Maison Jules for Summer Style

Hi, ladies! There is still plenty of warm weather left here in Kentucky, and of course, I love a comfy dress. Maison Jules is one of my favorite brands at Macy’s; they always have cute, feminine dresses.

This cinched-waist dress is perfect for warm weather, and I love the colors! It also has some slight ruching at the neckline.

Maison Jules for Summer Style

The dress has a high-low hemline, and I love that added detail to a dress as long as the front isn’t too high. Haha!

Maison Jules for Summer Style

This dress is fully lined, and it’s bra-friendly.

Maison Jules for Summer Style

I styled the dress with my favorite wedge sandals. They go with everything from dresses to shorts. They’re also on sale.

Maison Jules for Summer Style

If you want to add a jacket, I think a white denim jacket or a white blazer will look good.

Maison Jules for Summer Style

Cinched-Waist Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Wedge Sandal

Here are some more options from Maison Jules:

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Beauty For the Heart~~Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -Author Unknown

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


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  1. Amen Cyndi! Very well put and thank you so much for your your daily inspirations and quotes. Keep them coming, y truly are s blessing to others. As I was once told besides the Golden Rule, you never know who you’ll meet so you have to be Jesus to others because they may not know who he is. .Thank you again. 🥰🥰

  2. Hi Cyndi-I had to comment on your email-I absolutely love what you said and Mother Teresa’s quote. And then one of my favorite quotes in BFTH about peace! Thank you! (And love the dress too-looks great on you!).

  3. Thank you,Cyndi, for sharing this sweet dress. I particularly appreciated your post today with the reminders for peace. Earlier this week I spent the morning with the ladies in my family while cleaning my 83 year old parents home. In light of events of last weekend, I held those images of 4 generations sweeping,vacuuming with a baby in a back carrier, feather dusters flying, close to my heart. I was overwhelmed by gratitude and love. It was a gentle call to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Sarah Ban Breathnach ,of Simple Abundance, states that we need “to have ceremonials for the common days.” Our Loving God allowed me to participate in one a few days ago. Let’s be examples of peace,hope,faith, and love to all who come our way. Be blessed and be a blessing today!!! Hugs and Prayers from Iowa! ❤️🌽👩🏻‍🏫🙏🏻

  4. I think we can all identity with your post today. There is craziness out there everywhere but we cannot live in fear. Thank you for sharing such good words on love and peace.
    Cute dress, too!

  5. Ditto on your feelings and comforted by your post. I look forward to this everyday❤️ Thank you!

  6. Hello, Cyndi!🙋🏻‍♀️
    You look nice in that dress.🙂 Let me comment on your heavy heart since the shooting. The Bible offers direction on how to respond amid storms. Let me remind you that although the news and world is scary, we serve a God that is bigger than all of this. If God tells us, “ Do not be afraid”and
    “I will never leave you or forsake,” we can rest assured that He is faith to His promises. Psalm 23:4. There are better things to do than keep on listening to news of tragedies.
    I encourage you to keep relying on God. And yes, we should begin with our families… not an opinion, but truth.
    Have a blessed and tranquil day!
    In His Kingdom!

    1. Absolutely Raquel we do serve a big God. But even the disciples, doubted, betrayed, struggled, etc. while they were with Jesus.

      I don’t think Jesus is disappointed that at times we are fearful, we are living on this side of heaven.

      And while there are better things to do than listening to tragedies it does remind me to pray for those affected by the tragedy. And I think we can all use prayer.

      Thank you for sharing!!

  7. I have that Mother Teresa quote hanging on the wall in my family room! Your words are so true….in these scary times, we must rely on God and tell all those around us that we love them every single day. God bless you for the sweet light you shine in this world. Have a beautiful day!

  8. I work in public education so the events of recent days are always uppermost in my mind. Will a school in my district be next? But that’s why I follow blogs like yours. It may sound frivious or even disrespectful to think about shopping and pretty clothes when so many are suffering. But we all need little glimmers of beauty amid the ugliness we see in this world. Your blog is one of those wonderful distractions that we all need.

  9. Hi Cyndi,
    I love the Mother Teresa quote in your newsletter. I am going to use it on my Back to School letter to my parents (I’m A teacher). Thank you!

  10. I do much agree with you that God’s love is the answer for all of us. Many blessings to you today and keep witnessing for the Lord!!

  11. I love your thoughts at the beginning of today’s post along with Mother Teresa’s quote. So true! Wishing us all peace and love during this last part of a tough week. Hugs, hugs and hugs.

  12. Yes Cyndi, I so relate to what you said. I too seem to be more affected this time with the feeling of looking over my shoulder and wanting to stay closer to home etc. etc. I think I do better not watching the news, but I also think we need to stay informed and its a good reminder to me to pray for others who are affected by these tragedies. I can’t help from thinking of all the lives that have been changed, its just so sad. Thank you for being real and sharing your emotions. We all need to encourage each other in these times. I am just getting ready to experience the birth of my first grandchild in Sept. and I often think what kind of world will she grow up in. I don’t want to be fearful, but to pray for her and my daughter and her husband as they raise her. So thankful they know the Lord and will share HIM with her. 🙂 God is good and he is our protector. I love the dress you have on today. You have styled the most beautiful dresses this season with us. I want them all. I think the older I get the more I like dresses than shorts. Thanks for heads up on the sale of Beauty Counter. I haven’t used them before. I too am changing my make-up over to cleaner brands. My daughter is the one who told me how long its been since regulations on beauty products. That is not called for to me. Its a slow process to find new and cleaner things. I love Crunchi foundation.. I can’t have smells and its a very mild scent and goes on so smooth. Haven’t tried their other items yet. I already changed out my cleaning products to Branch Basics and like too.

  13. Cyndi, I love many of Mother Teresa’s quotes, but this my favorite! I rarely watch news. I’ve found that I tolerate it better, if I read it. We live in a fallen world! I’m thankful I know who holds eternity in His hands🙏

  14. You are a kind and gentle spirit and I appreciate that you gave your feelings about what happened last weekend. Many bloggers make no mention of it. Please know you are a bite of sunshine with your daily blogs for many.

  15. I have just started following you because I absolutely love your style and how you inspire women over 40 to look their best, feel young and beautiful without dressing too old or too young! I’m over 50 and live in South Africa so when I read how you feel about what happened in the states I can totally relate’s scary. We live behind high walls and electric fencing and the sad part is that for many in South Africa this has become a way of life! Anyway it’s as you said we need to have faith and love our families as best we can and lead them by example. Thanks for inspiring us! God bless 🙏🏻

  16. It would be fun to see some throwback pictures of your 20s, 30s fashion. Maybe even childhood with your sister?!