Knot So Basic Top + White Shorts

Hello from Sequoia National Park! It was pretty amazing to see these huge trees and the drive up the mountain to see them was gorgeous.

The weather was extremely hot so I styled this knot so basic top with shorts. The top hangs longer in the back and comes below my shorts so I think it would look better with white jeans. But, I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing jeans in that heat!

Knot So Basic Top + White Shorts

I’m wearing the jade color but it also comes in gray, blue and plum.

Knot So Basic Top + White Shorts Knot So Basic Top + White Shorts I’m wearing Kut from the Kloth shorts. You can’t go wrong with white denim shorts for summer.

Knot So Basic Top + White ShortsKnot So Basic Top + White Shorts Knot So Basic Top + White ShortsKnot So Basic Top + White ShortsKnot So Basic Top(I’m wearing a small)//White Shorts(I’m wearing a size 6)//Sandals//Earrings

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Beauty For the Heart~~Satan loves to lie to us. He loves to make us think we need to be perfect, look perfect and have perfect homes.

He uses magazines, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram etc. to make us think everyone else has it all together. I think as women we feel extreme amounts of pressure to appear perfect. Let’s just admit that we aren’t.

The Truth? God does not expect perfection from us. Why else did Jesus come to save us? The only perfection God asks from us is a reliance on Him who is perfect and to strive to be more like Him.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a great message for today, Cyndi!! I do think that is the best thing about getting older, is the realization that I’m not perfect, and don’t have to be!!
    That’s why it’s so nice to see you wearing shorts! I know my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) still wants to wear hosiery in the summer to cover her legs, and I’m trying to get her to realize that her legs are fabulous! I will have to send her this post because maybe your message will resonate with her!

  2. I would love to know about your trip and all the stops you made. We have talked about flying out to Colorado, then driving around out west, but just didn’t know how to plan a trip like that. We have been to Hoover Dam and it is an awesome place to visit. Enjoy!

  3. I really needed that message today – THANK YOU!
    You look adorable as usual – and I’ve said it before, but your hear looks beautiful a little messy and natural.

  4. Are you wearing a cami under that t-shirt? On the GF website it looks like the model is wearing one so I’m assuming it’s pretty see through without one?

    I’ve loved reading about your trip. And I’m glad you and your husband are having a wonderful time viewing God’s beauty! 🙂

    Safe travels home.

  5. Happy you guys have had a good trip to different places. When you come home you will be lost haha we have went on a trip where we went different places for 10-12 days or more on vacation and I always feel that way. I have to ask you, how many suitcases did you take lol. I have No room to talk cause I do the same, cause a girl doesn’t know what she will need lol Praying for a safe trip home. Thank You !! for sharing great pics of the places you saw, that was pretty cool to see.

  6. Love your post for today and so true… I try to be more wise as I get older and well perfect, yeah, that will never happen
    Lol… but I’m glad our God is and loves us just the same. Your outfit is cute and the color of the top is so fresh looking… I think we all try to look perfect in our outward looks but just embrace what God gave us and enjoy life. Thanks Cindy, for helping us to put together such cute outfits 😀And to try new ideas.
    Safe travels

  7. These pictures are beautiful!! I love your “Beauty for the Heart” today. We do try so hard to be perfect or appear perfect and I get so tired of it but find myself slipping right back into striving for perfection instead of “excellence” in the Lord. Today I’m giving up perfection striving! And I imagine I will have to give it up again tomorrow, and perhaps the next day, too!! 🙂

  8. Love that outfit! Thank you for styling shorts! I have enjoyed watching those pictures you take of the beautiful national parks we have! Beauty fir the Heart sure hit the nail in the head! Thank you, Cyndi!

  9. While raising our children we lived 25 years in a great little city known as the gateway to the Sequoias. We have spent many a magnificent day up there with our children. Even after marriage our youngest son brought his wife home to go on hikes. Your top is so pretty,the color is a favorite. I know why you wore shorts. The heat has been unbearable. We are up in the northern high Sierras it has been getting in the high 80’s which is unusual. Have a fun and safe trip home. Hoover dam is amazing. The heat is dry but oh so hot. When I think of the brave men who built it I am so thankful to them. Have a blessed week Kathryn

  10. Wonderful post today! Someone once pointed out to me that all the beauty that is the Grand Canyon exists as a result of imperfection. I will never forget that analogy, and have appreciate the blessings of imperfection ever since. It’s what makes us unique.

    Also LOVE your outfit today. Found some Kut from the Kloth items at Nordstrom Rack and knew them right away bc of you…love the fit (and the bargain)!

  11. You look so pretty and I love that color top on you! I want to buy the top but on the Glamour Farms site , it looks like you need to wear a cami under it which would defeat the purpose of keeping cool. Do you think you need to wear a cami ?

  12. Cyndi, i loved the traveling i am doing with yall. Hehe. You have looked so cute at each stop. Travel mercies for trip back home, and yes, make stops along the way to take in GODs beauty. Dee

  13. Cute, comfortable looking outfit. Just what I like. Love the color of the top. I’ve been looking for white shorts and I think those might get into my cart. Safe travels home. Love BeautyFor the Heart. It’s so true.

  14. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful vacation ~ I was hoping you would drop by the Monterey Peninsula!! Maybe the next time you’re on the west coast – I consider it a blessing everyday to live here. You’re posts have been so much fun to read . Thank you!!! Safe travels😎

  15. Hi Cyndi! I’m sure you have more places to stop than time, and it sounds like you’re already on your way out of CA; but if not, we live in the Sequoia National Forest at Hartland Christian Camp. My husband and I are on full-time, year round staff. If, by chance, you’re still in the area, it would be lovely to meet you both. If not, know that you are always welcome in the future. (When I saw you were in Monterey, I had no idea you were heading this direction or I would have invited you and your husband earlier.) We send this invitation as well as greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!

  16. I LOVE that top, Cindy! Very cute and comfortable looking. I too was curious about your self tanner. I have tried every possible one, even ordering online, and they all have either a bad smell, or they look too orange. Also wanted to thank you for your “beauty from the heart”message. As we ladies get older, the effort to keep up our appearance sometimes seems just too much! Thank goodness God looks at the heart.