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Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best

In my early forties, I researched makeup for women over 40. There was a lot of information on rules, like no sparkle eye shadow, no black eyeliner, and on and on.

I’m not a fan of rules, and I think it’s up to the individual what makeup she uses, but there are some tips we can do to help us look our best over 40, 50, 60, and beyond.

My goal is to have a natural-looking glow and enhance my best features.

Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best

1. Start with a moisturized base- Before applying your makeup, make sure your face is hydrated and ready for makeup. It’s best to apply your skincare routine and wait around 15 minutes before applying your makeup. This allows time for your skin to soak up the moisturizer and will help your makeup stay on longer.

2. Don’t skip a primer- Take extra time prepping the skin with a primer. Primer can be particularly beneficial for mature skin since it can keep makeup products from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Priming formulas also often come with illuminating and hydrating benefits, both of which can be great for older skin. I’m almost out of my primer, and I ordered this primer to try.

3. Cover up problem areas- Cover up any problem areas, like discoloration. I use my concealer before applying my foundation on my brown spots.

4. Choose a good eye concealer- The skin around our eyes is delicate and thinner than other parts of our face, and it’s one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging. Make sure you use a creamy and hydrating concealer. I use Tarte Shape Tape.

5. Blend it for a flawless look- Blending your concealer will help create a flawless finish. I use my fingers to warm up my concealer, and then I use a small brush to blend. I finish with these triangle-setting puffs to make sure it’s blended well.

6. Opt for liquid foundations- Liquid foundations feature hydrating ingredients and give a dewy finish, which is flattering for mature skin. It’s best to avoid full-coverage foundations as these can create a mask-like effect on the skin instead of a natural look. Use a medium coverage foundation that has buildable coverage. My favorite medium coverage foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

7. Warm up the skin- When choosing a foundation, we’re inclined to seek out an exact match, but going a shade or two warmer will ensure you don’t look washed out. Opting for a shade that’s just a touch warmer will add overall warmth. Extend your foundation to your neck area so you have a well-blended look.

8. Set your makeup with a powder- To set, use a microfine powder to extend the longevity of your makeup. With a small to medium-sized fluffy dome-shaped brush, sweep it across where you applied your concealer. I love Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finishing Powder.

9. Define your eyes and lashes- We want to open up our eyes and make them look as big as possible because it’s more youthful. Curl the lashes, use a lash primer, and lengthening mascara. Be careful using thickening mascara because of the clumping; there’s nothing more aging than clumpy lashes.

Adding natural-looking false lashes can really make your eyes pop.

10. Use blush to add color- Cream blush is great for mature skin. I like to add some cream blush with some powder blush over it. I use this cream blush.

11. Pay attention to your lips- Lip products are more likely to bleed into the skin around our lips as we age. It’s important to exfoliate and hydrate our lips just like we do with our face and body. This lip trio is so good!

Lighter color lipsticks, like soft and muted corals or pinks, help to soften our look. Maybelline Warm Me Up #235 is my favorite lip color.

12. Define your brows- We’ve talked about this many times, but brows are a game-changer. Gone are the days of plucking our eyebrows; we now know we NEED our eyebrows.

To make your eyes stand out, you need to pay attention to your brows—they frame your face. I use the tinkle razers to get rid of any stray eyebrows. It’s pain-free (no more waxing!).

What are some of your makeup tips?

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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    I like your routine and looks great! What color do you use in the concealer and foundation? We are very similar in our skin tones so I am wondering what colors you use as well. Thank you!

  2. Cyndi, while I enjoyed your make up tips, I wish you would have suggested products thqt are at a more affordable price point. With the economy the way it is, many of us can’t afford a foundation that costs $45 and a concealer at $31.

    1. Jodi that makes sense, the majority of the time I purchase those products they are on sale.
      While they aren’t on sale today, I went ahead and shared them.

