.

Since then, they have been great! I even wore them all day shopping in Nashville.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.
Speaking of Nashville, I mentioned we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Wayne and I picked out my “silver” gift. It is the David Yurman silver and gold bracelet. I have been wanting one for a long time so I was pretty excited. It’s a classic piece of jewelry that can be worn with all my outfits.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.I love a hi/low sweater but I also like the slits on the side of this sweater.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.During the Nordstrom anniversary sale I purchased this Vince Camuto handbag and it is one of my favorite purchases. It’s a great bag to dress up a casual outfit but I also wear it with dresses.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a casual fall outfit from Nordstrom for women over 40.What I’m Wearing

Knit Pullover Sweater(I’m wearing a small and the tan color)//Ivory Tank (I’m wearing a medium)//Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Booties//Handbag//Earrings//David Yurman Bracelet//Bracelet//Watch (similar here)

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Beauty For the Heart~~I am reading through the book of James. This morning I read the verses on the tongue.

James 3:7-10 says, For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.

Let’s be careful with our words. Today make every effort to speak words of blessing!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. The only reason that leaving that cardboard in your boot is funny, Cyndi is because I’ve done it too!! Sometimes I get in such a hurry to wear my new purchases, (and the cardboard is very hidden in the dark recesses of the toe area) that I so know the feeling!!
    This is a truly classic & basic outfit!
    The only difference is I’m an accessoryaholic —so I’d probably add a necklace or scarf!!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Love the Beauty from the Heart today. So appropriate in today’s crazy political climate…these days, it is not just the tongue, but the fingers that type as well!

  3. Ooooooh I love your new bracelet!!!! I adore my Yurman pieces. They’re definitely something you’ll have forever. And that sweater is so cute on you. It looks WAY better on you than it does on the Nordstrom website, lol!

  4. A great reminder from James today…since the dawn of man the ability to tame our words has been a struggle, but with the grace of God we can actively strive every day to overcome!
    You look simply classic in your outfit today! I love that sweater, but I’ve learned that slits in the side are a fashion no-no for me-my hips like to peek through them and that just throws off the whole look in going for…skinny-ha! As always you look so beautiful!

  5. So funny how you stayed up to watch Friday Night Lights. My husband and I always watched it and I was so sad when it ended. They just don’t make family shows like that anymore. I haven’t seen or or heard about Yurman jewelry in a very long time. I have a similar bracelet but it has a black stone. I love yours and it’s a very classic piece. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!

  6. That looks like the coziest outfit. The sweater is great, especially with the little flecks of color. This is one I am going to watch to go on sale. You look great and happy belated anniversary!

  7. Love LOVE this outfit. Everything works so beautifully together and it’s just right for fall.
    Funny story.. I left the plastic shaper in a pair of booties I ordered recently, and I immediately ordered the next two sizes up thinking they ran incredibly small! It wasn’t until I received the others that I realized what I’d done!! Yeah, not one of my finest moments, haha!

  8. My husband purchased a Yurman bracelet for me for our 25th as well! We went to Turks & Caicos for our anniversary and he had me pick it out in the “duty-free” jewelry shop at the resort. I was so surprised!! I thought the trip was more than enough. That was 3 years ago and I have worn it every day. You are correct, it is a classic piece. In fact, when my husband’s aunt passed away, she left a small gift for all of her great nieces and nephews. My daughter purchased a Yurman ring. Such a sweet remembrance.

    I really like the outfit. It’s such a cute “go to” for a chilly day.

  9. I couldn’t figure out why you clarified that you were wearing the tan color…..obviously your sweater isn’t red!! Then I looked at the website to see the red color! 🙂 it all became clear! I like the tan color best and was hoping the red was really red.

  10. Good reminder to think before you speak. Love the outfit. Still in the 90s here in the southwest though…can’t wait to break out my sweaters and boots.

  11. Love your outfit. I am flying to Boston to see family tomorrow and Your outfit would be perfect. I will fashion something similar so I can get security easily. Thank you for inspiration.

  12. Well, I REALLY needed the beauty for the heart today! I’ve had a week of soul searching and reflection to figure out how my tongue has gotten me in to trouble – nothing serious, but it has weighed heavily on my soul.
    LOVE that bracelet, what a fantastic gift, and one you can wear with everything. Well done Wayne!

  13. I love your outfit. It’s perfect. You have great style. Your bracelet is gorgeous. Happy 25th anniversary. We will be celebrating our 30th in 2017! Here’s to long marriages. Your beauty from the heart I so needed that yesterday. I didn’t feel well and my tongue said mean things to my husband. Have a great day!

  14. Hello, Cyndi!

    I love comfy…this is right up my alley! Lots of pretty tones in the marled yarn!

    Happy Anniversary! Is it today? If so, we share…Today makes 30 (yikes!) for Mr. D and me 🙂

  15. Hi Cyndi
    Wanted you to know your blog came straight to my email today; i didn’t have to look in my junk folder.
    thanks so much for the help.

  16. Happy Anniversary Cyndi! We celebrate ours on Thursday- 37 years for us this year. I can’t imagine my life without this man in it!

  17. Very nice looking outfit. What kind and and where do you get it from your shape wear? I find some and it rides up my back always out of place. Quote was very good I struggle with that but doing better!!! Thank you. Happy Anniversary bracelet I very pretty.

  18. I love the sweater, it looks light which is the kind of sweater I like. I don’t care for bulky sweaters! My husband and I loved Friday Night Lights and were so sad when we completed the series on Netflix. I think we have gone back and watched it over again at least once! Enjoy!

  19. Love this outfit!!!!… totally something I would wear!!! cute and comfy 🙂 I love the verses you are referring to today…. our words can speak life or death…. I struggle with how NOT to be a people pleaser in trying to make all my words be a blessing… sometimes the LORD asks us to speak word of truth (ouch),,,, people don’t always see them or hear them as a blessing….I guess we speak the truth in love and pray that GOD does his work..

  20. Hey Cyndi, This is a pretty outfit on you. I always look forward to your blogs. I have some questions that I am hoping you could address in some future posts. I have boots, booties, and flats, but always waver on when to wear what type of shoes with pants. Also, when to wear a scarf versus a long necklace. And, finally, I have recently started to use Young Living essential oils, and have read some of your posts on them , but would love an update on how and what oils you use in your daily life. Thank you so much for all of your help and info!

    1. Delyn thanks for the ideas. I will try to get this done in the very near future. I need to write about my essential oils. I use them everyday!!

  21. Hi! Love the sweater. Just think if everyone prayed for God to watch over our words we say everyday. Thanks for making a differance in each readers life! You really do. 😊

  22. Cyndi, what is your nude nail polish brand and color? Any suggestions for fall? I am currently using OPI Sweetheart and it has a very pinkish hue which I feel is more of a spring/summer feel. Thanks!

  23. A very nice casual look. LOVE all your wedge boots. I think wearing a poncho and ankle boots give a sweater some competition for great Fall wear, lol I am wearing just that today and will be posting on my blog tomorrow.

  24. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! That is quite a milestone in today’s world. And I hope you enjoy your Yurman bracelets as much as I do mine. I wear 2 of them, stacked together, next to my watch everyday. Tell Wayne to watch out, because they are addictive. I have already asked my husband for number 3! 🙂