LOFT Try On Session for Spring

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing a LOFT try on session. I’m gearing up for my spring series starting March 1st, and my first stop was LOFT.

Here is a look at some of the pieces I tried on. I didn’t purchase all of them, but I did get a couple of things, and I can’t wait to style them.

I love crop jeans, and this gray pair will be perfect for spring.

LOFT Try On Session for Spring

Crop jeans (I’m wearing a size 27)

I styled these jeans with this floral blouse. It’s such a pretty blouse with a hint of pink.

LOFT Try On Session for SpringFloral blouse(I’m wearing a xs)

I love this skirt and lace blouse. I do have a gray tank on under the blouse. This would be a pretty Easter outfit for church.

LOFT Try On Session for Spring Lace top (I’m wearing a xs)//Floral skirt (I’m wearing a size 4)

I love camo, and I needed a new pair for spring.

LOFT Try On Session for Spring Camo pants (I’m wearing a size 4)

It’s a little early for shorts, but I love these floral shorts and I’ve seen a lot of pants and shorts with a front tie. They have gray trim, so I added a gray blouse.

LOFT Try On Session for Spring Swiss dot blouse (I’m wearing a xs)//Shorts (not online, I’m wearing a small)

This was the only cold shoulder I tried on. It’s a longer top and covers your rear area.

LOFT Try On Session for Spring Cold shoulder top (I’m wearing a xs)

This stripe dress is comfy and is a great early spring dress.

LOFT Try On Session for SpringStripe dress  (I’m wearing a xs)

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  1. Lots of cute items and they all look great on you! I bet it was hard not to buy all of them. Lol.

    Love the BFTH today!

  2. Love the camouflage pants and the stripe dress…I’m a fan of the loft but you really need to see and try things on… I found some things to be getting to old looking but you rock it all 😉.. We have had a very mild February where we are in Canada. It’s 42 degrees today and 50 tomorrow very unheard of this time of year but I know winters not gone yet lol

    1. Haahaa! Awesome for you Karen – you must be in BC! 🙂 Here in Calgary it is a not so balmy 13F with a TON of snow. No complaints though, as we just got a new puppy and so are a bit house bound.
      Cyndi – love the Camo and the grey jeans.

      1. No, not BC! We’re getting a very unusual snow fall today. I hope my spring flowers don’t perish. Ontario perhaps? My girls live there and they’re having a mild spell.

        1. My favourite are the Camo pants and floral skirt. I just bought a pair of jeans with a little embroidery on the right thigh. Brave of me, eh?

      2. Lol.. Nope I’m in Nova Scotia😀 but we have had a very good winter not much snow at all(most storms missed us). Enjoy your new puppy, such fun. Spring is coming and you’ll probably see that before us. Have a great day😀

  3. It is a very warm 79 degrees in Knoxville, TN today! I took a walk during lunch and was sweaty when I got back – sorry office mates :). I was just a Loft yesterday and didn’t see any of the things you tried, I left empty handed as the store felt very “in transition” and uninspiring, or maybe it was just me. Either way, those camo pants are a YES! and the shorts/top are super cute too.
    Like you I know this beautiful weather can’t last long so I plan to enjoy as much of it as possible.
    By the way, it was nice to see your face in the post today vs stock photos of items.

  4. I love LOFT. I like the grey jeans and striped dress. I don’t think I like the floral shorts. To me they look like p.j. shorts. As for the grey top with them, it looks blueish green on you and on the website it says asphalt grey but looks a purple. Funny. You look great in whatever you try on. I love your shoes too. Are they easy to walk in? Its snowing and cold here in NW Oregon. I think you sent your weather our way. Very unusual for us. I love seeing the snow and hunkering in for the day. More is suppose to come this afternoon into tomorrow.

    1. Kathy, I’m in NW Oregon too in Damascus. Crazy weather. I think I want our good ole rain back:). Where are you?

      1. Hey Lorrie. I think I remember you responding to me before from Damascus. I know where that is. I’m in Clatskanie Oregon. Just an hour from Portland and hour from Seaside. I’m loving this snow. Tired of the rain. Although once March hits I’ll be ready for sunshine. Still snowing hard here at 7 pm.

  5. Cute items! Its super warm in my town too! But I recall some massive snow storms in past years, during the month of March. So, I am in no hurry to pull summer out – but have begun to dig into my other closet to refresh my memory. Those end of season bargains, from the year prior, tend to slip my mind . . . then I have far too much clothing.