      1. With all due respect, I know when people are in a better financial place than others, it’s hard for them to understand that some people especially during these hard economical times can’t afford those high prices but they also want to look nice too. So I understand how Jodi and Joy feel. You are a wonderful and loving person but I think you do forget that millions are struggling with the everday necessities. I say this from a place of love. Maybe once in a while you could do an affordable low end drugstore makeup tutorial and a hair tutorial using a standard hairdryer. The Dyson and Shark are half or more of a typical persons rent or mortgage payment and more than 2-3 weeks of groceries, electricity and/or heat. Please, please don’t take this negatively…I;m just trying to say that women of all financial means look up to you so please try to throw in an affordable means for all women to feel and look beautiful. Blessings of peace and love

        1. Dee I do understand what you’re saying, and I probably do a better job with fashion than beauty products. I think this is a great idea for a post!! I’ll find drugstore products that I like and share a full tutorial. I love the idea and I don’t think you’re being negative at all.

          1. Thank you for understanding my comment. I was afraid to post it because I didn’t want it to come off as negative. You are a lovely lady with a kind heart and that’s why I follow you!

      2. Hi Cyndi,
        First of all, I love following you on your blog! I’m happy you included “beyond’ 60’s in the description of your blog. I’ll be there in June when I turn 70. Lol I’ve always believed that age is attitude.

        I love your fashion style and have purchased many of the items. I also appreciate your tips for makeup routine. I’m going to use your tip to wait for 15 minutes after moisturizing routine before I apply my makeup. Also the idea of using a primer is great. I already use a lash primer and it makes a huge difference.

        Would you share the color you use of the cream blush?

        Thanks again for your wonderful blog and also for the beauty for the heart! You’re such a beautiful person both inside and out.

    2. I agree with Jodi. I love all your tips but I always have to look for a much cheaper version of everything you suggest. Trying to look good at 65 on minimum Social Security is a little tricky, but doable with a little ingenuity 🙂

      1. Cindi, or anyone else- do you have a favorite(s) lip liner that works well for mature skin and is light enough to blend with more neutral lipstick colors?

      2. I have really been liking Milani products…eyelid primer, cream blush,eyelash primer. It’s available at Walgreens and most items are around $10. Tips: the cream blush looks very intense in color but goes on much lighter. I use a brush to apply.

      3. I have tried primers at every price point, usually getting the Estee Lauder. But I recently tried the Elf Putty Primer for $9 and I LOVE it! It is my new favorite primer. It goes on silky smooth and makes my Estee Lauder double wear look even better. Don’t go to sleep on Elf products – a lot of the beauty bloggers use their makeup and it is sold at Walmart and Target I think. Hope this helps.

    3. I hated the idea of spending what I do on my Estée Lauder foundation, but every single less expensive product I tried was terrible. I do find it lasts longer (the pump is worth the $$, one pump is all I need). My mom is on a fixed income and I talked her into buying it – told her if she didn’t think it was worth the $$ she could return it, she kept it!

  3. Happy you stated “don’t skip the primer”! I’m 59 and use Mary Kay products. I love their primer…makes my skin feel like silk. It’s only $20. Sometimes I just use that after my skincare in lieu of makeup!

      1. Julie and Ellen, Which Mary Kay primer, please? I’d love to try it and the price point works for me! Thank you in advance.

    1. I follow all of Cyndi’s tips ahove and I also use Mary Kay primer and also the lip primer which helps with feathering.

  4. Good Morning!
    Great tips Cyndi! Warm me up is my Favorite lip color. I do wish I could get it to stop bleeding into lines around my mouth. Even with liner I still struggle.do you have a favorite tip?
    Have a safe adventure to Tennessee and home! My son lives in Clarksville Tenn. We do the trip from MA to Tennessee and Florida a few times a year.

    1. Did I miss it but what do you put on eye lids? I’ve used urban decay primer anti aging but doesn’t go far at all.

  5. I do almost all of these and get compliments about how I never seen to age. Most recently I have had puffiness under my eyes, not dark spots. I have tried Clinique eye cream and the gel pads to reduce them and had no luck. Any suggestions from anyone?

    1. Great blog post Cyndi! I think when I run out of my Laura Mercier powder I’ll try the CT.

      Julie, I wonder if one of the under eye sticks from Tula would help with the puffiness? I think the (white one) 24-7 power swipe might be most likely. If nothing else it will hydrate the under eye area. I swipe it on before I go to the gym. You can use the code COASTTOCOAST for 15% off.

    2. Hi Julie .. a temporary measure may be trying a jade roller rolled gently over the puffy area. I developed puffiness under my eyes years ago & the cause turned out to be a thyroid issue. If all else fails, it may be worth having a blood test done to check your thyroid levels.

