Live In The Moment

Last Sunday I shared a little of my heart, the importance of who we worship, about my hurts and struggles. Today, I want to remind you to live in the moment.

I put this picture on Instastories of Colt and I and wrote this on the picture, “When your grandson calls you and says,“Cici can I come to your house?” You drop everything and go get him because life is too short to miss these moments.”

Living In The MomentAn hour before I had posted a picture of what my kitchen looked like because I had taken everything out of my pantry. It was a mess. But it didn’t matter I was not going to miss spending time with Colt.

We live in a world that if we aren’t careful, we spend more time looking at other people’s families (and what we believe looks like the perfect family, they.are.not), instead of living in our moment with our people.

I can say this because I have been guilty of it. At one time, I let my blogging (which is also my job) consume me. I was constantly answering comments and emails, and truthfully I was hurting the people around me because I wasn’t present.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and blogs, but we can’t let them consume us. Life is short, and we need to make sure we are fully in the moment.

This week, be intentional about putting away your phone or your computer. Spend time with your family and your friends. Talk to them, ask them questions and listen, really listen. You will be glad you did!!

I almost shared this song last week. Don’t believe Satan’s lies. Jesus says you are enough and you are loved!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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    1. Beautiful grandchildren! I deactivated Facebook in January. I am not bound by the need to be present on FB every time I heard a beep. Family is so important.

  1. Oh what precious grandkids… how could you not say yes lol… I love your to do list… I want to be in the moment too life is too short. . I find I can even let my cleaning run my schedule.. but the dust isn’t going anywhere right? Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I totally agree! Over one month ago I deactivated my Facebook and it has been so freeing! I truly feel more present in whatever I am doing! It also has kept me out of family drama! What you don’t know is really best!😄

    1. Jalisa……Good for you. I was just talking to a friend at church this morning and we were sharing with each other how much flack we get for NOT having facebook. But, we stand firm and are confident in why we don’t. For me, I know it could rob me of time and add drama I don’t need. We were both saying how simple life use to be without social media and we loved the times we grew up in and I told her I am concerned for when I do finally have grandchildren. We really need to be aware and our kids raising kids now need to be aware of how much our younger generations watch us. I even have to be careful the amount of time I could spend on reading blogs. They are fun and I only follow 3 or 4 people, but sometimes I’ve found myself going to it in the morning before my devotions. 🙁 Thanks for sharing. I am glad you made the decision you did.

  3. Thank you for today’s Word, You are
    so right, even if it is just taking in
    God’s beauty and seeing a friend that
    needs a pick-me-up visit.
    I could just squeeze those beautiful
    grandchildren of yours! How COULD
    you say no!!!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  4. Being intentional thanks for reminder
    My brother just called coming in town for an hour
    Dropped all appointments just to see him
    God has blessed him with twenty years after massive
    Heart attack…God is sooooo good!
    Love your heart!

  5. You have adorable grandchildren! I was just on the phone with my 22 year old daughter who lives in Honduras. She lives at an orphanage and is a teacher there. She has been there two years already and has dedicated her life to caring for some very special children that call her mom. We were just talking about how important it is to live in the moment. She faces many trials and is tempted to wish things were different. We know God is always with us and gives us just what we need for the day. We encouraged each other to be happy for what each day brings.

    1. Joann….Thanks for sharing your great story. Today, I just loved hearing everyone’s stories. I bet its so difficult for you to have her so far away, but knowing she is in God’s Will and doing his work, I’m sure helps you. What a wonderful thing for her to be doing. Another reminder of living in the moment.

  6. A big ole Amen,Cyndi!! I had a day all planned out last Thursday to do catch-up deep cleaning. My son called and asked if I had time to babysit my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter while they took her baby sister for a 2 month wellness check. How glad I am that I said “yes!” We colored, played with her Daddy’s 30 year Fisher Price farm set. The high point of the day was throwing a blanket ( and ourselves 😂) under the big maple tree. We ate gingerbread cookies,drank water from fun cups, and were both generally amazed at how much thick leafy green branches would make a great ceiling in our bedrooms. I wouldn’t have missed those moments with my Nora for a paid vacation to a venue of my choice. 👩🏻‍🏫💕👧🏻 Time is fleeting.Those windows of opportunity somehow have a way of subtlety closing if we aren’t present minded. Savor this life God had blessed us with,ladies!

    1. Rochelle……what a great story. Thanks for sharing. I have many times put cleaning, priority to someone else, when I needed to stop and ask myself which is more important? I love nothing better than a clean house, but I love my family more. I could just picture you two under the tree.

      1. Thanks,Kathy. I love all of the great comments of the ladies here…Cyndi is SO generous to give us the opportunity to share our thoughts not only with her but with everyone else. Love the fellowship of the sisters!❤️🙏🏻👩🏻‍🏫

  7. Love your pics of Colt & Claire, precious! Thx for sharing. Great reminder about loving people and not things 💗

  8. I just love your insights! You are really helping a lot of people with your very wonderful insights. Yes, I love your fashion and beauty ideas, but I love this blog beause you include God in it.

  9. Spot on! Thank you for your message and the passing of God’s message to all of us who are trying so hard.

  10. So true. I am always telling my friends I focus on living in the moment and being present. That is why I have so much trouble with the stores forcing the holiday decor too early. I’m starting to see them put out Christmas at this time of year now. Its like we forget Thanksgiving these days. Lets be mindful this year to really focus on Thanksgiving and being Thankful. 🙂 Thanks Cyndi for sharing this and reminding us all. Its so sweet you live so close to your grandchildren and get to spend so much quality time with them…..every Sunday lunch. You are blessed. I can’t wait to have grandchildren.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing that song! I’m forwarding it to everyone!
    Love your pics, they are so precious 💕

  12. Loved this post- a good reminder to put family first. Was so surprised to hear about your struggles last week- so glad you shared though. Thanks for introducing Brandless-I love it, also thank you for helping me be more stylish- but mostly for always putting Jesus first.

  13. Loved your reminder to live in the moment. We all need to hear that from time to time to remind us of what’s important. I know when I do, I experience some of life’s best. Just this past week my adult daughter called me to say, Mom, I’m having shoulder surgery on Tuesday is there any way you could take me and pick me up? She is 50, but still my little girl. Of course I dropped anything I had to do to say, of course. I spent every day this past week helping her and it gave us a chance to girl bond and you never can have enough of those moments.

    Love your message, your blog, and how you share your heart with us. Your are the one blog I make sure I visit every day.
    Love the pics of your grandbabies. Precious!

  14. Thank you for this beautiful blog and song and reminder. I am struggling today and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for your timely reminder of what’s important. Lately I have felt guilty of frittering away Way too much time. Beautiful pics of your grandchildren!

  16. Great reminder of what’s really important. Your grands are precious! My grandbabies also call me Cici and it melts my heart each time I hear their sweet little voices say my name!

  17. Cyndi,

    I started following your blog a few years ago because I liked your styling tips. I really enjoy how you share about the important things in life, especially God’s love. Keep on being you and sharing from your heart.