  6. Cute! This warm weather in the deep south has got me thinking of putting away the sweaters as well! Love love your blog!

  7. Love the crop gray jeans and mules! It’s hot today….87! I’ve been at the pool everyday for the past 2 weeks. Winter gear (2 sweaters) have been stowed until next cold spell…probably December. Sorry for all that are freezing today. Hubby is in Iowa this week…he’s not a happy camper!

  8. Cute stuff. I’m so bummed. They closed the Loft at our mall and the next closest is 30 min away. Not that that is that far. (how many times can I use the word “that”🤪) but it’s just not nearly as convenient to pop in.

  9. Love the crop jeans! They look great on you.

    I placed an order with Loft last night for two tops that so happen to be cold shoulder. I love that trend and don’t want to see it go……….maybe I can get away with wearing them this Spring/Summer.

    I think I need to break out the tanning lotion. You look so tanned in your pictures.

    Have a great day!

  10. Very nice to go along with you to Loft! I really like the camo pants and may have to venture into the store to try those on. I like the dress on you, too. I agree with another comment above…the dress is so cute on you, but I would have scrolled by it on the website.

  11. It is 87 here in Central FL. I have a question about the length of shorts and dresses for a 60 year old. My Goddaughter who is 9 is always telling me there to short even though i wear bike shorts under the dresses. I am 5’5″
    and weigh 18:)

  12. LOFT is my favorite! I was just in on Saturday and got a couple of sweaters on sale! I’m actually not quite ready to be dressing for Spring as I love sweaters and boots/booties!! But I do like warmer weather! LOL! I saw the camo pants and really want a pair of those! Everything looks terrific on you- I agree with the lady that said you look better than the online models for sure!! Thanks for the try-on sesh! <3

  13. You look fabulous – cute tops & love the Camo pants. I was wondering if you and Jolynn are going to style a spring series. I enjoy them. Great weather where I live!

  14. You look beautiful. I especially love those floral shorts! Makes me hopeful for a change of seasons. Here in Damascus, Oregon (just outside Portland) we are expecting 7” of new snow tonight on top of the 3” we got on Sunday. The lows will be in the 20’s. We are expected to have off and on snow into next week. Yikes! I’m ready for some good ole northwest rain.

  15. Love everything about this post!! Love the floral top… would look great with my pink jeans… and yes those mules…❤️. It was 72 in northeastern Ohio!! Later this week back to Cold and some snow. This try on sesh…makes me long for change in weather… change in wardrobe!

  16. I’m loving the grey crop jeans. And my neighbor just ran the door bell with my Loft packages that the postman put in her mailbox by mistake. She said her husband started to get after her about online shopping so much because she had a package of her own and my two. Lol. But she blamed me and then nicely brought them to me. I ordered 3 spring sweaters but I’m still getting use to how Loft sizing runs. Because I normally buy PM but they all looked a little big. I’ll try them in the morning but may be exchanging them at the store so I can get the right sizes. Enjoyed your try on session today. Thank you 😊

  17. Hot in Mississippi today also – 80 something. I went & got a new pair of cropped cuffed jeans today too. Love your outfits. So cute !

  18. Hi Cyndi! Here in south central GA we are having some record breaking highs in the low 80’s. This morning (Wednesday) we have broken a record for how high the low is. But, this is about to come to an abrupt halt, with highs returning to the 60’s, which I love. Like you, I want to change out my clothes, but I need to hold off, even though I have to completely empty my closet by Monday for the painter. Have a blessed Hump day!

  19. Love the gray jeans and the striped dress. I have gray jeans and they are SO versatile. Although I am not as big a fan of florals as you are, I do like the top you styled with the gray jeans.
    It is very warm here in WV as well! Only a few hours away from you in KY, Cyndi. I wish the humidity would remain this low.

  20. Hi Cyndi you look great in all of these! Why do they make so many tops and dresses with horizontal stripes? Unless you are a size 8 or smaller I think this pattern is a no go. I wish they would provide a stripe and a solid print that would be more flattering for those of us that wear a 10 or 12.
    love your blog!

  21. Love the floral blouse! I just ordered it via your post! Gives me hope that spring is coming! Love Loft…thanks for styling their clothes 😘. Also, thanks for introducing me to FWTFL! Starting my second round tomorrow and loving it!