  6. Hi Cyndi, love your makeup tips. One of my favorites is mascara primer. I use Lancôme. I have very light eyelashes. The primer helps the mascara to go on evenly. Hoping for safe travels today.

  7. My skin started looking TERRIBLE about a year ago (I’m 51) and I swear my collagen supplements and oral Hyaluronic acid have made a huge difference. I don’t need primer or concealer, my liquid foundation alone (Estee Lauder double wear – pricey, but with only one pump a day it lasts forever) or tinted moisturizer (BareMinerals) seems to do the trick.

    I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, though – as I get older I find “less is more” for me.

    1. Hi Stacy! What collagen supplement and Hyaluronic acid have you found to be so helpful? I take Vital Proteins collagen and use the Skin Deva hyaluronic acid serum. I like them both, but am not sure if they are really helping my aging skin (62 years old).

      1. I put a scoop of Collagen for Her in my coffee every morning, It has NO taste at all and you don’t know it’s in your coffee. If you don’t drink coffee you can mix it in your food as well. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years. My skin and hair are wonderful BUT it also helps with bones and aging. I quit using it about a year ago and tried something different and was disappointed in the other product. I went back to Collagen for Her about 6 months ago and am back on track now. They also have gummies that taste wonderful that I take at night if I forget my scoop that morning. I started with Collagen for Her because I saw a post on Tania Stephens blog and I think Cyndi uses it as well. You should notice a difference in about 2-3 months of Consistently using it.

  8. Thank you for sharing these tips! A few years ago I made a switch to Beauty Counter for my skin care and am so glad I did! I could see and feel the difference.. I also switched to the Dime jelly cleanser as well as I’m trying to keep my products as clean as possible! I use the same Tarte products as you including the eye pallet! I however have not thought of a primer so I’m going to look into this!
    Believe it or not I was never an eye brow plucker and now in my 50’s I’m glad I left them alone:)
    I believe as we age less is more! And I love the natural look as you’ve stated!

    1. Karen…..I use DIME for my skincare…..The Works Bundle and love it. I will only put CLEAN products on my face. It doesn’t do any good to try to keep our skin healthy and youthful and put chemical products on our skin.

  9. Loved reading your tips for applying makeup! A couple of things I would add is to use a prescription strength Retinol for skincare. Usually not covered by insurance, and it is a little pricey, check out Good RX for coupons. A little goes a long way and the tube will last many months! Additionally my dermatologist told me to use a simple drug store moisturizer such as Cetaphil with the Retinol. Another GREAT product for lips is the nighttime lip mask, Langier. It’s around $24 at Amazon. I use it every night at bedtime and actually learned about it either here on Cyndi’s blog or Jo-Lynn’s blog. I love it!
    Safe travels Cyndi! ❤️

  10. Cyndi I meant to ask what your thoughts are on the new Tarte sculp contour! Should we as mature women try or avoid?

  11. Cyndi,

    I have no tips, that’s why I follow you!☺️
    I am going to try the primer for my face and lashes. I just bought a primer for my eyes and love it, so I’m hoping to get the same results with these as well. You can wave to me when you drive through Nashville.😆 Have a safe trip back home!

  12. Thanks for the great tips! My favorite lipsticks are Estee Lauder lip Envy Sculpturing ones. They don’t feather as long as you use a lip liner and for extra staying power you can stain your lips I read as a tip and do this sometimes. Put 2 coats of lipstick then blot between coats then add final coat , no blotting. It makes a stain on your lips that if lipstick comes off you still have color. Rebellious Rose is my all time favorite and they have travel size little ones on Estee Lauder website. I am dying to try out this foundation of yours!!! Soon as I run out of Estee lauder I am ordering. Thanks for all the info!

  13. Loved seeing your face in the raw first and then the final shot. You really always look so great, which says what you do works. Thanks for suggesting a primer, I’m going to make sure to add that step, plus a lash primer. As soon as my makeup runs out I’m going to switch to CT.

  14. Loved seeing your face in the raw first and then the final shot. You really always look so great, which says what you do works. Thanks for suggesting a primer, I’m going to make sure to add that step, plus a lash primer. As soon as my makeup runs out I’m going to switch to CT. I also wear the lipstick you wear but do have to use lip liner to keep it from running into lip lines.

