Lace Up Sandals from Nordstrom

One of the season’s biggest shoe trends this spring and summer are lace up sandals. Whether they’re a wedge, a heel, or a flat sandal, you’ll see lace up styles everywhere.

One of my favorite brands of shoes are Sam Edelman. Nordstrom has a great selection of Sam Edelman shoes and I have styled quite a few of them over the last few years. It’s obvious I have a thing for nude lace up shoes.

These Sam Edelman heels are no longer available but I still have them and wear them.

Lace Up Sandals from Nordstrom

Another pair of Sam Edelman heels that I purchased from Nordstrom (also not available now).

Lace Up Sandals from NordstromI know many of you like flats so I’m styling a cute pair of lace up flats. These are great for summer whether you wear them with jeans or shorts.

Lace Up Sandals from NordstromThese lace up flats are right on trend!

Lace Up Sandals from NordstromI styled my flats with my favorite pair of AG Jeans from Nordstrom. These are pricey but hands down they’re my favorite pair. If you want a less expensive pair these are another favorite of mine but less pricey.

Lace Up Sandals from NordstromLace Up Sandals from NordstromLace Up Sandals from NordstromMy blouse is Leith brand and I’m in love with the sleeves, actually I’m in love with the whole thing. It has a v-neck line in the front and back. So feminine!

Lace Up Sandals from NordstromSplit sleeve top (I’m wearing a small)//Jeans (less expensive option here)//Lace Up Sandals (they run true to size)//Earrings//Clutch//Watch//Bracelet//Bracelet

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Here are some of my favorite Sam Edelman shoes from Nordstrom and as always they have free shipping and free shipping on returns.

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Have you tried any Sam Edelman shoes??

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  1. Love the look! Just thought I’d let you know that every time I clicked on the “lace up flats” link, I was directed to the split sleeve top. I don’t know if it’s just my computer that’s doing that but I thought I’d let you know.

  2. I love the flats but every link on this post that I click on takes me to the blouse (which I also like) but am really trying to get to the flats. Maybe there is a glitch in the post?

  3. Love Sam Edelman shoes. They are worth the investment. And I love the AG high rise skinnies! One of my favorite pants. We are having such terrific weather right now in AZ. I have to enjoy these few days of nice weather before it heats up and again. I truly enjoy reading your blog!

  4. HAve to ask… what sunless tanner are you starting with this season… I am trying to decide which of your faves I am about to purchase. I refuse to get in a tanning bed this season

    1. I agree, I’ve been constantly thinking about getting tan this week and have no idea where to start with sunless tanners. Would love to see a post about that 🙂 .

  5. I love the shoes and the top. The top I am wearing today (for the Mother/Daughter Style Challenge) is very similar to the one you have on today only in dark pink color and I purchased it from Kohls – perhaps another option. Thank you for all of your cute styles that you share with us!

  6. Cyndi, I would love to see how you organize and store all your clothes, shoes, clutches/purses. Have you ever done a post on your closet/storage ideas? Love you style!

  7. I love the whole outfit! While all of the Sam Edelman shoes are very pretty, it doesn’t look like any of them have arch support, so they won’t find a home in my closet. And I suspect they are too pricey for this retiree.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in FL!

  8. I ordered the Sam Edelman Dawson lace ups when they were on Nordstrom Rack, however I like these just a touch better…but will have to hold off! Love the look of the outfit!

  9. Awesome outfit Cyndi. I have a similar blouse that I got from WHBM last year and I wear it all the time! I love those heels – I will have to give Sam Edelman shoes a try.

  10. Love the outfits. I really like heals on everyone but I can’t wear them I really like the flats.yes I would love to know how you keep your hair fun on hot days. Thank for sharing and have fun on your trips. 😊

  11. Love the outfit!!!( Just picked up a split sleeve from Glamour Farms love it!!) Your outfit looks classy and yet so effortless. A look I like especially for the spring and summer.
    Have a wonderful vacation with your family.

  12. I love your style! Are you no longer sponsored by Payless? Most of the things you post are out of my price range and I was happy to hear that you were partnering with Payless. I usually just save a picture of the outfits I like and try to find something that is similar in a price that I can afford. I still enjoy reading and looking even if its just window shopping.

  13. Love this outfit but I’m afraid those sleeves would be too long for me petite arms. But I did purchase some very similar sandals at TJMaxx or Ross for a really good price. So thanks for the inparition on how to style them ☺️

  14. Cyndi you look so pretty in the jeans and off white top! You look so happy, y’all must be having a great time!!

  15. I tried my first pair of sam Edelman shoes last fall with the Felicia black suede flats.
    I about wore them out. I love them!!
    I also love the bouse you are styling today!!!

  16. I love the white top 🙂 I also really like those lace up flat sandals. I think they are the lace up sandals that I like the best out of all I’ve seen. For now, though, I’m sticking to my Keen sport sandals because they fit my life. It’s fun to look, though 🙂

  17. So I’m new to Grace and beauty don’t know where I’ve been….but I absolutely LOVE it!!! You are just cute as 46 mother of 3 24,21 an 6 !!! Yep got a little late blessing funny thing I’m fixing to be a grandma in July…so I’m styling myself off of you…hate to be a copy cat but….your to darn cute not to copy!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration both fashionably but more so spiritually I’m hooked!😁