Mock Neck Bodysuit + Midi Skirt: 22 Days of Fall Fashion

Hi ladies! Today I’ve got an outfit that I will wear to church. I can wear it now with a sleeveless mock neck bodysuit or top and then wear a sweater and boots when the weather gets colder.

I’m not sure if you have tried a bodysuit, but they’re great to wear with skirts because they stay tucked in. I purchased this one at Express, but it has limited sizes left.

I found this bodysuit that has great reviews. I also love wearing sleeveless mock neck turtlenecks this time of year; they have a fall feel.

The chevron skirt has a comfy elastic waistband with pretty black and pink colors.

I’ve had this Michael Kors handbag for years. It’s a great leather crossbody bag and worth the investment.

My strappy heels are from Express.

If it’s cool inside or the weather is chilly, I’ll add my denim jacket. I have several denin jackets that are different lengths. I usually try several on with my outfit to see which length I like the best.

If I’m wearing a tighter dress or skirt, I like a longer length denim jacket.

Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Black Bodysuit (I’m wearing a small, another option here)//Midi skirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Black handbag//Earrings//Black Strappy Heel Sandal (TTS)//Bracelet

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Beauty For the Heart~~ I recently read this statement, “As we live longer, life gets harder.” Isn’t that true! I’m so thankful as a child or young adult, I couldn’t see the future and the pain I would go through.

Ephesians 6:10 says A final word: Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power.

When life gets hard, and it will if we live long enough, get your strength from the Lord. When we are weak, He is strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love this look however a bodysuit is not very forgiving when you have a few rolls to camouflage. Yikes! The struggle is real trying to get off about 25 lbs.,,,,

    Have a great day!

  2. You look amazing in EVERYTHING! I wish my abdominal area wasn’t so big! After my double mastectomy my DD’s became B’s and now my gut really shows. I would love to have a waistline!
    And your message rings so true today-how many losses and how much sadness come our way as we age…but being a cancer survivor, I ipray for as many days as I can get on this earth as a servant to God. Thank you for your Bible wisdom.

  3. As everyone else said, you look great in this! I’m curious if you have tried the BioSil collagen? Your sister recommended it awhile back. If you have do you think the one you are using now works better?

  4. Love this and it looks so put together.. I agree about the purse investment, I’m using mine today and you just can’t wear it out. I like seeing handbags added to your outfits again !
    Sorry to hear about your friends father, prayers for their family 💕

  5. Beautiful Outfit Cyndi! I love bodysuits. You don’t have to worry about your shirttail coming out. Love the skirt.


      1. I have no idea why it says I unsubscribed. That’s happened to me twice on your website. Oh well, I’ll sign up again!

  6. Very cute! Are the sandals a true black or are they snakeskin? Also are the sandals comfortable and walkable? Thanks!

    1. They are a true black, they have texture to them. They are surprisingly comfortable. I can walk in them but I wouldn’t want to stand all day in them if that makes sense??

    1. Me too….crazy isn’t it. My Mom still tells me everything comes back in style eventually…guess I’m seeing she is right.