  15. I so appreciate the tips for over 40 and over 50. There’s not much out there. Clarins has an anti puffing gel I use daily under my eyes. Chanel mascara is the best and I only wear lip gloss. I love the primer idea and prepping skin well before makeup. You look great!.

  16. Thanks for your tips! I have primer but never think to use it. I’ll start today! I want to give the CT powder a try too. Do you use an illuminator with your blush of is your flow from your foundation?
    Safe travels today!

  17. While I love all the makeup info, I was really taken with the shirt you are wearing in #11 where you are displaying the lipstick.
    Did I miss this shirt from an earlier post? It is beautiful!

  18. Thank you for the make up tips! As I am aging it is always good to hear of different products to help with fine lines!

    Your natural beauty shines like the bright star!

    Safe travels back home!

  19. Thank you for all the tips especially about waiting 15 minutes after skin care to apply makeup. I’m satisfied with my Tarte foundation. I have the concealer but quit using it because it would settle on my lines. I will try applying it like you do. For my lips I discovered EOS lip rescue. Nothing has helped my lips like this product. I still exfoliate everyday but my lips aren’t cracking anymore. I also started using Gold Bond neck and chest cream. My neck looks a lot better.

    I have to say that you offer a lot of cheaper versions of products for fashion and beauty than other bloggers. You’ve shown Walmart clothes. You can’t get any cheaper. Okay maybe Ross dress for less. 😊

  20. You have a great routine. I must disagree when you said to use a warmer foundation than your natural color and to bring it down on your neck. First, we ladies should NEVER put foundation on our necks. Secondly, you should always match your skin at your jawline and should go with your neck!! Do a three stripe test on your jawline of the three you believe match best. Go to the outside window and see the colors in natural light. Always pick the one that matches your face and neck!!!! This is what all make-up professionals advise doing!!!

  21. Great post! I have been using Bare Minerals liquid foundation and love it (although sometimes I use the powder). Totally agree on the lips. I have to pay a lot of attention to them as I get older. An associate at Ulta suggested Kylie lip scub and Clinique Moisture Surge and I have been satisfied with the results. And, yes! Lash primer definitely helps. For brows, I use MAC clear Brow Set (recommended by the woman who waxes them).

  22. This was a fantastic post ,Cyndi! You gave me some great tips and a new product or two to try. Safe traveling for you and Wayne back home.

  23. Thank you for this great post, Cyndi. I always put foundation on my neck as well. I hate when there is a line on some people, where there is a line that doesn’t match up between the face and neck. Great tips!

  24. Thanks for all of the great tips and especially the one about waiting 15 minutes between skincare and applying makeup. That makes perfect sense — I’ll try that tomorrow! My lashes are a nice length, but are straight as a stick. They don’t seem to stay curled for long after I’ve used my eyelash curler. I’ve even tried a heated lash curler (like a little brush with warm metal at the base where the bristles are attached). Any tips for curling stubborn lashes?

    1. Melanie I had a Lash Lift and Tint and It helped my lashes so much!! Mine were sticking straight out too even after using a lash curler.

      You might check and see if that’s an option in your area.

  25. Hi Cyndi—
    Thank you so much for all these tips and recommendations!
    Might you also have a brand or other budget friendly recommendation for primer?

  26. Your make-up always looks flawless and fresh. Thanks for the great tips!
    I use eye primer on my lids so my eyeshadow doesn’t melt. I like the creamy eyeshadow sticks
    I use a finishing spray which gives a glow, and sets your make-up without having to use powder.
    And…I’m one who uses eyeliner pencil. I try not to make to thick a line, but I usually smudge it a bit. I find my eyes look too “naked” if I don’t use it.

  27. Thank you for your valuable tips. You look just as beautiful without makeup as you do with makeup. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on the Boom makeup product or if you have tried it.

  28. Hi Cyndi- You always look amazing!! I use a lipstick for a cream blush dupe. Place a few smudges high on cheek bone and blend with a sponge. Stays on all day for me. Have a blessed day!

  29. I have a quick question, in the photo with the lipstick, I see that the product is a MAC lipstick…would you please let me know what color that is? I hae the Maybelline and also use the MAC lipsticks alot. The color is really pretty.

  30. I am leaving for Israel in 3 weeks and I need recommendations on a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen