Day 22 Spring Fashion: Midi Dress for Easter

Hi ladies! Earlier this month, I shared How to Style a Midi Dress. Midi dresses, along with maxi dresses, are trending for spring and summer.

A few things to consider when wearing a midi dress:

Select a slightly above or below mid-calf length: You don’t want the midi dress to end exactly at mid-calf, which is the thickest part of your leg. Look for a midi dress that is slightly above or below.

Wear heels: To elongate the leg and combat the stumpy look that a midi dress might give, wear a heel.

This midi dress is from Walmart.com (it has all 5-star ratings).

Midi Dress for Easter

I’m planning on wearing the dress on Easter Sunday.

Midi Dress for Easter

The dress has a romantic ruffle hem, but there’s not a stitched hemline, if that makes sense. I’ve seen this on other clothes, but I wanted to point it out.

Midi Dress for Easter

It has a crew neck and long sleeves with fitted cuffs.

Midi Dress for Easter

Midi Dress for Easter

This vegan leather tote from Nordstrom comes in three colors; I’m carrying the white.

Midi Dress for Easter

The dress is lined with a body slip, but the slip is thin. If you stand in the sunlight, the dress and slip are thin enough that you can see your legs. If that bothers you, you can add a slip.

Midi Dress for Easter

Midi Dress for Easter

Such a pretty dress and it’s under $40.

Midi Dress for Easter

Midi Dress with Ruffle Hem (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//Square Toe Heels (TTS)//Mini Vegan Leather Tote//Earrings (similar option here)//Chain Bracelet

Now, head to Jo-Lynne Shane and see what she’s styling for our 23 Day of Spring Fashion!

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Beauty for the Heart~~

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  1. For some reason I am no longer receiving emails. Am trying to sign up again. Enjoyed your spring fashions very much.

  2. Such a pretty dress! Love the style and sleeves.. apparently it’s sold out:( so others must have loved it too.
    Have a great day🌸

  3. Beautiful and perfect for Easter, Easter services, and time after with family. I love a new dress for Easter (always had one growing up – smiling), but Iike you it’s nice to find such an affordable and comfortable one. Sorry xs and small are sold out, but did put the vegan white bag in my cart! Thank you for your ideas and your Beauty for the Heart – they are often my inspiration and devotion for the beginning of the day.

  4. I was hoping you would style an outfit for Easter. Pretty colors! Lovely dress on you. Happy Easter! He has risen indeed! Hallelujah !

  5. It is a very pretty dress. I do like the midi and maxi styles, but since I have wide shoulders and extra boobage…. it must be V-neck! Lol! Can’t have that much fabric draped across all this! 😀 I wore a midi dress that I ordered from J.Crew (on major sale) and I put a denim jacket with it, it was the right visual break-up that was needed.

    Happy Resurrection week- I’m SO thankful for Jesus and what He did for us!! <3

  6. Love this dress on you, just not so sure it’s my style. I did however find another dress that’s black and purple that’s really cute and under $40 at Walmart. Thanks for BFTH! Happy Easter!

  7. Love this dress:). It’s out of stock already. Love a long sleeve too when Easter is early around where I live. Rarely is it warm enough for sleeveless. We still don’t have nursery at our church.

  8. Love this dress too, seems to also be out of the medium size. Thank you Cindi, you help me out more than you realize with fashion. I don’t have time to go shopping like I used to and I find your blog a true gem! Happy Easter!

  9. This is a stunningly beautiful dress on you! You look fit for a Royal Garden Party with her majesty present! That’s a keeper! Happiest of Easter’s to you and your family, Cyndi!

  10. The dress is sooo pretty on you. Love it. Could you tell me if the self Tanner has a smell? Perfumy or the smell most self tanners have that isn’t so nice.