Lainey Ruffle Sleeve Top Under $30

Happy Friday! Today I’m styling this Lainey Ruffle Sleeve Top that is perfect for spring and it’s under $30 with my discount code (graceandbeauty117).

This is my kind of top…comfortable, no wrinkles and very stylish. Add a pair of jeans and a cute necklace and you’re ready to go.

This top is a contemporary fit and I’m wearing a size medium.

I mentioned these jeans last week. I love the side slit and frayed hem but even better, they are reasonably priced. I love the fit and they run true to size.

Pink is popping up everywhere, even in watches. This watch will go with all my spring outfits.

If you read my blog very often, you know I love Sole Society handbags. This saddle bag is faux leather with gold studs and fully lined.

I’m ready for the weekend! Do you have any fun plans? My daughter is coming over and we are going to work on her blog. 🙂

Lainey Ruffle Sleeve Top//Nude Cami in latte//Wit & Wisdom Jeans//Wedge heel (less expensive option here)//Necklace//Earrings//Bracelet//Watch//Handbag

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Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today for our spring series!

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Beauty for the Heart~~“The circumstances we ask God to change, are often the circumstances God is using to change us.” -Max Lucado

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I do love these statement sleeve shirts I’ve been seeing lately. They add so much fun to really any outfit and I’m pretty sure that any aged woman could wear them. I’ll have to ask my mom (the 70’s model on my blog) what she thinks of them!! I bet she could even make us the shirts since she made the dresses we’re wearing on the blog this week!!
    The watch you’re wearing is pretty too—I haven’t been wearing watches lately since I use my phone all the time–ha ha!
    Have fun with your daughter—it’s so nice that you’re helping her! I really appreciate the time I get with both of my moms when we’re taking photos for our blog!!

  2. Oh Cyndi! This is one of the prettiest tops I’ve seen this spring! I love that you and your daughter have blogging in common. We are however without power after high winds on Wednesday and not expected to get it back on until Monday! Luckily we have a generator but it doesn’t power everything, just the main systems. So, my weekend will be ruled by that!


  3. I was just looking at these jeans on Nordstrom’s site this morning as I love Wit & Wisdom. There were no reviews so I passed. However, I trust your recommendations and will order them from your link. Love the whole outfit! Thanks!!

  4. Happy Friday Cyndi!

    I have a question about your velcro rollers, where did you purchase them. I have some but they are not as long as the ones you have. I can only roll so much hair and then it falls out on the sides. I would like to get some longer rollers.

    Thank you and have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  5. Are you doing Faster Way to Fat Loss? I am currently doing that program and it includes carb cycling and intermittent fasting as well. It’s been great!

  6. I have been eating this way (watching my macros) for 2 years. I lost 20 pounds right away. I have been stable and holding since. I sleep better, eat better, and look better! I also use a phone app to track my macros. Keep at it; you will be successful!

      1. Hi Jen,
        There are 5 or 6 macronutrients, but mostly when we talk about macros, we mean Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat. When we watch our macros, we can see what percentage of our total calories are in each category. For example, I like to eat Much More Protein than Carbs. I personally try to limit my carbs to less than 15% of my total calories per day. So, no bread, no sugary foods and drinks etc. I get all my carbs from ….vegetables! I eat lots of protein. The rest of my calories are good fats, such as coconut oil, avocado, butter, ghee, and others.
        So, there you have it. Macros are the basic groups of nutrients we need to eat each day.

        1. Hi Cyndi! I just love everything about this!

          Since you are in Kentucky, there’s a local company in Richmond that does meal prep with everything counted for you. They specialize in those training/competing, but the meals are great for anyone. They don’t ship, but they make delivery runs to Lexington and are flexible – excellent customer service. The meals are fantastic, especially the turkey delight. The website is – I’m in no way affiliated with them, I just know them personally and often use their meal service – it’s a great “stick with it” time saver!!!
          Just wanted to share if you are counting macros (they include the count in their meal descriptions) — you are always sharing such wonderful products with us! Thank you!!

  7. Cindi, this is a random question but do you still use Timeless serums? i’m using them, but am wondering if you have found antiaging products you like better? 🙂

  8. Well Cyndi, here I go again buying a beautiful top from your blog! I love it!! Thank you for all you do. I enjoy your blog and your excellent style.

  9. Lovely top! It takes jeans to a new level! Accessories are very pretty, too. In short, a very feminine, sweet outfit! Also, my favorite hairstyle! Wish I could get my hair to look like that!

  10. Love the top and want to order it in a medium but seems to be out? And I thought I was doing it early too 😟

  11. That is a very pretty top Cyndi! I noticed a good bit of rose gold jewelry in Kohls yesterday and am thrilled. I am allergic to gold, so it’s my go to color. Have a great weekend!

  12. Cute blouse! I saw the Insta where you were talking about the new program you’re trying I downloaded the guide but it came up blank so I need to try again. That Courtney is one lucky little lady to have a mama “mentor” for blogging. What a blessing! Have a great weekend!

  13. We are up in our mountain house. There is snow galore in the meadow behind us. While I am thankful to have all my jackets sweaters scarves and boots, it is wonderful to see the spring fashions. The blouse is darling. Our son and daughter in law along with our grand dogs are driving up this weekend. We have Schatzi and Severus who are miniature Dachshunds. I am concerned they will freeze on outside breaks. They do have warmed beds they sit in when they are in the house(which is most of the time) and little jackets. That is what I am doing this weekend. Can’t wait.

  14. I really love your outfit. I am trying to work out more but yesterday I had one granddaughter over to take care of (8months) another granddaughter (5yrs old) came with my daughter-in-law. They lost their power in the Michigan storms. It was out for 36 hours. My son and family spent the night. The 3rd granddaughter ( 5 yrs old) has strep throat. Family first. God Bless.

  15. Diets don’t work, as they are temporary and once you quit, and you will, you gain the weight back. It needs to be a life change. I eat a high protein, low carb diet, no sweets. I lost the extra weight three years ago and have kept it off because it became MY way of eating. So, yes, that is a good way to lose the weight, but you have to adapt it to your life -forever. And, exercise every day! Hope this doesn’t come across as a lecture but it took me many years and so many different diets to realize I had to make life changes.
    Love your blouse with the romantic sleeves!

  16. I love the whole outfit and ordered the top and necklace. Did you wear a camisole under it? It seems pretty sheer without one. I wish I had known that. Also, the pendant is wood. It is catching on my sheer tops. Are you having that problem too? Thanks!

    1. Jen I almost always wear a camisole under my tops. I did list it under what I was wearing. If you want a light weight cami, I highly recommend the ones from Loft. You hardly know you’re wearing one. Great for spring and summer.
      I have worn the necklace quite a bit and haven’t noticed it catching??