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Looks I Love in February

Happy Monday! This time of year can be tricky when it comes to fashion because I’m tired of buying winter clothes, but here in Kentucky, we can have several more months of cold weather.

It’s nice to find pieces that you can wear now but will take you into early spring. I like lightweight sweaters, jackets, and long sleeved tops. It’s also fun to accessorize with cute accessories.

Here are some looks I love that I can wear for several more months.

Looks I Love in February

Cozy Mock Neck Sweater/Metallic Arm Round Sunglasses/Heather High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans/Teagen Sneaker/Eyelet Lace Blouse/Sueded Flap-Front Crossbody Bag/Twill Field Jacket/Funnel Neck Tunic/Tie Bell Sleeve Sweater

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What looks do you love right now?

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  1. LOL! Jo-Lynne has that same lilac mock neck sweater on her site! 🙂 I have just picked up a couple of transitional sweaters on sale at Talbots. Lighter weight, so they can be worn now and in the sprint.

    Definitely lots more winter here in Canada – just had a big dump of snow this weekend. It is nice to see the spring styles and know what is coming when the weather gets nicer.

    Thanks Cyndi!

  2. Very cute pieces. Yes, the Superbowl was amazing. It was so great to hear the Eagles players give glory to God after the game, I was almost in tears. Hope you warm up soon.

  3. Lovely quote! #truth
    Amd yes, Go, Eagles! Cowboys nation over here, and everything Texas fan, but I’m with you on seeing the “underdogs” scalating and actually become champions is thrilling! I might have cried. Or not. We were so excited. We wore green to church yesterday to support the Eagles!
    Love all those picks, and can’t wait ‘til you style them!
    Yes, here in West Texas we still have winter weather. Oh, well! Spring will show its face soon! Happy Monday!

  4. Yes still lots of winter left for us too in Canada… although today is warm and raining.. who knows anymore? Lol. I try to get away from my holiday pieces and go to the long sleeve t shirts and lighter weight sweaters. But still wear my warm winter coat. A blouse is nice if it’s not freezing out as I like to be warm and cozy even in my clothing.
    Thanks for BFTH so true
    Blessings Karen

  5. Yes, I agree, this time of year, once it hits Feb. in the Northwest is hard for me. I don’t want to wear my dark burgundy etc. colors, but spring colors and tops aren’t warm enough. We still have months of rain to get through. Its sunny and 50’s here today. Can you have more post on transitional pieces for Spring? Including shoes. Are you going to do a Spring series? I recognized the lavender pastel sweater. Jo-Lynne styled it. 🙂

  6. My secret for transition season is that anytime I buy a blouse, I also buy a long sleeved tee in the same color. That way, I can layer the tee under the blouse until the weather warms up. I also buy a tank or camisole in a matching color to the blouse for spring. I can wear most of my lightweight blouses all-year-round!

  7. Cute looks! I’m afraid we’re stuck with winter weather for awhile here in Louisiana too. But it’s the south, so who really knows? It could change this afternoon!!!