Living Without Regret

Since we’ve been traveling the last few days, it’s allowed me to slow down and think about the New Year. I don’t make New Year resolutions, but I like thinking about the year ahead and setting a few goals, etc.


I recently read that a young couple said they often take long walks through graveyards. They find during those times, the busyness of life freezes, and all becomes clear.

They ask one another this most important question…”At the end of our lives, what will we regret not having done?” They pause and begin making plans to ensure they do those things.

I’ve thought a lot about that question over the last few days. My life is fleeting, and are there things I might regret not having done?

Scripture says, our life is like a mist; it appears for a little while and then disappears (James 4:14). I can see that more than ever! The days, months, and years are flying by.

This year, I want to live with more intention. I want to create memories with my family and friends, slow down, and enjoy each month and the beauty God has created.

A few weeks ago, I shared my word for the year, ABIDE. I want to abide more in Jesus and live my life to the fullest. The closer I am to Jesus, the more I’ll live my life with intention.  I’ll have fewer regrets and more joy.

What about you? Do you think life is fleeting? Is there something you regret not having done? 

Let’s live in 2024 with intention and not have any regrets!

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  1. Yes Cindy you are so right! We must live each day with intention! The intention to not focus on our circumstances but to focus on the one who holds our lives in his hands! I have made a conscious decision to grab each moment that brings joy to my life and soak it in. Have a blessed vacation!

  2. Love todays lesson. My husband and I have taken walks a few times also in graveyards. We always said people would think we were nuts but it’s peaceful and we love reading the headstones and the old birthdates. We have many old ones in our home town. We wonder about their lives and when we see old birthdates of babies that only lived a would days we wonder if they died of some disease that could have been prevented now. I often think of what will I regret not doing as I’m so restricted what I can do or where I can go with chronic migraines. It’s very hard. I often ask God the purpose in this suffering with them for so long. He if faithful so I keep trusting Him to show me His plan right now for me. It may not be traveling but to keep encouraging others and having mercy toward them. I do know it’s my gifting. Be thankful you can do and go as you do. Have a great trip Cyndi.

    1. Hey sweet soul Cyndi 😇
      I’m glad y’all are having a wonderful time together and you are having an Aha’ moment to reflect on life’s journey. We all need that , and what better teacher to lean on than God himself! I love your BFTH ♥️🙏🏻
      Enjoy your trip with Wayne and be safe !!
      Glad you got to see your precious grandkids ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank you for this lesson. It is very thought-provoking and yet a very peaceful message. And also a wonderful question to ponder and reflect on.

  4. You are so right about how fast our lives go. As we age and get closer to the end, the years seem like months and the months seem like days. Enjoy every minute that God has given us as each day is His gift to us.

  5. Hi Cyndi,

    I can’t say there is anything I would regret not having done (as I have been blessed with so much), but there are things I still would like to do! Yes time is fleeting, as I just had this conversation with my son in law the other day. We know not what tomorrow will bring, so live for today! Enjoy your vacation!!

  6. I agree with you that time is passing fast, I think about it with each birthday I’m blessed with.
    You will love Curaçao, it’s a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery rich history and kind people.

  7. When I was last on a cruise, I used my time on the treadmill to practice thinking deeply about scripture I was memorizing. Looking out at the vast ocean gave me a new appreciation for John 1:16… “and from His fullness, we all receive grace upon grace.

    Looking at the fullness of the water, there’s a drop of grace for every person, every day.

    Enjoy the trip!

  8. I agree with you that time is passing fast, I think about it with each birthday I’m blessed with.
    You will love Curaçao, it’s a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery rich history and kind people. My husband traveled there for work and I was able to accompany him.

  9. I love the idea of “abiding” with the Lord more this year. I used to think I was abiding or resting in the Lord as much as possible, but the older I get the more I realize I wasn’t. I want to bless Him, to thank him more… not asking for anything but just to bask in His closeness & to be more grateful for who He is.
    Enjoy your time away & by the way, your tan is gorgeous!!

  10. I always feel there were things I could have done better but no regrets! Our message this morning which is part of a series Life Matters was on Family matters! That to me is where I want my time and focus to be and to be present in every situation! What I value is my family and family time! When I’m gone I want that to be the legacy I leave for my family and grandchildren !

  11. A line from one of my son’s sermons:
    “When I stand before God on that day – what will I wished I had done on this day?” That has stuck with me since I heard it last summer. My word for the year is “deeper.” ♥️

  12. I love your Sunday message for today 🙏

    My husband and I were in Curacao last week and took a history and cultural tour, it was amazing. Enjoy!🧉

  13. Thank you for encouraging us in the Lord. My husband also loves to go to gravesides and ponder. He always notes the dates of birth to death. Typically in between is nothing more than a dash which represents our lives on this earth. A short dash. He always says what did we accomplish during those fleeting years to help build the
    kingdom. We will give an account. May I too more intentional this year. Your faith has renewed mine!

  14. Good day Cindy,
    I hope you are enjoying your time. Here PA we have snow twice the past week and temperatures are so low . I agree our God is an amazing God.

  15. Loved your message of the day! I’m concentrating on slowing down a bit now that I’m in semi-retirement and trying to be more present. It helps me to appreciate life more and make it less fleeting. You and Wayne, enjoy your vacation time!😎⛱️

  16. Beautifully said! My word is QUITE! I am trying to listen more and not talk so much!!! Yes, I tend to love talking to everyone i meet… I serve in Grief Share and really need to be quiet and let others do the talking! Have a blessed vacation!!!

  17. Thank you for this post! Several months ago the Lord put the word “intentional” on my heart. Live life-and do things “intentionally”-pay attention to what you do & make it matter. I am 67, and yes, time flies. But God is SO good! Again, thank you for this post! Once again, the Lord confirms His Word! Safe travels & enjoy the beauty around you! Your sister in Jesus-Cindy ♥️

  18. The kids look like they’re enjoying the snow! Can’t believe how tall your grandson is! Hope you enjoy your cruise!

  19. My word will probably change many many times in the next year. This week it is forgive, I want to be more forgiving. Last week it was rest, I think this is something I as a woman am not real good at, then I get overwhelmed and exhausted, and I don’t like myself.
    I pray you and your husband have a wonderful cruise.

  20. I love this living life with intention. We just went to a wedding of our neighbors from many years ago. The three girls were elementary age. The youngest was the bride. All three girls called us their 3rd grandparents! That meant so much to
    me!! We never know what kind of impressions we Leave.

  21. What a beautiful photo of the ocean!! We can see that God has given us so much to enjoy! ABIDE, what a strong and powerful word…..this word has so much depth in life that we can use it in all fecets of everyday life!! Thank you for sharing and giving us all a word to embrace!

    Enjoy your cruise!