Labor Day Sales & My Organized Pantry

Happy Friday ladies! We are gearing up for a hot Labor Day Weekend, and I’m having a cookout on Monday for my whole family. It’s going to be busy for us!

Today I’m sharing some Labor Day Sales with you and my before and after kitchen pantry pictures.

First up, let’s talk sales!

Pottery Barn is one of my favorites places to shop for home decor. They have a buy more, savor more sale going on this weekend.

Labor Day SalesMy favorite jute rug and my faux fiddle leaf tree (both in this picture) are from Pottery Barn.

Labor Day Sales The mirror hanging on my wall is also from Pottery Barn.

Labor Day Sales

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Labor Day Sales
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BAUBLEBAR-Save up to 80%!

Labor Day Sales Resin is the “it” material in jewelry right now, and these are only $10!

Labor Day Sales Okay now for my pantry. These aren’t the best pictures, but I think you’ll see a difference in the before and after.

First, here is where my pantry is located. It’s called a hidden pantry because it looks like cabinet doors but inside is a walk in pantry.

Labor Day Sales Here are the before pictures and yes I’m a little embarrassed at how messy it looks.

Labor Day Sales Labor Day Sales When you walk in and turn right, these are the shelves.

Labor Day Sales If you look to the left, this is what you saw. Ugh! I didn’t even know what I had!

Labor Day Sales This is what it looks like now. Much, much better! I can see everything, and I have more storage space.

Labor Day Sales & My Organized PantryLabor Day Sales & My Organized PantryThis is the shelf to the right now. The shelves still have a lot of stuff on them,  but they are more organized.

Labor Day Sales & My Organized PantryWhen I look to the right this is what I see now, and I can actually see what I have in there.

Labor Day Sales & My Organized PantryI purchased several OXO Good Grips containers. They are pricey, but they are airtight. I also ordered these chalkboard labels.

Labor Day Sales & My Organized Pantry I love these white baskets but they are pricey, and I found these at Target that are similar and MUCH less expensive. I’m going to get some of them for extra storage. I added these tags to label our snacks.

Labor Day Sales & My Organized Pantry I put all my oils on this OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable. It works great!

Labor Day Sales & My Organized PantryHere is a before and after (I wish I had removed my wok on the right picture when taking these pictures but oh well!)

Labor Day Sales & My Organized PantryI’m so honored that you have taken time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and my favorite one, Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~Do you have someone in your life that’s not nice to you? Someone, you feel doesn’t like you? We all have or have had that person in our life. How do you handle it? What should you do?

Scripture says this, If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you. Proverbs 25:21-22

In other words, kill them with kindness! That will do more to them than anything else!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love being organized… my days seem to run smoother. Your pantry is coming along nicely:) enjoy your cook out.., I’m feeling exhausted from the summer so I plan on doing very little 😉

  2. Man! Don’t you just love that it’s all organized?! Every once in a while you just have to roll up your sleeves and get it done. Looks great! I have Lazy Susans in so many cabinets, pantry and my fridge. They are awesome!!!

  3. Thanks for all the great sale information. I LOVE your walk in pantry that just looks like cabinet doors. How clever. And that for the organization tips, especially the Target baskets and the chalk board labels. Enjoy your weekend celebrating your Dad’s birthday!!

  4. Looks great Cyndi. Where did you get the little shelves that the cans are on? I need those too ! 😊
    Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday to your dad 🎈

  5. When you fill your containers with flour, sugar, etc. – what do you do with the rest of your bag that doesn’t fit in your container? I can’t ever figure out how to organize that part.

  6. Love
    your pantry! You have inspired me to get mine organized. Something I think about every time I open it. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for your constant words of encouragement! 💕

  7. Pantry looks great! Where did you find the large glass jars? I have searched everywhere and cannot find them. Also, impressive that there is not a single piece of junk food in there!😂

  8. Great job Cyndi…..I love your pantry. You have so much room and I agree the after is much better for seeing what you have. My pantry is so small with pull out drawers and I just was in it this morning and thinking……I need to pull all this out and start over. I can’t find a thing. Seems like I just did this but just a few times of throwing things in and not taking the time to put it where it should go does this. 🙁 You have motivated me to get going on it. Have a fun BBQ. Dad’s are the best….so sweet he’s going with you and paying. 🙂 I miss my dad. He’s been gone for almost 20 yrs. This Sept 4th will be 20. So, needless to say, Labor Day Weekend has always been a hard weekend for us all. Enjoy your family and bless you.

  9. BFTH Now in my 6th decade, this is a scripture my mother quoted to me many times as I was growing up. I often shared it with my 2 children and God still reminds me of it when relationships get sticky.
    Beautiful pantry! You inspire me!

  10. It looks great! You can find everything you need more easily, and you have created more space 🙂 Great verse!

  11. I think your ‘before’ is what most peoples’ pantries look like after they reorganize or de-clutter. I like all the labels, tiers and baskets. Very tidy!

  12. Love your beauty for the heart today. I absolutely believe in “kill them with kindness”. It works! I also love your hidden pantry. What did you use to write on the chalk labels? I always have trouble with chalk labels. Thank you.

  13. Wow! What organization! I loved your story this week about driving your husband crazy change no in the car. I guess the life of a blogger isn’t all glam despite how good you manage to look in the photos!

  14. You sure are lucky to have a big pantry! Wow. Have you seen the totes from 31 Gifts? They would look cute in there for some of the stuff. Lots of different patterns to choose from

  15. My tab and I held on to this passage for an extended period of time and many eye opening situations have occurred.God is great!!!

  16. Looks great. I hope that is not corn or canola oil I am seeing on your oil shelf!! Because I care about you I want to share something with you please please please google that key or genetic diet it is more… It is a way of life. It’s so much more than losing weight it is getting healthy. I know you think what you are doing now is the healthiest but please please please read about the cak because I care about you I want to share something with you please please please read the book, “ The Obesity Code”, by Dr. Jason Fung… he is the spearhead behind the Ketogenic diet. It’s so much more than losing weight though. He Explains the diet this way, “it is a way to optimize your best health and lose weight along the way”. Following his advice in his book I have been able to go from a prediabetic state to nowhere near being almost a diabetic. I know the diet and exercise program that you havebeen following
    is a good plan and it has given you and your husband good results but losing
    weight is only part of the equation Cindi! please please please read his book.

  17. We just heard a sermon which explained the “burning coals” in this verse: giving someone burning coals was a way to help them in their time of need….their fire had gone out and they had no easy way to start their cook/heat fire. Fire gave life in the forms of heat and food. The way the coals were carried is on the head in a container. So, heaping burning coals on someone’s head was certainly a great kindness!