March Stitch Fix Box

Happy hump day! Today I’m sharing an outfit I recently received in my Stitch Fix Box. I always get lots of questions and comments about Stitch Fix, precisely what is the brand and what is the price of the pieces I’m wearing.

Let me share a little bit about Stitch Fix before I share my outfit. Stitch Fix is not for bargain shoppers. If you only shop sales and bargains, then a fix is not going to be for you.

Bargain shoppers can’t imagine paying full price for clothing but what you need to know is there are lots of busy, working women who want easy and simple. Price isn’t the most important thing for these women. (I know bargain shoppers just cringed.)

Having a box of clothes that are unique and picked just for you is an excellent option for women who don’t have time to shop!

Another thing I want to share is I have been with Stitch Fix from the very beginning. Some of you might remember my paid trip to San Fransisco to meet all the sweet people that work at Stitch Fix.

With that said, I have Stitch Fix credit and don’t have to pay out of pocket for my pieces. I have been sharing about Stitch Fix for years!

Now, let’s talk about this recent outfit. I got a white blouse with unique sleeves. I like that I get pieces that you won’t find other people wearing. (If you want something I’m wearing you can request it in a fix.)

March Stitch Fix Box

Here’s an up-close picture of the sleeves.

March Stitch Fix Box

March Stitch Fix BoxThey also sent this adorable cargo jacket that’s perfect for spring.

March Stitch Fix BoxCrop straight jeans are all the rage right now, so I was glad they sent me a cute pair with embroidered hem. Isn’t the hem on these jeans cute?

My wedge sandals are Lucky Brand, and you can purchase them at Sole Society. They come in several different colors.

March Stitch Fix BoxThis was a good Fix for me, and I can mix and match these pieces to create different outfits.

March Stitch Fix Box


Cargo Jacket//White Blouse (40% off)//Wedge Sandal//Straight Crop Jeans//Earrings

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Stitch Fix Pieces + Prices

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Embroidered blouse (I’m wearing an XS) $78//Driftwood Embroidered Straight Jean (I’m wearing a size 6) $118//On The Road Cargo Jacket (I’m wearing an XS) $98//Lucky Brand Wedge Sandal (TTS) $89

Make sure you head over to Jo-Lynne’s blog and see what she’s styling for spring fashion!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’ve had many “fixes” and gained a few good items for my closet…others were a “miss.”

    But I can’t hekp but feel the prices are just too high. For instance, the cargo jacket they sent you. $98?! That seems awfully high. Is it even lined?

    The jeans and shoes are lovely though!

  2. Cute outfit. I’m just wondering if you could share more or link to information about intermittent fasting.

  3. I just signed up for stitch fix this morning! I will get my first fix on March 17th I said I like Cindi Spivey style in my profile! Lol

  4. Good job explaining the Stitch Fix story. Very cute outfit – and those jeans are super cute. While I don’t currently have a Stitch Fix account, I’m always interested in seeing what they send you, and I often use as inspiration when looking for something different. I’m a shopper, I love the thrill of the hunt so to say, and if/when I love something I will pay full price; I do love a sale though :). I work with several women who really like Stitch Fix for different reasons. Some are busy working moms who don’t have time to shop, others don’t like to shop, and some just like getting the “different” things that aren’t found on every store rack. It’s like anything else, some like it, some don’t. From what I hear CLEAR communication is essential in being happy with the “fix”.

  5. I am not having luck w/ Stitch Fix. This past box, I took time to write a very specific note, to the stylist, and added so many options to my Pinterest, in support of what I wrote. Did a complete profile update, and still I got things that were no where near my wants. A blouse that was 95% the same as a blouse I got in my last box, and had purchased was a certain “no”. I ended up keeping two items and honestly, they could have been purchased at Athleta while out doing errands. I feel the prices have hopped upwards, but the quality has not. 98.00 for leggings and 76 for a top seemed high but I did keep them

    Cyndi you seem to have good luck, what am I doing incorrectly?

    1. I would say communication with your stylist is key, but sounds like you did that:) I don’t always like everything I get in my fix either, but I enjoy getting the boxes and think it’s worth it when I do get something I love!

  6. Cute outfit… although I’m not always a bargain hunter I like finding pieces for a great deal as appose to paying full price for something. Espresso cially when we don’t know how long it will be in style. I don’t mind a higher price for good staple pieces. But such a great idea especially for those who don’t have shopping time. That alone can be worth something 😉.
    Love the BFTH have a great day.

  7. You wear the cutest things! I love the entire outfit! Especially the shoes. Ordered them this morning! I may have a shoe problem. HAHA I love the jeans also. I will need to be on the outlook for some. I may even take a older pair on my ankle jeans and make me a pair. This would be easy to recreate at a fraction of the price. I’m enjoying the Spring fashion series. Thanks Cyndi!

    1. Just curious…how do you recreate the embroidery on the bottom of the jeans? I have several pairs of crop pants I would love to do this to. Thanks for any information.

      1. Carole, We have access to a great fabric store…..Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC. You can find embroidery trim there. Then it is just as simple as sewing it to the bottom. Try Hobby Lobby and Michaels. They may have the embroidery trim also.

  8. LOVE LOVE the jeans and blouse. Just went to my stitch fix ordered them
    Great spring outfit!!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. Your outfits make me excited to try new things, like the embroidered jeans in today’s post. Thanks for all the helpful info and inspiration. 😊

  10. I love how clothing makers are focussing on the details! Your hem is pretty but the sleeves on your top are the best! Delicate and interesting and so pretty! Love the whole look!


  11. I love all the pieces in this outfit. As I am a petite, jean length is always an issue. I would love to find a pair that is short enough. The blouse and shoes are very pretty.

  12. I love my stylist at Stitch Fix. I am fortunate that I almost always love all of the pieces she chooses, so there’s the 25% discount. If I only like 2-3 pieces, I will usually not keep anything, or just one thing because of pricing. I do love the service, and I love great clothes, but I do not have the budget for it very often.😊

  13. Have you heard of Natalie Attired? Sounds similar but better and cheaper than Stitch Fix…and owned and run by Christians.

  14. Amen! That’s really when we know we are trusting! Love your outfit form Stitch Fix. I am subscribed too, and bought from them when I was pregnant. 🤰🏻I do like the fact that hardly anyone will wear the same I am wearing! 😂
    Blessings, Cyndi. You look great!

  15. Stitch fix has never worked for me. Although I no longer work, I still like to look stylish and don’t mind paying the price if I find something I like. I’ve tried them 3 times and each time was worse than the previous box, despite me linking to my Pinterest boards and sending specific wants/needs to my “stylist” No way did she read that nor look at my Pinterest board as the last 2 boxes were suitable for my 13 year old granddaughter!

    1. Me too!!! I really wanted to love Stitch Fix and I also gave it three shots and decided it just wasn’t working for me☹️

  16. I love this fix! I pinned one of your pictures and am hoping to get those adorable jeans this month!! Blessings!