LOFT Sale-Spring/Summer Picks

Happy Thursday, ladies! LOFT is having a fantastic sale with free shipping on 25+ and free returns. They have 70% off one item (I’m using that on these jeans) and 50% off everything else.

If you’re wanting to grab some pieces for spring/summer, I picked out some of my favorites. They have some nice camis if you need some of those too!

Also, here are some pieces for specific body types. Body types are not an exact science, sometimes you can lean towards two, and it can also fluctuate if you lose or gain weight. This is just a loose guideline.

LOFT Sale-Spring/Summer Picks

Pear Top (Sleeve embellishments are great for the pear shape)//Banana Top (You have stick straight figure, no defined waistline)//Apple Top (V-neck top with a flowy fit)//Hourglass Top (fitted shirts with simple sleeves)//Inverted Triangle Top (You have broad shoulders, no puffy sleeve tops)

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  1. Hi Cyndi! As I have gotten older, my shape – particularly my mid-section – has changed. Ok, truth be told, it’s gotten bigger and rounder. I once was a very shapely hourglass but now I’m finding I’m sort of apple shaped. This makes me sad but I still want to dress appropriately for my shape, whatever that may be. So, I would Love to see styles for different shaped bodies. And how about large breasted ladies…any ideas on how to minimize the appearance of the bust so that the body appears more streamlined…and not so top-heavy?! That would help!
    Thanks and blessings!

    1. I am the same. I am top heavy, losing my waist as I have aged ugh! So, now I need to figure out how to dress for top heavy, rounder in the middle, and dress stylishly (casual most of the time, even for work) and age appropriate (I am 66.) I am now doing Intermittent Fasting and yoga to work on my body, but it is never going to be 25 again. And that is okay!

    2. Same here, Casey! I would love some advice on how to style my hour glass shape that has morphed into the apple shape, and how to minimize a large bust line. I get tired of wearing dark colors all the time in order to not look so top heavy!

  2. I am a fan of The Loft but do most of my shopping at their stores or outlets while I am visiting in the USA. They lack greatly on offering the deals to the Canadians on the Canada website so not really willing to pay full price for their items. Would be nice to see even a 25% off discount once and awhile. We never see the deals you get to tell us about which is a shame. I love your pics though!! I never really thought about tops for body shapes I guess I really focused more on the bottoms. Would love a post on that, yes please.
    Have a great day
    The sun is shining here buts it cold

  3. Hi Cyndi, I am in the same boat as Casey. Age is not good to our body shapes. I would love to see items for specific body types. Love your blog.

  4. Just ordered the jeans for less than $24!! Got a top as well and only spent 40 bucks total! Hope it all fits. Sun is shining here in Western Ky. Have a great day!

  5. Yep – like the idea of body type dressing. I am 5’2, more of a banana shape (no defined waist and slim hips/rear) but larger bust. I love all the pretty sleeves but that is a no-no for anyone busty as the sleeves usually fall in line with the bust and well – no more attention is needed there.
    Until I started with FWTFL I was becoming more apple shaped, but even at 56 I have been able to slim the mid-area and keep it off after 2 years. Certainly makes dressing much easier :), and I thank you for introducing me to Faster Way!

  6. I would love to see you show tops for us pear/apple shaped ladies. I’m 55, and have gained weigh through my mid section and hips due to menopause and health problems. I was always hourglass shaped. So many of the tops are boxy looking. They look great on the young girls! Definitely would love more body-style tops.


  7. Would love if your focused on the different body types for dressing. Thats what we are all here for! Ideas and we are all shaped differently. Especially those of us over 50!

  8. Body shape dressing would be GREAT!!! I think i fall between two or three of the types. Just totally mis-shaped!!! LOL I’d love that !!!

  9. Yes – I like the body type dressing – I really liked how you showed yesterday that a pear can wear skinny jeans with a front tuck. As a pear, I would like to see things like that. I love the LOFT and shop there whenever I am in the US – will be a while before that happens!

  10. Would love to know more about body-style dressing. Please provide lots of options, I’m assuming that as a 60 year old, I will not be alone in wishing to see more conservative sleeves and necklines. Thank you!

  11. I would love to see more regarding body type styles. I think I am a pear shape also. Thanks to you introducing me to FWTFL a year ago, I’ve been able to get my waist back, lose the muffin top and lose weight, or I would be apple shaped Now. Thanks

  12. I would love to see a post about body types. I want to know how to figure out my body type specifically. I think I am wearing the wrong clothes so I would love the help! Love seeing your beautiful, kind face in my inbox ever day!

  13. I’d be very interested in best styles for different body types.
    I’m an inverted triangle and always have a problem knowing how to down play my bigger chest and broad shoulders !
    Thank you

  14. I like the idea of you doing a post or different posts on body types. Maybe devote one post to one specific body type.

  15. I purchased the Navy/white polka dot dress at 70% off…..I got it for $21
    Such a great price!!

    I am a pear shape like Cyndi and I too would love to see what clothes fit best for different body shapes.

    In this time of staying home and staying so distant, Cyndi your blog we get each day brings such happiness to so many of us. We will get out there again to vacation, work and shop at a store and know we will be ready to look our best!

    Blessings to everyone
    Prov. 3; 5-6

  16. Yes on the body types. Love the tutorials especially from someone who is my age, has my taste, and can share real life information. I struggle with jeans a ton so any and all information you share is always helpful. Hard to shop right now but love the informative posts. Stay healthy!

  17. Yes, I would for you to show outfits for different body shapes, I would also love to see some outfits for petites. I am 5′ about 115 pounds. Sometimes it is very difficult to pull off some outfits if you are under
    5′ 4″.
    Have a blessed day!

  18. Yes please on body types! Also, I’ve never figured out if I’m warm or cool for makeup. Any advice on that would be appreciated as well!

  19. Please help us more with body types! I also really want to know what kind of bathing suit will work best on my inverted triangle before I buy a new one for this summer.

  20. This is slightly random, 🙂, but your BFTH reminded me of another quote, similar thought just from a different perspective: “Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.” Learning grace, extending it to myself and others, as I get older.

  21. I would love to hear how you are modifying your exercise regime now that gyms are closed. How do you keep from eating and snacking all day?! It’s a real struggle for me!