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Makeup: Budget Friendly Drugstore Options

Hi ladies! In January, I shared Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best, and several of you asked if I would share budget-friendly drugstore options in makeup.

Makeup adds up quickly, so I was thrilled to find so many good choices under $10 that really work! I had so much fun finding these products, and I think you’ll love them.

Budget Friendly Drugstore Options

1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss (eclair) – I love these lip glosses! I have always worn the creme brulee color, but I tried the eclair color, and I really like it too! Price: $4.49

2. Milani Stay Put Precision Brow Pencil (medium brown) – Really good brow pencil that reminds me of the IT cosmetics brow pencil. I purchased the medium brown, but I think I prefer the ebony color because it’s a little lighter. Price: $9.99

3. e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer – This primer feels like silk on your face. It’s infused with grape, Vitamins A, C, and E to help boost your complexion and hydrate your skin. Price: $9.90

4. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation (N7) – This is a medium coverage foundation comparable to the Giorgio Armani foundation. It’s buildable and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. It’s a good one! Price: $9.97 with coupon

5. Covergirl Clean Fresh Eyeshadow Mellow Mauve – This set comes in different colors; I’m wearing the mellow mauve. I love these colors! Price: $9.99

6. Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded (pink lady) – This is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, but it’s pretty and stays on. Price: $6.99

7. Lip Liner by Revlon (muave) – This is a pretty color and works well with the lip gloss alone, or you can wear it with a lip color. Price: $7.98

8. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara (blackest black) – I’ve used this mascara before, and it’s a great mascara that doesn’t clump. Price: $8.90

9. Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil – I use this on my upper waterline and fill in around my lashes. It stays on all day! Price: $7.99

10. Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Bronzer (Medium) – This is a cream bronzer, and it blends easily. Price: $7.99

The total cost of this makeup is $84.19!

I recently did a photo shoot and tried the drugstore makeup. I was impressed with the staying power of all these products.

Poplin shirt (small) • Mid rise jeans (28) 

Do you have any drugstore makeup that you love? Let us know!

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  1. I used to buy a lot of ELF products but they’ve discontinued most “I” liked. I’m a loyal l’oreal mascara fan and oddly enough my fave face powder was a $2 one in beige from LA Colors I randomly picked up while at a Dollar General one day and it did exactly as I needed it to do which was basically cover my under eye bags and so instead of liquid foundation I’ve just wiped on this compact version and I’m really happy oddly enough.

  2. My favorite lip pencil is a brand called Palladio in the shade nude. It’s perfect and stays on all day!
    It used to be sold at my CVS but they cancelled the line. I now buy online and usually order a dozen at a time, just in case!!!
    It’s better than ANY that I’ve tried, including expensive department store brands! I urge you to try! It will become your favorite too!

  3. Cyndi, I asked, and you delivered! Thank you so much for your drug store cosmetics post. I look foward to shopping these items!! 🥰

      1. Thanks Cyndi! I love mixing drug store and high end products. When a product works, it works! Have you ladies checked out Angie Hot and Flashy?? She tests all the makeup and skin care products you can imagine. Have a great day!

  4. I do have a few items from the drugstore but always buy foundation at the beauty counter or Ulta. Right now only foundation working for me is Estee Lauder Futurist because it is so hydrating and using the RX strength Tretinoin makes it drier. I mix pebble and fresco shades. The things I love at the drugstore are NXY brow wax in a tube. I always am using a brow pencil in Wet & Wild that is the triangular shape and it is good at the others from Ulta. Also I have a tube of Maybelline Colossal mascara that is so great I kept going back for it. Thanks for the list of things. Can’t wait to try!!!! It’s fun trying new products.

  5. I usually don’t purchase drugstore makeup because they have a lot of additives and dyes or fragrances. I like more of the clean products, although they do tend to be pricier.
    Have a great time with your sister! I’ll be heading to Illinois in two weeks to visit family.

  6. I like Pacifica products. Their cc cream and moisturizers are really good and they have spf.
    Their products run between $15-$20.

  7. This a great list. I dont wear makeup that much, although I feel like i look better when I do. I love the NYX lip glosses, ELF primer,cover girl lash blast in the orange tube and Loreal lash primer,my lash are short so i need all the help i can get. I may have to try some of these other products.

  8. Thank you for this post, Cyndi! My favorite drugstore items are Bert’s Bees Lip Shimmers in Grapefruit and Guava, and Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara. I am searching for a moisturizing lightweight Foundation that is also buildable. My favorite was, of course, discontinued, and I have not found a suitable replacement. I will try your suggestion.

  9. Hey,
    Love your posts! Please explain “upper waterline” when applying the pencil liner. I’m not familiar with that technique/term. Your eyes always look fabulous!

  10. Have you tried the Stay high mascara? It is pretty good. Also I like younique’s epic mascara but it is much more expensive !

  11. Thanks for these suggestions. I’m going to try the Milani brand. I need an eyeliner that stays and always looking for good brow products. I use mascara from Dollar General because it doesn’t clump. I also use Burt’s Bee because those products are clean. I also use Ulta brand products like eye liner. They glide smooth but don’t stay. No eyeliner has ever stayed on me. Do you use an eye primer?

    Also I took a snapshot of the beauty for the heart. Love it.

  12. Hi Cyndi,

    I wanted to let you know that I appreciated this post because after running out of my regular foundation I used this post to stop by my drugstore and picked up some items to get me out of a jam. I was very happy with the products I bought at your recommendation and in some cases liked it better than more pricey items! I especially liked the NYX lipgloss, Tru Match foundation, and Elf Hydrating primer. Thanks for the great info!