Lord, Would You Do It Again

Happy Sunday, ladies! I woke up this morning to strong thunderstorms. It was raining so hard; it was the kind of rain that makes you want to stay in bed.

I watched this video this week, and I want to share it with you. I love Priscilla Shirer, and she shared this in March 2019. You can find the entire video here.

This is a clip, and it’s worth listening to.


What a powerful story and such a good reminder that we need to pray for revival. Our nation needs it now more than ever.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love her ministry. I also did the switch a roo with the summer and fall clothes.. leaving out just a few I may still need. I find it hard on my back ! But at least it’s done.. plus if I didn’t get the fall stuff out I’d miss wearing it it’s such a short season!

  2. This scripture from Isaiah was in our Sunday school lesson today. Here am I; send me. What a change we would see in our country if that was truly our heart. Yes. Our country is in a mess and Christians need to pray harder than ever.

  3. Thanks for sharing Priscilla’s video. I had seen that one before but it is oh so powerful. It makes me take a look at my life and reevaluate my prayer time. Thanks for sharing this message. I plan to send it to several of my gals in our small group in little Napoleon Ohio!😍

  4. Is it possible for you to make that short “blurb” of the video available to share? I can only share the message in its entirety. 🤷🏼‍♀️Thanks

  5. Thanks. Looking forward to listening to the video. I’ve done many bible studies from Pricilla Shirer and love her too. Glad you had a nice Sunday. I need to get my Summer things out of my closet. Be thankful for the RAIN. We need it so bad here in Oregon to help our fires and all this smoke. 😩

  6. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message. Yes, Lord do it again in the midst of the chaos filling our country.

  7. Wow! That just gave me chills. Amazing the that gone before us and now it is our time to pray. How desperately we need Him to Do it again. I am currently studying Fervent that Priscilla wrote. It is powerful. She is truly anointed. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, yes. that was powerful.I needed that. I could also use your prayers. Oregon could use your prayers. There are 37 active wildfires burning here in Oregon. The town I live n is surrounded by 9 of them. Fires are now merging. we are ready to evacuate at any moment. My daughter and her family have already been evacuated. This is horrible. I don’t know how much more I can take this year. My oldest daughter is having brain surgery and is in the hospital. She had some testing done. Recovey didn’t go well so they kept her. Something has to give. Thank you

      1. Actually I live in Sweet Home, which is in Linn county. My daughter is in Marion County. Thank for the prayers. Are you in Portland?

        1. Ok, I see. Yes you are in Portland. I apologize, I misread the first time. I hope you are ok. I am praying for you as well.

    1. Sharon, I prayed for your daughter to recover from her brain surgery and that she’ll be healthy soon. And praying for protection and safety from the fires for you and your community. We are dealing with fires here in CO. The smoke was awful last week where I live. Life is just hard. I try to find God’s blessings in the midst of the hardships and prayer is always right up there. Im glad we can pray for other’s needs even when we don’t personally know them. ✝️❤️🙏🏻

      1. Thank you. I appreciate your kinds words There are times I just want to give up. You are so right and I agree with you. I also am glad we can pray for each other.

    2. Hello Sharon-My parents are from the Northwest, Portland and Spokane. My heart is heavy with with everything going on. It’s such an incredibly beautiful part of our country and I just can’t imagine the destruction.

      Prayers for you all and your daughter’s for recovery.

      1. Thank you so much. Yes it is beautiful. I am going to be sad to see the aftermath. Are your parents ok? My dad is refusing to leave his house. As if things weren’t already bad enough.

  9. Love her ministry. I also made the switch over with the summer and fall clothes.. leaving out just a few I may still need. Then it will be time to bring out the winter items and pack the fall away! Months go so quickly!

  10. Oh yes Lord! In Your mercy, please do it again! Teach us, move us and help us to pray fervently for revival, I pray in Jesus name.

  11. Thank you . I needed this video today for sure. I have felt so useless but Lord I pray , we NEED A REVIVAL and LORD, I NEED A REVIVAL. Lead guide and direct me Lord. Give me the knowledge and strength to go forward.

  12. Cindy thank you so much for your words today, I needed them more than I can say. God knew this and gave them to you to touch others and you did. He is all knowing we just need to listen, Have a great week!